Sue our guide, gave us a background to the house, and it's occupants.
The Van Diemens Land Company was established in London in 1824 by a group of influential merchants, businessmen and politicians who formed the company in a hope of making a fortune from fine merino wool. The sheep died because of the cold and rain and the wool enterprise failed. But the land proved excellent for agriculture once cleared of timber. It was the first residence for Edward Curr, first manager and wife Elizabeth who had 15 children - 11 survived.
In 1856 Highfield was leased to Dr William Story, and shortly after to Frederick Ford.  The Ford family purchased the Highfield property in 1914. and then had several owners.
In 1982 Highfield was bought by the State Government who administer it as a Historic Site.
A marble fireplace; right - photos of paintings - top Jorgen Jorgenson; below Frederick and Ellen Ford; on right - we dress-up in period costume for a photo!
Below - The 2 story building was built for Edward Curr - the Chapel below for divine services, the upper story was used as a schoolroom for the children of Highfield.