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Harriet Ellen Fisher nee Barnard
Newtown School

Harriet Ellen (Nellie) Barnard was b: 1 Dec 1861 in Wellington to William Hooper Barnard and mother Sarah Elizabeth nee Kemp. She d: 08 Jun 1949 in Colac Hospital, Australia and was bur: 9 Jun 1949 at Colac Cemetery.

1883 Nellie passed the Teachers' Examination. and in July 1885, joined the Salvation Army as Field Officer and served at Lyttelton, Christchurch, Blenheim, Auckland, Thames and Dunedin.

6th May, 1889: SALVATION WEDDING - Nellie married Allan Gibson Fisher, a Salvation Army officer. He was b: 06 Nov 1865 in Clifton, New Zealand; Father: George Edward Fisher Mother: Margaret Gibson; d: 06 Jun 1949 in Colac, Victoria, Aus; Bur: 07 Jun 1949 Colac Cemetery

On Monday at the Salvation Army Barrack, Victorla Street, there was a very large congregation to witness the wedding of "Staff Captain Allan Fisher" and "Captain Nellie Barnard," the former described as one of the war-office warriors," and the latter as "an old Chrlstchurch Captaln. The building had not been specially decorated for the occasion, but on the platform and gallery behind it were the members of the Salvation Band. Colonel Taylor conducted the ceremony.
On the appearance of the soon to-be united pair, the Colonel called for all "to fire a volley, " and this call was responded to with much energy. The bride was dressed In the ordinary costume of a "Salvation lass," and wore no orange blossoms, or even a white ribbon, to symbolise her condition; the bridegroom, too, was in the Army uniform belonging to his rank. He had no "best man," but there was one bridesmaid, who, however, like the bride, wore only the regulation costume. A special selection of hymns was circulated in the barracks, and the tones to which the hymns were set alternated grave to gay, typical In this respect, probably of married life. Prayer was offered up, one of those who prayed being a lady who invoked with great earnestness a blessing on those who were about to be "united for war", a phrase not without significance other than that primarily intended. A chapter from the Bible read with a running commentary by Colonel Taylor followed; and after a hymn with a lively chorus, "Won't You Come" had been sung, to the accompaniment of an accordion, the articles of marriage were read. The Salvation banner was brought and held over the bride and bridegroom whilst the ceremony of marriage was preformed. A most comprehensive question was put to each of the contracting parties, but the one answer, "I will" seemed to include everything. Some little delay was occasioned while the bride took off her glove, to enable the groom to put the ring on her finger. The usual exclamations were given by the members of the Army present, and Mr and Mrs Fisher were duly declared to be "man and wife, the husband at once asserting his position by publicly kissing his lifepartner. More hymn singing and a collection concluded the ceremony. The "happy pair" were driven away from the barracks in a carriage drawn by a pair of white horses, the driver wearing the Salvation Army uniform, with a handsome orange scarf thrown over his right shoulder, and fastened at his left hip. They went to Timaru, en route for Melbourne, where they will work together In the cause of the Army.

Winifred, Nellie, Allan and son Allan George Fisher

As the wife of an Officer at Headquarters, Nellie was very active. In Canada she worked hard as League of Mercy Secretary and was also the Editor of the Young Soldier. She was a foundation member of the Australian L.O.M. and from 1911 was the Territorial Home League Secretary at Melbourne T.H.Q. In South Africa, she undertook duty among Veterans invalided to their country in War Days. For twelve months in England she was Warden of "The Nest", a home for girls and, on coming back to Australia, she became the Territorial Home League Secretary for Eastern Australia.

The Colonel and his wife retired from active service in 1930 and spent nineteen years in "quiet", what the War Cry described as, "telling service for Christ". Firstly around Sydney and then at Colac, Victoria where they were near their daughter, Mrs. Nance. Their son, Professor Allen, an Economist was associated with the Headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., United States of America.

On June 6, 1949, after sixty years of married life, the Colonel was promoted to glory from Colac and 48 hours after his internment, the remains of his widow were lowered into the re-opened grave.

