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Alice Mary and Charles Henry Gell

ALICE MARY BARNARD was born 20 Dec 1873 to parents James Barnard and mother Emma Charlotte Ruth nee Martin in Wellington where she died 23 Apr 1957, aged 84 years. Alice is buried in the Karori cemetery.

Alice Mary Barnard married 26 July 1894 to CHARLES HENRY GELL, son of EDWARD GELL who was a Draughtsman for Public Works and Railways, and mother SOPHIE SARAH DRAKEFORD. Charles was b: 05 Nov 1870 at Wellington, where he d: 30 Oct 1929 in Wellington aged 58 years, an engineer by occupation and diver for Wellington Harbour Board

Alice attended a private school before being admitted to Newtown School on 10 May 1880 until 1887 where her name featured in the price lists eg. Fifth standard - Girls : Alice Barnard.

City of Wellington Scholarships: The four scholarships gained by the pupils in the Wellington Educational District are as follows: Charles H. Gell.


i. CHARLES GEORGE GELL, b. 17 Nov 1894  at Daniel St. Wellingon; died 7 Sep 1983 aged 88 yrs; He married ELIZABETH ADA FITZSIMMONS in 1943; She was the daughter of Roset and James Fitzsimmons and was b: 29 July 1901 and d: 1 Aug 1980 aged 73 Yrs. Charles and Elizabeth bur; Makara Cemetery 

WW1 2/2620 - Army (Digitaliesed PDF Service Record (R20547956) in Archives New Zealand)
Evening Post, 27 Aug 1915: 9th REINFORCEMENTS: WELLINGTON Selected from No. 5 Group (Wellington City and Suburbs) as n.c.o. for the 9th Reinforcements going into Trentham Camp on the 7th prox. Field Artillery.C. G. Gell,

Evening Post, 20 Oct 1915: TRENTHAM CAMP - LATEST APPOINTMENTS; 9th Reinforcements: to be corporal; Gnnr. C. G. Gell,

Evening Post,  22 Nov 1915: CAMP NOTES: LATEST APPOINTMENTS. The following temporary appointments of n.c.o.'s have been approved by the Camp Commandant at Trentham 9th Reinforcements. N.Z. Field Artillery.To be sergeant, Cpl. C. G. Gell;

Free Lance, 29 Sept 1916  Free Lance,  29 Sept 1916: Sergt. Charles George Gell wounded in France in the recent Great Drive, belongs to one of Wellington's oldest families. His great-grandfather was one of Wellington's earliest settlers, and his grandfather, now 73 years of age, was actually born on the' old Porirua road that as you will reckon for yourself, was away back in 1843. Sergeant Gell is attached to the New Zealand. Field Artillery, and has been on active service since war broke out.

Marlborough Express,  29 Sept 1916: ROLL OF HONOR: N Z CASUALTIES
REPORTED WOUNDED, Bombardier C. G. Gell,

Evening Post, 27 Apr 1921: ACCOUNTANCY RECENT UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS; Names of the successful Wellington candidates who sat in the recent University Accountancy Examinations: ( 2 economics)  C. G. Gell, 2

Evening Post, 24 Decr 1924: N.Z. UNIVERSITY - ACCOUNTANCY PASSES RESULTS IN RECENT EXAMINATIONS :The following candidates' passed in the subjects indicated at the recent accountancy examinations: 1 indicates bookkeeping and accounts (stage 2); 2,  mercantile law (stage 1); 3, economics; 4, mercantile law (stage 2); 5, auditing; 6, bookkeeping and accounts (stage 2); 7, rights and duties; 8, bankruptcy; 9,-joint stock companies:. C. G. Gell, 1, 3, 8, 9;  

ii. EDNA RUTH GELL, b. 08 Aug 1896; d. 11 Mar 1982 aged 85 years. She did not marry and is buried at the Karori Cemetery, Wellington, Plot 508 J

iii. ALWYN EDWARD JAMES GELL,( b. 12 Jun 1897, Wellington; d. 03 Jun 1975 aged 77 yrs, 16 Chilka St Wellington) He was a plumber and retired and was buried at the Makara Cemetery; His marriage took place 21 Nov 1923 to KATHLEEN MCAULEY ( b. 9 Oct 1897, the daughter of Lizzie Sophia and Christopher Columbus McCauley. She d: on 15 Jan 1990, Wellingon aged 92 years and she is bur. with her husband at Makara, Plot 16/C)  

They had 2 sons: (1)  Maurice ( b: 10 Jul 1927d: 2011) mar: Jocelyn Donald - their  children David Joanne and Jonathon;  and (2) Martin mar ?, their family Debbie and Peter;

 Evening Post, 15 Dec 1916: TECHNICAL COLLEGE The the list of studentships at the Wellington Technical College: INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION  Callender Memorial Scholarships - Plumbing. Alwyn Edward James Gell

Evening Post,  3 July 1918: CALLED TO ARMS - BALLOT APPEAL; The sittings of the Second Wellington Military Service Board Leave until 11th September was granted in the employers appeal for time on behalf of Alwyn E. J. Gell, plumber.

