Dr William & Elizabeth Ann Wilson
Painting - Doctor Wilson as a young man
Headstone   Malvern Cemetery, Lennoxville,
 Estrie Region, Quebec, Canada  Src:     
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descendant Anne  in Virginia, USA

Dr William Wilson (b: 29 Apr 1786 in Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham, son of  Major William Wilson and Jane Maria (Meriah) nee Fowler. He d: 06 Dec 1851 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada) William Wilson mar: 31 May 1819 in Richmond, North Riding York to Elizabeth Ann Jackson, and lived there with her parents (James Goodchild Jackson (1767 - 1866) and Harriet Goodchild Jackson (1779 - 1833) until about 1823 when they moved to Ripon, York. In 1833 they emigrated to Quebec, Canada with 7 of their 9 children - the last 2 children were born in Lennoxville, Quebec.  It was said that the wealthy physician Dr William Wilson of Sherbrooke left England specifically because of the enactment there of the Reform Bill. Their children were:

1 Harriet Wilson (b: 08 Mar 1820 in Rippon, Yorkshire Eng; d: 07 Nov 1915 in Sherbrooke Quebec; Bur: Malvern Cemetery
Lennoxville - death commemorated on father's headstone)

2 Elizabeth Wilson (b: Abt. 1822 in Rippon, Yorkshire Eng) mar: Sherbrooke, Quebec, to Henry Miles (p389) (b: May 8, 1854 Lennoxville - his father Henry Hooper Miles.)

i Henry Miles mar: 1875 to Miss McGregor, of Montreal

3 William Wilson (b: 1823 in Rippon, Yorkshire Eng; d: 27 Jul 1895 in Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada Bur: Malvern Cem; Lennoxville  - death commemorated on father's headstone)

4 James H L Wilson (b: 22 Nov 1825 in Ripon, Yorkshire UK; d: 07 Aug 1891 in Weiser, Washington Cty, Idaho, USA) mar: Mary G Langworthy (b: 09 Apr 1830 in Plympton, Devon, UK; d: 16 Nov 1912 in Devon, Bourbon County, Kansas, USA )

William & Mary Parker

Dorothy Fern Wilson Parker

5 Mary E Wilson (b: 17 Nov 1827 in Rippon, Yorkshire Eng; d: 28 Oct 1920 in North Hatley, Quebec, Canada) mar: William Edward Parker (b: 13 Nov 1821 in Demuin, France; d: 18 Apr 1902 in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada) Their children are:

a Louisa Rebecca Parker (b: 20 Apr 1855 in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada; d: 06 May 1934 in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada) mar: Abbott True (b: 23 Jul 1853 in Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA; d: 11 Oct 1936 in Quebec, Canada)

b Peter Collingwood Parker (b: 21 Nov 1861 in Waterville, Quebec, Canada, d: 29 Mar 1913 in Lennoxville, Quebec) mar: Louisa Maud Bieber (b: 17 Jul 1873 in Lennoxville, Quebec; d: 02 Oct 1960 in Lennoxville, Quebec) Their son:

 i Lyon Collingwood Parker (b: 17 Jul 1906 in Lennoxville, Quebec; d: 02 Oct 1919 in Lennoxville, Quebec)

c James Herbert Murray Parker (b: 16 Jul 1865 in Compton, Quebec; d: 11 Oct 1919 in Lennoxville, Quebec) mar: Katherine Elizabeth Wilson (b: 1866;  d: 1955) Their family are:

i Gladys Maude Parker (b: 1889 d: 1961) mar William Allen Cameron (b: 1881; d: 1969)

ii Violet Frances Parker (b: 1892; d: 1965)

iii Kathleen Mary Parker (b: 1894; d: 1988)

ivFrank Hyde St. Clair Parker (b: 1897; d: 1958)

v Constance Beatrice Parker (b: 1899; d: 1972)

vi Dorothy Fern Wilson Parker (b: 1904; d: 1982)

vii Gordon Douglas Parker (b: 1908; d: 1986)

d Maud Gertrude Parker (b: 02 Aug 1869 in Waterville, Estrie Region, Quebec; d: 30 May 1927 in Watsonville, Santa Cruz County. California) mar: Stephen Grant La Frenaye (b: 20 Nov 1874 in Montreal, Quebec; d: 21 Jul 1946 in Watsonville,CaliforniaBur: Pioneer Cem, Watsonville)

