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Arthur Richard & Amy Barnard

ARTHUR RICHARD BARNARD was born 1888, and died 13 Mar 1938 in Wellington Occ: WCC Employee; aged 51Y. Bur: 15-03-1938 Karori Cem

This may be his immigration entry to New Zealand

Name: A Barnard
Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: 23 Mar 1910
Age: 25 Nationality: England
Occupation: Farmer
Birth Year (Estimated): 1885
Shipping Company: Shaw Savill & Albion Company Limited
Ship Name: Ionic Departure Place: London
Arrival Place: Wellington Digital Folder Number: 004415899 Image Number: 00334

1911 Evening Post, 11 July 1911: Killed by a Car: An accident which terminated fatally occurred an Lambton-quay last evening, when an elderly man named Frederick Hunt was knocked down by a motor out. Hunt was crossing the Quay from the Public Trust Office, and the car was approaching Government Station when it knocked him down. He was picked up and taken into the National Hotel. Dr. Ewart, who was riding in the car, did not see the accident. After a brief examination of the injured man, he ordered his immediate removal to the hospital. His condition at that time was, extremely grave and he died a few hours after admission. The deceased had sustained a severe fracture of the skull. He resided at Hiropi-atreet, Newtown, and .was formerly a, nurseryman at Marton. Latterly he had been employed hy Mr. Pennook, Arcadia Hotel, as supervisor of the taxi-cab service, He was a widower, and survived by a grown-up family. The driver of the motor-car was Arthur Barnard, An inquest was opened by the District Coroner (Dr, M'Arthur) at the Hospital shortly before we went to press this afternoon,


The Coroner, Mr. W. G. Riddell, S.M., held an enquiry yesterday afterj noon into the circumstances of the death of Frederick Hunt, gardener, who died as the result of injuries sustained in Lambton-quay the pievious evening in a collision with Dr. Ewart's motor Car. Mr. 0. Beere appeared for Barnard, the driver of the car, Mr, K. Kirkcaldie for the deceased's family, Mr. M. Chapman, K.C., for an insurance company, and Mr. T. Young for Dr. Ewart. Dr. Hardwicke-Smith, medical superintendent Wellington Hospital, said deceased was admitted at 6.15 p.m., and was then completely unconscious. He had a scalp wound about three inches in length behind the ear, and was bleeding from the left ear, An operation was at once performed, disclosing a fracture of the skull including both vault and base. The cause of death was fracture of the skull and hemorrhage, deceased remaining in an unconscious condition until death ensued at 9.15 p.m. To Mr. Young : Witness did not examine the body. The head injuries were sufficient to cause death. To Mr. Kirkcaldie: Falling or striking with considerable force could have caused the injuries. Dora. Hunt, daughter of deceased, deposed that her father was a gardener, residing at 10 Hiropi-street. He was about 60 years of age. THE DRIVER'S EVIDENCE. Arthur Richard Barnard, chauffeur, employed by Dr. Ewart, deposed that the car was proceeding as 5.30 along Lambton-quay on the correct side towards the station, at the most at about eight miles an hour., Between Woodward-street and the 'Arcadia' a space of street fairly dark - he suddenly saw deceased about a yard in front of the car, Witness did not sound the .alarm, but applied both brakes. The wheels ceased revolving, but the car skidded forward on the, greasy road', struck deceased, who was knocked down on his back. Tho car did not go over him. Hunt, when lifted up, was then unconscious. To Mr. Young : It was pouring with rain at the time, and the screen was up in front. How do you account for not seeing deceased ? With the screen up, and it wet with rain, and coming from the brilliant light into the shadow made it difficult to see. Were your brakes working well?  Yes. Witness added that deceased was struck in front apparently, as he was lying on his back with one leg either side the front wheel. The road was terribly greasy. To Mr. Kirkcaldie : He had been driving this car since last August. He had had previous' experience in London in a garage. The car was carrying two regular lights in front and one at the rear, all of which were in proper order. The brakes acted immediately. The car went over a yard after actual contact with the body. Would it be, possible to pull up your car in two yards? Yes, and in _ a shorter distance on a dry track. With the kerosene lamps he could see one and a-half yards ahead distinctly. In reply to further questions witness said the car carried no headlights. , Would you have seen the deceased if you had carried headlights ?"It would be hard to say. Witness added that on wet nights the headlights dazzled pedestrians. He considered the regulation lights good enough. ' What part of the car struck deceased ? The mud guard opposite me. Deceased appeared to be coming sideways. To Mr. Beere : To have sounded the horn would have meant delay in applying the brakes. If the road had been dry witness could have pulled up the car before it struck deceased. Dr. -Ewards, medical practitioner, said he felt the brakes being suddenly applied and the car come to a sudden stop. The car appeared to be going at the rate of 6 to 8 miles per hour. He saw deceased as he fell. Deceased was carried to the National Hotel, where witness examined his injuries. To Mr. Kirkcaldie s The car, at the point of contact, was on the car line on the National Hotel side, almost directly opposite the hotel. On counsel's suggestion the coroner ordered that the body  should be examined for signs of injuries there. This had not, it was deposed, been done so far. Witness added that his car was a silent runner. To Mr. Beere - He had found the driver very careful and sober.  George Finnock, of the Arcadia Private Hotel, where deceased was employed, said he was not too firm on his feet. He suffered from being badly burned some years ago. His eyesight was fair, and he had complained] lately that he could not hear with one ear. MATTER ADJOURNED. The Coroner said that he proposed to adjourn the enquiry though he was satisfied as to the cause of death

