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Trevor Lewis Rose & Oakley  
Précis of writings by Rose Oakley and daughter Julie.

TREVOR LEWIS OAKLEY was b: 17 Jun 1920 in Oak Grove, Allenton, Mid Canterbury, the son of ARTHUR LEWIS OAKLEY and ETHEL MARY nee BRANNAN  and  d: 1 Aug 1995 in Timaru.

Beryl, Edna, Hamilton and Trevor, the youngest child, received their primary schooling at Hazelburn school. Depression years, no school buses and no money to board meant he was unable to attend High school. Education over, Trevor worked on the home farm until aged 20, he spent 18 months working on his aunt's dairy farm at Te Puke. He returned to the family farm and in World War 2, in 1942, joined first the army, and then transferred to the airforce where he was to serve three and a half years employed as a driver, He was stationed ar Fiji for 18 months followed by the remaining time overseas on Florida Island, Bougainville)  Reg No 437604 LAC RNZAF.

He and Rose became engaged when home on leave, and on his next leave, they married on 14 April 1945 at St John's Anglican Church, Wai-iti Rd in Timaru. Rose was daughter of ARTHUR ERNEST PELVIN and ROSEANNA HUMPHRIS.

War was now over, and Trevor bought a 100 acre farm called "The Willows" at Belfield - an area with good soil which was originally part of the Macdonald estate. It had beautiful views of Four Peaksand sited just off the main Belfield Road. The farm bordered the Orari river which, when dry, reduced the trip to Geraldine to 3 miles compared with 10 miles via the Orari bridge.

The house on the farm  was a square wooden structure of four bedrooms with a large kitchen. It had not been lived in for a time and sheep had camped on the verandah. It had an outside wash house entirely covered with honeysuckle and hop vines. When these were hacked back to get inside, they found old tubs and a rusty bath. There was no electricity and an early priority was the building of  new laundry with concrete tubs and a petrol driven washing machine and a corner was reserved for a  new toilet which in time would replace the outside dunny - meanwhile, it housed the kerosene fridge. Cooking was done in a black coal  range which was eventually replaced by a smart red and cream enamel range with a thermometer.

A solid sledge-pulling horse came with the property but Trevor had had his fill of horses as a child, so Dobbin was rapidly replaced by a tractor (hire purchase from Pygne Gould Guiness) causing older resident farmers to shake their head doubtfully at the smart young newcomer with his new fangled ideas. They soon followed doing away with their chaff eating horses 

A temperamental power plant was rigged up which wouldoperate for a certain time before the lights seized. The old tilly lamp was lit along with candles to see the way up the dark passage to the bedrooms now occupied by four small children. The nightly trip to the outside dunny was assisted by a small stable lantern or,  some resorted to a handier stand of bushes!

Evenually phone lines were installed connecting the nine houses in the immediate vacinity and shared the same line. Weekly grocery were able to be phoned on a Monday and delivered next day, and there was a weekly meat delivery.

For the next 22 years, the farm was largely self-sufficient with chooks, muscovy ducks and even turkeys; sheeo, cows, grain growing and lucerne for hay despite the  limitations of it's size.

Trevor and Rose sold in 1970 and bought a near-new home at Poplar Grove in Timaru. To celebrate, Trevor suggested he and Rose have a 3 month trip  around England and Europe - the highlight of their lives.

On their return, Trevor put a lot of work into developing the garden soil - potatoes a favourite crop and his efforts were mirrored by Rose's love of flowers. She won many prizes for her endeavours over many years. Despite keeping active, walking and spending time at the RSA playing pool with friends, Trevor's health deteriorated in the 80's and 90's. Poplar St was sold and a lovely brick unit purchased 322B Church St.

Together, Trevor and Rose shared family highlights celebrating anniversaries of their 40th and 50th years of marriage, but despite keeping active, walking and spending time at the RSA playing pool with friends. Trevor's health deteriorated in the 80's and 90's with a chronic heart condition resulting in several hospital admissions. During a final long admission in 1995 Trevor died on 1 Aug 1995 and was bur: Timaru Cemetery 5th Aug 1995.

Children of TREVOR OAKLEY and ROSE PELVIN are:

i. TIMOTHY ARTHUR OAKLEY (b.  Geraldine) mar:(1) to Rosalie JOY MCLEAN;

Their children are Lynn Marie, Danielle Elizabeth and Glen Timothy Lewis Oakley

Tim remarried (2) JOAN Evelyn Mills nee Duff from Christchurch dau: of Frederick William Duff and Florence Grace Lissenden nee Marra.

ii. JULIET ROSE OAKLEY, b. Geraldine; mar: at Timaru to THOMAS JAMES DEVLIN (b. Geraldine)

Their sons are Phillip Leigh and Blair Jeffrey Devlin

 iii. MYFANWY (ANNE) EDNA OAKLEY, (b. Geraldine) mar: Victoria, Australia to JOHN (HANK) WYLLIE (b. Minyip, Victoria)

Their daughter is Tessa Marie Wyllie

iv. JEFFREY TREVOR OAKLEY (b. Geraldine) mar. Takapuna, Auckland to PENELOPE AVERY BOURKE.

Their daughters are Jessica Hannah  and Justine Roseanna Oakley


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