Edward Francis Barnard
Gen 1: Edward Francis Barnard's grandfather was Edward King Barnard (Bapt: 21 Jan 1782) the son of John and Susana Barnard, St Nicholas, Deptford Kent; d: 5 October 1863 at Hipswell Lodge, Richmond, Yorkshire) mar: Aug 1811 at Liskeard Cornwall to Mary Parkin (b: 1789 in Fowey, Cornwall to parents Richard Parkyn (1755-1845) and mother Elizabeth Thomas (1757-1817) (This research detailing Barnard famly Britsh Navy service, is research by Peter Davis, Netherlands)
Edward King Barnard's Navy Service, date and rank: (His Will 4 February 1825 
12 May 1797; Entered Navy; 1797c Aug 1797 - AB; Aug 1797- July 1801 on HMS Sirius - Midshipman;  12 May 1797-16 May 1805; AB, Midshipman, Masters Mate on Achille; 3 Aug 1803; passed exam for Lieut; July 1801 - 8 May 1805 - Masters Mate on HMS Achille; 17 May 1805-26 Dec 1805 - Acting Lieutenant; 7 Jan 1806-Feb 1811 - Acting Lieutenant on HMS San Josef; 3 March 1811-1 Feb 1812 - Lieutenant on Bulwark; 2 Feb 1812-4 Apr 1812 - Lieutenant on Hermes; 5 Apr 1812-11 April 1812 - Lieutenant on Mulgrave; 10 Apr 1813-6 June 1813 - Flag Lieutenant on Royal George; 7 Jun 1813-30 Jun 1813 - Flag Lieutenant on San Josef; 25 Jul 1814-17 Aug 1816 - Acting Commander, Commander on Bacchus; 4 Feb 1817 - Captain on Conway, Persian Gulf and Isle de France; 15 Aug 1833 - Captain on Ocean, flagship of Richard King, Sheerness; 15 Aug 1833-15 Sept 1834 - Captain on Hercules; 29 Jan 1839-23 Nov 1839 - Captain on Cambridge; 31 Jan 1840 -26 Jan 1843-Captain in Cambridge (from commissioning at Sheerness) Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840 and the blockade of Alexandria); 1 Feb 1840-26 Jan 1845 - Retired Captain; 1 Oct 1846 - Retired Rear-Admiral; 22 August 1857- Retired Vice-Admiral
Stone House Parish Church
Edward and Mary Barnard nee Parkin had 10 children:
i Edward King Barnard (b: 01 Jul 1815 in Plymouth, Devon, England, d: 1896 in Fareham, Hampshire, UK) mar: March Quarter1848 in East Stonhouse, Devonshire Augusta Sophia Wolrige (b: 1826 Stonehouse, Devon, d: 1914 in Hampshire, UK) EK is Edward Francis's father
ii Charles Loudon Barnard (b: 1823 Stonehouse, Plymouth Devon; d: 1901 Usk, Wales) Mar: 01 Jul 1858 to Mary Ann Juliana Edwards, daughter of Capt. Edwards, RN Two children - Eileen and Sidney Barnard. Charles Loudon Barnard's Navy Service, date and rank:
General Sir Charles Loudon Barnard, KCB., RMA (Royal Marines Artillery) 17 August 1841 British Navy Enrolment; 12th April, 1867 Admiralty, .Royal Marine Artillery. Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Loudon Barnard to be Colonel Second Commandant, taking over from Schomberg; 1st October, 1877- 2 Feb. 1878. Royal Marines Major-General Charles Loudon Barnard, C.B., to be Lieutenant-General, vice Schomberg.
