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JOHN SMITH was b; 23 Jul 1823 in Strathmiglo Parish, Fife, Scotland and mar: on  05 Apr 1854 in Dunbog, Fife, Scotland to GEORGINA BARCLAY daughter of  ANDREW BARCLAY's and JEAN RICHIE

Georgina's father, Andrew Barclay (b: 25 Jun 1788 in Newburgh, Fife was son of David Barclay and Catherine Nicol an Aberneathy tenant farmer; he d: 24 Feb 1837 in Aberneathy, Perthshire. Andrew mar: (twice - his first wife was Elizabeth Wanless (b: 1784; d: Nov 1825) Their children were 

a David Barclay b: 08 Jul 1819 in Aberneathy, Perth

b Janet Barclay b: 02 May 1821 in Balgonie, Fife

c Hugh Barclay b: 1822 in Fife Scotland d: 1914 in Dunbog, Fife, Scotland Bur: Dunbog Graveyard 

d James Wanless Barclay b: 15 Feb 1823 in Abernehy, Perth

e Catherine Nicol Barclay b: 21 Nov 1825 in Abernehy, Perth

*2nd Wife of Andrew Barclay: Mar: 1830 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland  was Jean Richie (b:  1809 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland Wilson d: Bef. 1841 in Fife Scotland ) Their 2 daus:

a Elisabeth Barclay (b: 1831 in Aberneathy, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland; d: 30 Sep 1892 in Fisk, Fife, Scotland) mar: John Mitchell Born: 1829 in Cupar, Fife, Scotland

b Georgina Barclay (b: 1838 in Balgonie, Aberneathy, Fife Scotland; d: 27 Jul 1890 in Christchurch cause of death - Epileptic siezures Sunnyside Psychiatric Hosp) mar; 05 Apr 1854 in Dunbog, Fife, Scotland to John Smith b: 23 Jul 1823 in Strathmiglo, Fife, Scotland; d: Aft. 1875 in New Zealand

Census 1841 - Balgonie, Abernethy, Perthshire: David Barclay (b: 8 Jul 1819, Bapt: 25 Jul 1819 Abernethy, Perth, Scotland) age 21, farmer, Janet Barclay (b: 2 Jul 1822 Abernethy, Perth, Scotland; Bapt: 2 May 1821);  Elizabeth Barclay 10; Georgina Barclay 9, Margaret Robertson 20 servant, Helen Burell 21 servant (their father likely Andrew Barclay who d: 31 Dec 1841 tenant in Balgonie Parish of Abernethy)

John and Georgina immigrated in 1859 to Canterbury on the "Oriental" with 2 children, Jane and Andrew. and a further 3 were b: in New Zealand


i. JANE SMITH  (She was b: 02 Jul 1855 in Dunbog, Fife, Scotland, and d: 10 Mar 1935 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch. Bur: Springston, Selwyn)  She mar: 14 Sep 1881 at Deep Spring Farm, Leeston by the Wesleyan minister Rev T G Brooke,  to MATTHEW BARNETT of Tai Tapu. He was b: 11 Nov 1847 in Foxhaam, Wiltshire to parents Jacob Barnett (1817-31 Mar 1900 at Tai Tapu aged 82Y) and mother Winnifred Robertson (1823- );  d: abt Apr 1935) Farmer at Tai Tapu servicing Tai Tapu Dairy Factory, leased also part of Dunsford's Valley Reserve. Matthew was a valued pioneer member of the Tai Tapu Church in whose father's home the first Methodist service was held and  identified with it's work for half a century.

Sep 14 1931: Golden Wedding: at "Deep Spring" Leeston, Matthew, 3rd son of Mr and Mrs Jacob Barnett, Tai Tapu, to Jane, eldest dau. of Mr and Mrs John Smith, Chtistchurch - their present address, "Woodbine House". Occ: Farmer "Woodbine" Tai Tapu.