Evening Post,13 September 1918 46th REINFORCEMENTS: WELLINGTON QUOTA
Roll of recruits who entered camp yesterday with the quota from No. 5 Group (Wellington City and Suburb's) for the 46th Reinforcements:A E J Gell

Evening Post, 30 July 1924;PLUMBERS' EXAMINATION The Plumbers' Board of New Zealand, announces the following results of the plumbers' examination held on 27th and 28th June last: Practical: A E J Gell

Evening Post, 28 April 1931: SCHOOL AFFAIRS - HOUSEHOLDERS MEET; ELECTION OF COMMITTEES School committee election meetings held in the Wellington education district Berhampore. Mr W. Husband presided.- There were eleven nominations for seats on the committee. The election resultciras follows: Messrs. W. Husband (chairman), C S. Wilson, (secretary), W.J. Cliatfield, M.F. Glading, J. W. Makin, A. V. Rowe, G. E. Stone (re-elected); A. P, Collyer, and A. E. J. Gell (new members). At the conclusion of the' meeting a home and school association was formed, and officers were elected as follow: Mr. Cassio (president), Mr. Brooker (secretary); committee, Mrs. Davis, Messrs. l. Diack, W. J. Lowe, W. Chatfield, A. E. J. Gell.

iv. STANLEY BARNARD GELL, b. 07 Jul 1900, Wellington; a retired electrician,  his home address was 17 Bridge St, Wellington; Stan died 16 Aug 1981 aged 81 years at the Public Hospital, Wellington. He was mar: 08 Nov 1927 at Wellington to NOLA HELEN EVANS who was born 18 October 1894 in Wellington to Rachel and Henry Evans. She died 06 Jun 1986. Crem. at Karori, Wellington

Dominion, 12 Dec 1916:TECHNICAL COLLEGE - CERTIFICATES PRESENTED :Mechanical trades course: first year. Electrical: Stanley B. Gell.

Evening Post, 9 Dec 1921: EXAMINATION OF ELECTRIC WIREMEN : held at the .Wellington Technical College on 25th and 26th November, Passed in Theory S. B. Gell,

Evening Post, 6 June 1936: RECOMMISSIONING OF MARAMA. ;"The Marama, which, after some weeks of idleness at Wellington, has been called upon to replace the Wahine ini the Wellington-Lyttelton run, left Wellington at 10.10 last night. The decisoin made to recommisison the Marama meant that a vast amount of work had to be done to have the ship ready for sea, but it was done with a minimum of delay, Captain B. B. Irwin, the master of the Wahine, sailed in command of the Marama, and had with him the following officers: Acting chief, Mr. R. Tulloch; second, Mr. It. Blampied (ex Wahine); third, Mr. F. M. Hughes (ex Wahine); chief engineer, Mr. A. L. Gatland, who is assistant superintending engineer for the Union Company; second, Mr. J. D. Hamilton; third, Mr. G. Watt; fourth, Mr. J. i Stewart; fifth, Mr. D. J. McKenzie; sixth, Mr. I. Sisson; seventh, Mi. H. A. Lamb; electrician, Mr. S. Gell.

Evening Post, 28 July 1938: RANGATIRA RESUMES - NEW CHIEF ENGINEER Having completed an extensive survey and overhaul, the Rangatira was recommissioned at Wellington yesterday and left for Liyttelton last night. Engineers of the Rangatira are as follows: Second engineer, Mr. J. Hamilton; third, Mr. L. Moffitt; fourth, Mr. I. Sisson; fifth, Mr. J. A. Genet; sixth, Mr. J. F. Symonds; seventh, Mr. A. H. Selwood; first electrician, Mr. G. R. Wright; second electrician, Mr. S. B. Gell; boilermaker, Mr. R. J. Bennett.

Evening Post, 1 August 1939: Staffing Rangitira - second electrician, Mr. S. B. Gell

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