iii Frances Barnard
iv George Henry Barnard (Records of his Naval Service not known - was a Lieutenant, Royal Navy)
v John James Barnard (Records of his Naval Service not known - was a Lieutenant, Royal Navy) 
vi Frederick Lamport Barnard (b: 20 Feb 1813 Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon; Occ. Captain Royal Navy; d: 28 July 1880 ) mar: Elizabeth Featherstonehaugh  Frederick Lampoet Barnard's Navy Service, date and rank: His Will was written while midshipman on Jaseur 1 Jun 1832) 
3 Jan 1827 - Entered Navy; 3 Jun 1827 - 1st Class Volunteer  Revenge; 1828 Midshipman  Jaseur; 26 Jun 1833 - Passed the Lieutenant's Examination; 26 October 1840 - Lieutenant; 4 Nov 1840 - Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Thomas Hastings, gunnery ship, Portsmouth; 21 Apr 1842 - Lieutenant in Cleopatra, commanded by Christopher Wyvill, Cape of Good Hope; 8 November 1845; 8 Nov 1845 - Lieutenant in  Thunderbolt, commanded by George Nathaniel Broke, North America and West Indies; 27 Feb 1846 - Lieutenant in Cleopatra, commanded by George Nathaniel Broke, North America and West Indies; 24 Jan 1848-Feb 1851 - Lieutenant in  Prince Regent, commanded by William Fanshawe Martin, flagship, Channel squadron; 5 Feb 1851 Commander (2ic) in  Leander;  22 Mar 1852 - Commander in Vesuvius; Sep 1855 Commander in Vixen (until paying off), south-east coast of America; 10 Oct 1855 - 23 Feb 1861 Captain in Maeander storeship, 23 Feb 1861 - Captain storeship Ascension; 1 January 1874 Retired Rear-Admiral; 30 January 1879 Retired Vice-Admiral  
vii Mary Georgiana Barnard (b: 1823 d: 17 Aug 1894) mar: 13 Jun 1854 in East Stonehouse Parish Church, Devon to Arthur Howard Ashworth (b: 29 Nov 1818; bapt on 7 July 1820 at Elland, Yorkshire,  the son of Phillip Howard Ashworth and Ruth Cooper - he died 1874) Their Children:
Mary Frances Ashworth b: 12 Nov 1856, d. 11 Feb 1951; ;Agnes Catherine Ashworth b: 19 Sep 1858 -1945; Margaret Ashworth b: 6 Mar 1860; Alice Elizabeth Ashworth  b. 8 Apr 1861, d. 11 Jan 1950; Edward Howard Ashworth b. 10 Oct 1862, d. 23 Oct 1948; Louisa Beatrice Ashworth b. 31 Mar 1864, d. 1954; Sidney Howard Ashworth b. 24 Sep 1865
viii Louisa Fanny Barnard (b: 1828)
ix Harriet Tobin Barnard (b: 1830)
x Maria King Barnard (b: 1835 in Plymouth, Devon; d: 11 Jan 1922 in San Siego, California) mar: Charles Sidney Bradley b. 12 March 1832 Richmond York England to parents Thomas Bradley and Saha Bash; (17th September 1855.Lieutenant Charles Sidney Bradley promoted to Captain - is  later Colonel) The family  immigrated and in 1889 Maria Bradley takes on the United States Supreme Court;  d. 23 January 1909 Oceanside, CA, US. Their Children:
Sidney Howard Bradley (b: 1888  d: 1946 San Diega California); Olive Mary Bradley;  Hugh Bradley (1869-1922); Agnes Sara Bradley b. (18 Jun 1864 d. 9 May 1947)
Gen 2: Edward's father was Edward King Barnard (1815-1896) who mar: 1848 to Augusta Sophia Wolrige (1826-1914) Below, Edward Barnard's Navy Service, date and rank:
1815 Birth Plymouth, Devon, England; Aug 1828: Entered Navel College; 23 Nov 1841: Lieutenant; 8 Jun 1842: Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Thomas Hastings, gunnery ship, Portsmouth; 1843 27 May: Lieutenant in Virago, commanded by George Graham Otway, Mediterranean; 1848 - Marriage Devonshire; 5 Jan 1852: Commander; 1857 2 May: Captain; 31 Dec 1859 to 23 Apr 1864: Captain Edward King Barnard was appointed Captain at Devonport. Nile becomes flagship of Rear-Admiral Alexander Milne K.C.B., commanded by Capt. Barnard;  24 October 1863; The English new battte ship, Captain E. K. Barnard, is the flagship of Sir Alex Milne, Admiral, who is on board - a screw propeller of 500 horsepower, 2,022 tons, 78 guns, and crew of 850. 1868: Trafalgar, 60, sc. ship, Capt. E. K. Barnard, 1857, Lough Swilly; 13 Apr 1870: Retired Captain; 1871-- Residence Penge, Surrey, England; 20 Apr 1875 - Retired Rear-Admiral; 1875 The Mercury, Hobert; Sat 10 July : By the last Torres Straits mail intelligence was received - Captain E. K. Barnard has on the 23rd April, been gazetted as Rear Admiral. The honour was not unexpected nor undeserved, and the many friends the gallant gentleman has secured to himself since he took up his abode in Tasmania, were pleased to have it in their power to congratulate Admiral Barnard on his promotion; 1879 2 Aug: Retired Vice-Admiral; 1881 Census; Occ. Vice Admiral RN (retd.) George Hotel, Bath Road, Frocester, Glos.; 1891 Census: Head Of Household (Occ - Vice Admiral R.N (retd.)) 1891; Yondercott, Uffcombe, Devon
Edward and Augusta Barnard's 5 children:
i Marion Augusta Barnard (b: 1849
ii John James Barnard (b: 1852 in Stonehouse, Devon; d: 25 Dec 1877 in 51 Davey St, Hobart, Tasmania) The Mercury, Hobart: Monday 21 Jan 1878;  
DEATHS. BARNARD.�On December 25 (Christmas Day), at 51, 
Davey-street, John James, eldest son of Rear-Admiral E. K. Barnard, grandson to the late   Admiral Barnard, aged 25 years.
iv Edward Francis (Frank) Barnard (b: 1858 in Lydmouth, Devon; d: 25 Dec 1894 in Mt Eden, Auckland)
v Louisa Mary Emily Barnard (b: 1865 in Exmouth, Devon, England; d: 13 May 1914 in Hampshire) Mar: 1886 in Tasmania to Henry Pascal Larkins (b: 1861 in Byfleet, Surrey, England; d: 1927 in Winchester, Hampshire) Henry and Louisa Larkins children -
 Edward Henry Barnard Larkins b; 1888;  Winifred Augusta L Larkins b; 1889; Guy W S Larkins b; 1893; Francis Geo Larkins b; 1896
Edward Frances Barnard's life story is not known prior to his arrival in New Zealand:
1881 - Nov. Rodney electoral roll; living at Kopuru; occ clerk; Property Type residential Te Kopuru is the largest community on the Pouto Peninsula in Northland, New Zealand. The Wairoa River separates the peninsula at this point from the main North Auckland Peninsula to the east. Dargaville is 14 km to the north
1886 - Edward mar: Agnes Beatrice Walker (b: 1865 in Islington, London, England - her parents Henry Hurt Walker and mother: Frederica Olivia Emment; she d: 10 Jul 1947 in Hamilton, New Zealand)
1893 - Parnell electorate; Voting qualification Residential; Owens Rd; Occupation clerk
1887 - Parnell electorate; Edward Francis residing St Georges Bay Road; Clerk
1894 - Epson, Auckland
Death: BARNARD. On December 25, 1894 at his late residence. Mount Eden Road, Edward Francis Barnard. the beloved husband of Agnes B. Barnard, and youngest son of Admiral E. K. Barnard, Devonshire, England, aged 36 years. Tasmanian papers please copy. Interment private.