6 Frederick Wilson (b: 17 Aug 1830 in Rippon, Yorkshire Eng; d: 06 Oct 1886 in Lennoxville, QC) mar: 3 Apr 1882 in Compton, QC to Adelaide Maria Hyatt (b: 10 Feb 1831 in Compton, QC; d: 16 Aug 1884 in Lennoxville, QC) Their children are;

a Maria Adelaide Wilson (b: 09 May 1853 in Ascot, Quebec; d: 17 Nov 1937 in Sherbrooke, Quebrooke mar: Andrew Steele b: 28 Apr 1843 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland d: 10 Jan 1910 in Sherbrooke, Quebrooke

b Harriot Jackson Wilson (b: 07 Jun 1855 in Lennoxvville, Quebec; d: 21 Apr 1927 in Tomahawk. Lincoln County Wisconsen, USA) mar: Edmund George Charnock (b: 27 May 1849; d: 07 Nov 1922 in Mosinee, Marathon County, Wisconsin, USA)  Their Son is :

i Cecil Frederick Charnock b: 1882; Died: 1883

c James Frederick Wilson (b: 13 Mar 1858 in Compton, QC; d: 16 Dec 1916 in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada )mar: 18 Feb 1880 in Haskell Hill, QC to Mary Maria Johnston (b: 28 Apr 1857 in Haskel Hill. QC; d: 07 Dec 1943 in Lennoxville Quebec, Canada)

This wonderful photo shared by a proud descendant is James Frederick with his family;  - his wife Mary Maria, sons Clifford James (standing), baby Gordon and in front, William Frederick.

Their Family are:

i William Frederick Wilson (b: 06 Oct 1882 in Lennoxville, QC; d: 12 May 1971 in New Westminster, BC) mar: 23 Sep 1907 in N Hatley, QC to Queenie M Turner (b: 15 Sep 1856 in Barron, WI; d: 23 Sep 1974 in New Westminster, BC )

Their dau Adelaide M Wilson (b: 28 Nov 1909 in Sherbrooke, d: 01 May 1991 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA ) mar: ? Boyd

ii  Clifford James Wilson (b: 19 Jan 1881 in Lennoxville, Quebec; d: 07 Jan 1951 in Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada) mar: Annie Marie Foote (b: 22 Nov 1878 in Moulton, Lincolnshire, England; d: 21 Mar 1919 in Sherbrooke Quebec)

*2nd Wife of [iii] Clifford James Wilson: He  mar: Nellie I. Greenfield (b: 1894; d: 1969)

iii Gordon Wilson (b: 03 May 1886; d: 28 Nov 1956 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA)

iv George Alexander Wilson (b: 07 Apr 1889; d: 11 Aug 1920)


d Elizabeth Ann Jackson Wilson (b: 04 Jul 1860 in Compton, Quebec; d: 04 Jan 1953 in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada)

e Mary Langworthy (Polly) Wilson (b: 18 Apr 1865 in Lennoxville, Quebec;d: 09 Jul 1939 Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada)

f John Austin Wilson (b: 24 Oct 1873 in Lennoxville, Quebec; d: 23 Feb 1923 in Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada)

7 Rebecca Wilson (b: 29 Mar 1833 in Ripon, Yorkshire England; d: 22 Oct 1929 in Stittville, Oneida County, New York, USA) mar: Alexander Dow Riddell (b: 22 Mar 1824 in Ednam, Scotland; d: 31 May 1894 in Waterville, Quebec, Canada)

8 John Wilson (b: Abt. 1834 Canada) mar: Kate A Charnock (b: 1841; d: 1866 - death commemorated on father-in-law's headstone)

Henry E Wilson (b: 12 Jul 1838 in Ascot. Quebec; d: 27 May 1877 in Milby, Quebec, Canada) mar: Ellen Frances Charnock (b: 28 Feb 1839 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK; d: 28 Oct 1925 in Ealing. London, England) Their son:

a J. H. Charnock Wilson (b: 17 Jul 1869 in Ascot, Quebec, Canada; d: 06 Dec 1918 in Harrow, London, England )