Descendants of Matthew and Jane Barnett:

a Nellie Caroline Barnett (b: 4 Sep 1882 at Woodbine House, Tai Tapu, Christchurch; d: 09 Mar 1970 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch )

b Mary Barnett (b: 25 Jun 1884 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch) b John Charles Barnett (b: 17 Aug 1888 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch d: 19 Jul 1903 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch) Mar: Catherine d: Aug 17 1943 43 Oxford St, Lyttelton aged 82Y

 c Dau b: Woodbine House, Tai Tapu  on Jun 29 1886

William Barnett (b: 17 Aug 1888 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch)

e Annie Gertrude Barnett (b: 18 Jul 1895 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch) 

Arthur James Barnett,/a> (b: 14 Jan 1893 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch Occ: Teacher d: 07 Jun 1917 in Battle of Messines, Belgium 24Y)

 William Matthew Barnett (b: 16 Aug 1897 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch;  d: 23 Sep 1977 in Christchurch 80Y ) mar: Doris May Harris (b: 15 Jan 1914 in Timaru d: 09 May 1985 in Christchurch Bur: Springston, Selwyn)

h Winnie Sophia Barnett (b: 1898 in Tai Tapu, Christchurch d: Abt. 1970)

ii. ANDREW SMITH, eldest son of John and Georgina Smith (b: 06 Apr 1857, Dunbog, Fefe, Scotland; d: 14 Feb 1942 aged 84Y at Greenpark, Christchurch, late of Tai Tapu. Bur: Greenpark Cem. ChCh

iii. CHRISTINA ISDALE SMITH (b: 20 Nov 1859, Papanui, Christchurch; d: 13 Oct 1940, New Plymouth, Taranaki); mar: 05 Oct 1878 at Greendale, to WILLIAM THEODORE MILLS  (b. 14 Mar 1861, Papanui, Christchurch - his father: John Mills; Mother: Joanna Wither; Occ: Farmer Westown, New Plymouth; d. 26 Apr 1941, New Plymouth, Taranaki 14 Mar 1861). Their 12 children:

i Emily Maude Mills (b: 1880; d: 1945 ); ii Edward Oakley Mills (b: 1881; d: 18 May 1960 in Wellington); iii James Barkclay Mills (b: 27 Apr 1883 d: 26 Oct 1967); iv Annie Elizabeth Mills (b: 1885); v William Wallace Mills (b: 1888); vi Stanley Matthew Mills (b: 1890); vii Ivy Muriel Maxine Mills (b: 1892); viii Violet Christina Mills (b: 07 Apr 1894); ix Lester Bernard Mills (b: 1896); x John Theodore Mills (b: 1898);  xi Allan Emerson Mills (b: 1900);  xii Kenneth William Mills (b: 1903)

iv. GEORGINA BARCLAY SMITH  was b: 14 Dec 1861 in Christchurch, and d: 20 Mar 1942 in Timaru aged  80Y. She mar: (1) WILLIAM LILLEY William was son of JONATHAN LILLEY and MARIA (b: 18 Jun 1860 in Christchurch; Bur: Balcairn Cem., Canty)

Star: MARRIAGE: Lilley - Smith;  May 29, 1884 at the residence of the bride's uncle, Mosgiel, by the Rev W. Will, William Lilley to Georgina Barclay Smith ; both of Southbridge


        i. WILLIAM JAMES BARCLAY LILLEY (b. 11 Apr 1887, Mt Grey Downs, Ashley; Education: Admitted Mt Grey Downs School 20 Feb 1893; left for work 12 Oct 1899; Retired Pihama; d. 21 Dec 1960)  mar: 1908 Annie Gorrie (b: 16 Oct 1883 - her father Hugh Gorrie of Ashley Bank and mother Jessie nee Clark) 

        ii. ERNEST EDWARD LILLEY (b. 12 Oct 1887; d. Feb 8, 1955, Bur: Ellesmere Cem.  Leeston; 74Y); mar. 1927 to MARJORIE HAZEL ETHERINGTON (b: 7 May 1909 - her parents Walter Henry Woodward Etherington and mother Marion nee Linklater; d: 1995)

Star,  7 May 1891: DEATH: Lilley: William Lilley, late of Tai Tapu, aged thirty years d; May 6, at the residence of John Moff, (he was Wm's stepfather) at Mount Grey Downs, Sefton,

Electoral roll: 1893 - Georgina Lilley: Ellesmere electorate; Tai Tapu, Domestic duties

Midhirst Dairy Factory

Georgina mar: (2)  FREDERICK HENRY FREIDERICH (FRITZ) KLEEMANN son of JOHN and GRACE KLEEMAN on 21 Jan 1895 in Christchurch. He was b: 04 Feb 1865 in Schloen, Germany, and d: aged  82Y on 04 Jun 1948 in Hamiilton. 