Arthur married AMY FLORENCE ADAMS 22 Nov 1911 in Wellington. She was born 1892, and died 1964 in Wellington 72Y.

WW1 - category Second Reserves; address 61 Herald St, Wellington, occupation tram-conductor

1914 Evening Post, 2 January 1914: A tram conductor named Arthur Barnard, residing at Herald -street, Berhampore, had a narrow escape from serious injury on Wednesday afternoon. Whilst collecting fares on car No. 60, which was going along Manners-street towards Cuba-street, the conductor's legs came into contact with a hand-cart being wheeled in the same direction, with the result that he fell heavily from the footboard to the ground. To all appearances ho sustained no injuries, except for a severe shaking, and, after having a short rest, he was able to resume his duties. An onlooker stated that the youth who was propelling the cart seemed to pay very little heed to the warning signals by the motorman, and but for the latter slackening the speed of the car a more serious mishap would no doubt have occurred.

1922: Wellington South electoral roll; living at 48 Herald St, electric welder with wife Amy

1929: Lived 48 Herald St, Wellington, Occupation motor Attendant Wellington City Council employee

1931: Wellington South electoral roll; living at 48 Herald St; fitter with wife Amy

Inscription Tombstone - In Loving memory Arthur Richard Barnard 1888 - 1938 Amy Florence Barnard 1892 - 1964

Karori Cemetery (Inscriptions) - Wellington Area/Block/Row/Plot 05/A/20/032

 Name: Amy Adams

Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: 26 Dec 1908
Event Place: Nelson (other ports also listed), New Zealand
Nationality: England
Occupation: None Shipping Company: Shaw, Savill & Albion Company Ltd <
Ship Name: Tainui Departure Place: London
Arrival Port: New Zealand Arrival Place: Nelson (other ports also listed) <
Digital Folder Number: 004416698 Image Number: 00576

Evening Post, 13 March 1943: BARNARD.-In memory of my dear husband Arthur Richard Barnard, died March 13, 1938. Inserted by his loving wife and family, Irene and Stan.

1919 Electoral roll Wgtn South 1919; married woman

1943 Wellington West electoral roll; living at 31 Ranelagh St, married

1963 Island Bay electorate; living at 10 Krull St; widow

Death: BARNARD AMY FLORENCE; Age: 72 Occupation: Widow; Bur: 23-06-1964 at Karori Cemetery:

Children of ARTHUR BARNARD and AMY ADAMS are:



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