We leave the "Fox and Hounds" at 8am to head back over the Tasman Peninsula, stopping to view Tasman's Arch, the Blowhole and the Devil's Kitchen.
Tasman's Arch is a natural arch - a greatly enlarged tunnel produced by wave action running from the coast along a zone of closely spaced cracks and extending inland. The roof of the tunnel has collapsed but the hole is too large and the sides are too high to form a blowhole.
The Devil's Kitchen is 60 metres deep and formed by a similar process to that the Tasman's Arch and if Tasman's Arch collapsed, it would lead to the creation of a landform like the Devils Kitchen.
The rocks in which the Blowhole, Tasman's Arch and the Devils Kitchen occur are 250 million years old.

We drove through the village of Doo Town at the southern end of Pirates Bay. Here, residents have a tradition with the naming of their homes. Below "Doo F..k All" "Much-A-Doo" and on right "Doo Little".    

We cross  Sorell Causeway and Pittwater and drive through the Coal River Valley and arrived at lunchtime at the historic sandstone village of Richmond.
St John's Church, Richmond
Plaque Richmond Bridge
From the Richmond town centre we travel to Saint John's Church which built in 1836, the oldest Roman Catholic church in Australia where we park and walk below to find a photogapher setting up.
Australia’s oldest sandstone arch bridge still in use today. This was built by convict labour in 1823.

Richmond was proclaimed a town by Lieutenant Governor Sorell in 1824. It played an important role as a convict station and military outpost in the early days of the colony. For much of its history it was the main gateway to the east coast and the Tasman Peninsula.

Group Photo, Richmond
Our group photo is taken with Richmond Bridge as a backdrop.
We next visit Bonorong Wildlife Park. This sanctuary cares for injured or orphaned wildlife and specialises in giving people an up-close and personal experience with Tasmanian wildlife. It was opened in 1981 and it's sole source of funding is from visitors to the park. We are each given feed for the Forester Kangaroos and see nine Tasmanian devil and learn they are facing extinction due to devil facial tumour disease. We make friends with koalas and see echidnas... Wonderful!
We return to Hobart and are dropped off at the famous Salamanca Market and our bags are taken on to our hotel. We wander around the shops and are happy to be picked up again and taken back to the Wrest where we later share a farewell drink with our travel companions before dinner.

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