Frederick  Kleeman came to Lyttelton  in 1893 and was employed by the Tai Tapu Dairy factory for 6 yrs before being appointed to the Stratford Dairy factory  in 1896.

1899 Papers Past : Evening Post; 30 June 1899 : Thirty-eight aliens are gazetted this week as having received paper's of naturalisation. The list includes the following names:� F. F. Kleeman, Stratford .

New Zealand Gazette 1899 - letters of Naturalization, held Archives AucklandFrederick Frae Kleemann, Buttermaker, Stratford

1901 - Moved to Midhirst Dairy factory and was appointed it's manager 1902

1905 - Taranaki Herald,  25 September:  Midhirst. The Midhirst Co-operative Dairy Company has purchased Mr Joseph Mackay's property at Midhirst.. Mr A. Brown, Chairman of Directors of the Midhirst Co-operative Dairy Company, at a meeting of shareholders, stated that he thought the Midhirst Dairy Company was unique in not having a house for the manager. Mr Brown said if the Company wanted to keep a "top notcher" as a manager they ought to see that he was well treated. The applause that greeted the remarks of the Chairman showed that the shareholders had every confidence in their energetic manager, Mr Kleemann.

1906 Hawera & Normanby Star : 24 May 1906: A DAIRYING CONFERENCE. A conference of chairmen of directors, secretaries and managers of dairy factories between Inglewood and Eltham, convened by the directors of the Stratford Fanners' Co-operative Association, limited, was held in Stratford on Wednesday. Present were the following representatives' : Messrs R. Dingle, T. H. Perm, W. G. Reidi and J. Batey (Stratford), A. Brown, R. G. Templer and J. Kleeman (Midhirst), Corbett (Lowgarth), J. Marx arid Cooper (Mangatoki), A. McDonald and Robertson (Ngaiire), Ridnards and Ross (Cardafi), Barnard 'and' Gwilliam (Eltham), 'Clayton (Mokahiu), C. Hodgkinson (Pnniwhakau), Bennie and" Mellow (Kaponga).

22 Sept 1906; Hawera & Normanby Star: As further proof of the marvellous capacity and skimming of the Baltic Cream Separator, Mr Kleeman, the manager of the well known Midhurst Dairy Company, writes as follows: "I have great pleasure in certifying that the Baltic Separator (880 gallons per hour) is giving every satisfaction, working to its full capacity and skimming downto.o3and.o4. It has not cost a single penny for repairs, and is as good a separator as is on the market." Those in want of the most up-to-date cream separator should apply to J. B. MacEwan and Co., for particulars of the Baltic.

1907 - Taranaki Herald,  16 July 1907: MIDHIRST. July 15,. � Mr Kleemann is making great progress with the alterations to the factory, and hopes to have everything in working order shortly. The Dairy Company's balance-sheet shows the past season as being the most successful on record.

Taranaki Herald: 19 June 1909: Our worthy dairy factory manager. Mr. F. Kleemann, met with a painful accident while recently on a visit to friends in the Waikato district. He was breaking in a young horse, when by some means his thumb was caught between a post and the rope by which the animal was held, with the result that it was very badly broken. The injured member was treated in the Hamilton hospital, and is now in a fair way to mending. It is lucky that this is the off-season for dairying, as it would have been a much greater misfortune for Mr. Kleemann had it happened in the height of the season

24 Aug 1910: Mr F Kleeman, manager of the Midhirst Dairy Factory has been using an invention of his own for pasteurising skim milk. So far the machine has worked splndidly and after a further trial, it is probable that it will be installed in various creameries.


i. FREDERICK JOHN KLEEMANN (b. 03 Mar 1895; d. 06 Apr 1895, 3 wks).

