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Adlam Arthur Edward (he mar: May Ericson)
....John Frederick Ericson (father of May Adlam)
....John Kidson (grandfather of May Adlam)
Adlam Elizabeth nee Sefton (wife of Geo Alfred)
Adlam George Alfred (he mar: Eliz. Sefton)
Adlam George Alfred (Tribute from his grandson)
....Adlams at Hurworth Cottage
Adlam Helena Maria  (wife of Arthur Griffin)
Griffin Ada Mary (wife of Henry Rowe) 
Griffin Alfred George (he mar: Tilly Clarke)
Griffin Alice(wife of Richard Woodger
Griffin Alice Madge* (wife of Harold Wren)
Griffin Arthur) (he mar: Helena Adlam
Griffin Clarence Harry (he mar: Zena Newsham)
Griffin Clyde Ray (he mar: Jean Beasley)  
Griffin Ebenezer (he mar: Mary Ann Andrews)
....Andrews Mary Ann (wife of Ebenezer)
....Andrews Tabitha (mother Mary Ann)
Griffin Edgar Ebenezer (he mar: Lucy Wybourne)
Griffin Elsie May (wife of Reef Watts)
Griffin Eric Gerald (he mar: Gert Rothery)
Griffin Ernest Arthur (son of Arthur) d.WW1
Griffin Eva (dau. of Arthur) d. 1918
Griffin Eva (wife of James Hodson)
....Hodson Elsie Edna (wife of James Leitch)
....Hodson Eric Arnold (he mar: Margreita Drake)
Griffin George (son of Ebenezer)
Griffin Harold Fred (he mar: Edith May Shaw)
Griffin Rebecca (wife of Howard Hicks)
....Cory: Gilbert & Charlotte Eliz. nee Haines
....Wenham: Wm & Elizabeth Ann nee Barnes
....Hicks:: George & Mary Ann nee Wenham
Griffin Rupert Edgar (he mar: Phyllis Stallard)
Griffin Vera Mary (wife of Colin McDonald)
Reunion - Griffin Dinner


Click photos below for charts of Ebenezer and Mary Ann Griffin's Children.
My Mother always said "People who try to do SOMETHING and FAIL are infinitely superior
to those who try to do NOTHING and SUCCEED!"
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