Fisher children - Ronald, Winifred and Allan
Family Group = Ronald, Nellie Winifred,father Allan and son Allan Fisher

Allan Fisher, the younger son of George and Margaret Fisher, embraced the Salvation Army as a young man, and rose to great heights in the organisation, especially in the Financial Sector, in different parts of the world. His main field of operations was Australia but 1891 served 3 years in Toronto, Canada during which time their daughter Winifred was born, a year in England, however health concerns meant a return to Australia, followed by six years in South Africa, which included the World War 1 period and a couple of terms in New Zealand.

New Zealand "War Cry" - Allan Fisher came out of the Invercargill Corps, and became a full time Officer of the Salvation Army on 23 October 1885, at a time when no organised training system was operating. His financial and administrative skills were early in evidence, and he was appointed to work at Colony Headquarters.
On the 25th November, 1885, Staff Officer Fisher arrived in Christchurch as Cashier at Salvation Army Headquarters in Christchurch and took charge of the Trades Department and it was then he met Captain Barnard, who was in command of one of the most important stations in the Colony. He was promoted to Staff Captain in April 1889. Nellie and Allan married at Christchurch on Monday 6th May 1889 and boarded the "S.S. Wairarapa" at Lyttleton on 7th May 1889. They stayed one night in Dunedin when they were able to give a last goodbye to their comrades and friends there and had a week at Invercargill (Staff-Captain Fisher's home) where they led the Sunday's meetings, and sailed from Bluff on Friday, 17th May, 1889 for Melbourne. In 1890 he was appointed ADC to Sydney for a few months then to Melbourne.

While they were in New Zealand in 1895, their elder son Allan was born. At Melbourne in April, 1897, Fisher was promoted to the rank of Major and appointed to the important post of Financial Secretary for all the Army's work in Australia, New Zealand in 1898. He was made Brigadier 1902 and son Ronald was born 1903 in Brunswick, Melbourne in New South Wales and on to Victoria about 1904. He was financial secretary for 15 years. and, in 1912, when New Zealand became a separate Territory, Fisher, now a Lieutenant-Colonel (1907), was appointed to be Chief Secretary (i.e. 2nd in command) of the new Territory. They were in New Zealand for one year, their appointment ending in 1913, a second tour of duty and returned to Melbourne for a time, before leaving for South Africa, sometime in 1914, where they stayed for six years. While here Allan George Barnard enlisted from NZ on 17 March 1916, and he had to get a letter of permission from his parents in Capetown. They left in 1920 to return to Australia. In 1923 Allan Fisher is appointed NSW Justice of the Peace and in January 1924, they were living in Dulwich Hill, Sydney where in 1925 he is promoted to Colonel.

In 1930, after a long and faithful career as an Army Officer, Colonel Allan Fisher, the Territorial Auditor for Australia East, retired from active service to 19 Skene Street, Colac, Victoria. He died at the District Hospital, Corangamite Street, Colac aged 83 years old. Major Frederick J. Denny, Salvation Army, was the officiating Minister at the funeral. Their family -

.... 1 Allan George Barnard Fisher b: 26 Oct 1895 in Christchurch; WW1 d: 08 Jun 1976 in Hampton, London, Middlesex, England. He was a Professor of Economics and Adviser to the World Bank. His wife Eleanor Airimi Pope was born 15 Apr 1899 in New Plymouth They married 08 Jan 1930 in Wellington She died 17 Sep 1982 in Sydney, NSW Their children - Humphrey John and Catherine Ann (Kate) Fisher

.... 2 Winifred (Winnie) Annie Fisher b: 06 Dec 1891 in Toronto, Canada d: 28 Jul 1978 in Canberra married Francis Lyth (Bill) Nance on 13 Sep 1915 in Methodist Church, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria. She was born 26 Jul 1888 in Southport, Melbourne, Victoria and died 08 Apr 1966 in Doncaster, Melbourne. Their family - Margaret Helen;  Rosemary Frances Winifred and Richard Allan Lyth Nance

.... 3 Ronald William Douglas Fisher b: 16 Mar 1903 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria d: 04 Mar 1971 in Melbourne, Victoria where in 1925 he married Doris Mary Dutton who was born 1897 in Geelong, Victoria - she died 1961 in Camberwell, Victoria.

.... *2nd Wife of Ronald William Douglas Fisher was Irene Ridgewell m: 1962 in Melbourne, Victoria. Ronald specialised in anaesthetics - they had no family.

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