Pollination & the wild winds of November over - time for a brief break away from our Te Puna orchard.
Road map - Tauranga to Auckland
Road map - Sydney to Cairns
Packed cases ready and we are up bright and early
but where is the shuttle to take us to the airport...???
After a nervous wait at our road entry, our transport eventually arrives and we leave for Auckland where (after the paper work got sorted) we board our plane for Sydney. 


The Sydney Four Points Sheradin overlooks Darling harbour and the Pyrmont Bridge. This wide pedestrian -only swing bridge crosses the inlet linking the both sides  forming a loop walk around the area. There are fantastic water views, ice-cream, playgrounds, parks, fountains and at night, after 9.00pm  a fireworks display exploded high in the night sky and the brilliance was reflected and repeated over and over again in windows of the surrounding high skyscrapers.