1902 - Agnes Barnard Eden Electorate; Kings View Road; home duties
1908 - Eden electoral roll; living at Kings View Rd; domestic duties
1914 - Eden electorate; living at Kings View Rd; domestic duties
1922 - Parnell Electorate; 23 Omahu Road, Remurera; Widow
1931 - Parnell Electorate; living at 8 Matara Rd; Widow
Edward Francis and Agnes Sophia Barnard's New Zealand family:
i Edward John Barnard (b: 05 Feb 1888 in Auckland; d: 01 Dec 1888 in Auckland
ii Francis Edward Barnard (b: 06 Dec 1889 in Auckland; d: 27 Feb 1970 in Hamilton; Crem: 02 Mar 1970 - ashes to Hamilton Park) mar: 1915 to Clarrie Edna* Malcolm (b: 23 Feb 1892 to parents Robert John Malcolm and mother Harriet Webb; d: 06 Dec 1987 in Assisi Home, Matangi, Hamilton; Crem: 20 Jun 1988 - ashes to Hamilton Park. Their children:
a SBC b: 23 Aug 1916
b Malcolm Edward Barnard b: 08 Aug 1917 in Auckland d: 23 Mar 1997 Eventhorpe Rest Home Hamilton Crem: 08 Aug 1997 - ashes to Hamilton ParkCem.) Mar: 1945 to Nyla Marie Hurlstone (b: 28 Jan 1921 d: 12 Aug 1974 in Hamilton. Crem: 14 Aug 1974 - ashes to Hamilton Park Their sons:
i Graeme Malcolm Barnard b: Hamilton Mar: to Annette Ellen Mary Findlater Their Hamilton born children are:
Rochelle Lee Barnard; Brent Anthony Barnard; iii Steven Grant Barnard;
ii Grant Vincent Barnard b: 1948 in Hamilton; Occ Insurance Inspector  d: 03 Mar 1975 in Hamilton Crem: 05 Jun 1975  - ashes to Hamilton Park Mar: 1974 to Lynette Astrid Sowry
c Marjorie Frances Barnard b: Auckland
d Joyce b: 1921; lived 1 day
iii Frederick Ernest Barnard b: 01 Aug 1892 in Auckland; d: 06 Jan 1893 in Auckland
vi Beatrice Augusta Barnard (b: 02 Nov 1893 in Albertland, Auckland d: 02 Mar 1973 in Walton on Thames, England) Mar: 1920 in N Z to Angus Bunting b: 08 Jul 1896 in Hamilton to parents Thomas and Edith Bunting; Their son was b: Omaha Road, Auckland
Time Line - Angus in 1917 Occ: Land Salesman; 1924 Supporter/player of Glendowie Golf Club;
Jun 1926: was a passenger by the Aorangi, sailed to Vancouver on business in America and Canada; in Sept. from Lake Louise, on to Winnipeg. Toronto and New York, where he caught the Olympic for England. He spent some days in Shropshire and lefy again by the Majestic on Aug 18, via America to return to Auckland; June 1927 CONSOLIDATED BREWERY. Registered the Consolidated Brewery, Ltd., notifies that this company was duly  on Tuesday, and the first meeting of provisional directors took place, when a number of shares, considerably in excess of the minimum subscription, were allotted.Angus Bunting was appointed chairman of directors. 30 Aug 1927: THE PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE CO., LTD. Chief Office: HOLBORN BARS. LONDON. E.C.I. TOTAL ASSETS OF ALL BRANCHES, £198,801,640. FUNDS INVESTED IN NEW ZEALAND, £1,760,000. FIRE, ACCIDENT AND MARINE. (William A. Horne and Angus Bunting, Attorneys Head office for New Zealand is at 21 Swanson Street, Auckland) 25 Aug 1928 - Auckland's New Country Club is to be erected on the Glendowie Golf Club's property at St. Heliers Bay; Send for a prospectus TO-DAY. Sole Brokers: To ANGUS BUNTING, LTD., ANGUS BUNTING, LIMITED Investment Brokers;  Address Herses Bldgs., Vulcan Lane. Phone 44617 P.O. Box 430. Auckland; d: 21 Jan 1967 in Surrey England  Surrey,England; Occ: Company Director

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