Will: William Benbow
To John Talbot of Rangatira Flat near Temuka aforesaid Farmer and Elijah Brown of Temuka aforesaid Merchant the executors in the said will and Testament named being first sworn faithfully to execute the said Will by paying the debts and legacies of the deceased as far as the property will extend and the law binds.
Given under the Seal of the Supreme Court of New Zealand Canterbury District at Timaru this fifth day of August one thousand nine hundred and nine.
W Taylor
Deputy Registrar
I William Benbow of Ladymore Farm Waitohi near Temuka in the Provincial District of Canterbury and Dominion of New Zealand Farmer do hereby revoke all former Wills and Testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament. I appoint John Talbot of Rangatira Flat near Temuka aforesaid Farmer and Elijah Brown of Temuka aforesaid Merchant (hereinafter called my Trustees) to be executors and trustees of this my Will. I give my son William Charles Benbow my shares in the Timaru Farmers Co-operative Association and also the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds. I give all my other property to my Trustees in trust for my son James Benbow subject to the payment of my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and to the payment of one hundred pounds apiece to each of my daughters Anne Guilford, Sarah Mattingley, Elizabeth Trumper, Mary Cross and Lucy McInnes within six calendar months from the date of my death and I declare that if any of my said sons or daughters shall die during my lifetime leaving a child or children live or surviving them in every such case such child or children shall take and if more than one, equally between them the share or interest which his or her parent would have taken under this my Will if such parents had survived me. 
In Witness whereof I have set my hand to this my will the twelfth day of May one thousand nine hundred and nine.
Signed by the said William Benbow as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses
William Benbow
W G Aspinal Solicitor Temuka
J M Adeven M.A. Clerk in Holy Orders Temuka