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My early morning walk took me through nearly deserted streets to nearby Buckingham Palace - I noted a hoarding advising the State rooms would be open for public access when we returned to London - this was not included in our tour. I followed the high concrete perimeter walls that surround the about 50 acre gardens. and when I arrived at the entry gates, found the Queen was not at home. The central flagstaff the Soverign's standard is when in residence - there was the Union Jack on the mast.
After breakfast our sightseeing bus took us back to the Palace where joined other tourists for a photo opportunity - we view and marvel at many London sights seen for our first time.

On past Big Ben, past the Houses of Parliament to Westminster Abbey etc and from our luncheon cruise on the River Thames we viewed famous historic buildings such as the Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral - saw architectural triumphs built by Christopher Wren after London's fire in 1666 and contrasting with modernist structures of  glass and steel by architects such as world renowned Norman Foster - a wonderful day not marred by the weather.