ii. HENRY HAROLD KLEEMAN (b. 15 Jan 1897; Occ; 1917  Midhurst Motor-lorry Driver; d. 29 Oct 1970, Stratford, Taranaki 70Y; Retired Motor Engineer/garage Prop;  bur: 31 Oct 1970  Kopuatama Cem. Stratford) mar: 1927 to Edith Isabel Eleanor Southcombe (b: 15 May 1902 - her father Charles James Southcombe of Kent Rd, Sth Taranaki; her mother Isabella Sussannah nee Fincham; d: 3 Aug 1980; bur: 5 Aug.  Kopuatama Cem)  Their children:

i. BILL NOEL KLEEMANN (b. 19 Feb 1929; d. 21 Jul 2002. bur; 24 Jul 2002 ) mar: Elsie Edwarda ? (b: USA immig: 1969)

ii. NORMA VADNE KLEEMAN (b. 02 Sep 1927; atted. School St Mary's Diocesan Stratford; d. 08 Jan 2002); mar. 1955 to BRUCE RAWLINSON, (b. 27 Dec 1922; d. 22 Feb 2007 Kopuatama Cem. Stratford) .


iii. GLADYS ANNIE KLEEMAN (b. 29 Jul 1899, Christchurch; d. 09 Oct 1988); mar. 1942 to WILLIAM ARTHUR ADAMS (b. 27 Sep 1899; d. 31 May 1988.)

iv. ALLAN KLEEMAN ( b. 02 Dec 1901; d. 04 Dec 1901, 2 days. Bur 5 Dec  Stratford Pioneer Cem. Regan St. Stratford)

v. DORIS MARGARET (MAGGIE) KLEEMAN (b. 25 Apr 1904, Stratford; d. 29 Jan 1991, Cashmere View Hospital, Christchurch; Bur: 07 Feb 1991, Private Crem. and ashes interred Timaru Cemetery) mar. 1934 to ERNEST PELVIN (b. 30 Jun 1903, Waimate; d. 12 Nov 1982, Christchurch. aged 86Y; d: Christchurch; Private Cremation and ashes interred Timaru Cemetery; Section LAWN; Block LC; Plot 111

 1908 - Name PELVIN Ernest - School - Redcliffs Waimate; Register Number - 265; Admission Date - 5 Aug 1908; Parent / Guardian - Arthur Pelvin; Address - Redcliff; Birthdate - 30 Jun 1903; Last Day - 09 Feb 1917; Destination - Timaru Boys HS;

Registered new entrant Ikawai School 5/8/1908, parent Arthur Pelvin residing Redcliff. Last day 9/2/1917

2 Mar 1917: Winner of Junior National Scholarship from Sole Charge Schools  for admission to Timaru Boys High School

1920 PUBLIC SERVICE ENTRANCE.Timaru Herald, 4 February 1920; The following South Canterbury candidate has passed the Public Service Entrance Examination: TIMARU CENTRE. Ernest Pelvin. Civil Service Examinations and Licenses

1928 Age: 25; Residence - 110 Chester St, Christchurch East; Occ:  Ledger Keeper; NZ Bank officer

Press, 28 July 1933: BOWLS - BANKS' MATCH. E. Pelvin will represent the National Bank of New Zealand, Ltd., in a match with the Bank of New Zealand to be played on the indoor bowling green to-night:

1935 Age: 32 Residence 32 Diamond Ave, Christchurch South, Canterbury, New Zealand

1982 12 Nov Age: 79 Death Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand; 16 Nov Burial Timaru Cemetery, Canterbury, New Zealand Section LAWN; Block LC; Plot 111

4. WILLIAM SMITH  (b: 09 Apr 1875 in Spreydon, Christchurch, and d: 19 Apr 1941 in Lower Hutt, Wellington; Bur. Taitai Cem.) He mar: 29 May 1913 to CELIA ALICE ARCHER . (b: 1888 in Clapham, London, and d: 09 Jul 1952 in Lower Hutt, Wellington.)

Children of WILLIAM SMITH and CELIA ARCHER are: i. Kenneth Wanless Smith (b: 1917; d: 1986); ii. Maurice Archer Smith b: 1917; d:1994); iii. Celie Kathleen Smith; iv. Pauleen Smith

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