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Cory Family History

GILBERT CORY was b: 14 Jan 1812 in Holsworthy, Devon, England to parents John Cory (b. 17 Feb 1772 N. Tamerton, Cornwall) and mother Mary Gostwick (Gostwyck) b. 1772 North Tawton, Devon. Gilbert's occ: farmer, d: 17 Jun 1896 in Vacy, NSW.

m1. Rens, Jeanette G.24 pn Jan 1838 Sydney, Australia d. 27 Oct 1854

Children of Gilbert and Jeanette

1. Cory, John Edward b. 26 Oct 1838 Vacy, NSW d. 21 Jun 1921 Terry Hie Hie, Moree, NSW m. Canons, Elizabeth

2. Cory, Gilbert Gostwyck b. 24 Nov 1839 Vacy, NSW d. 03 Aug 1924 Toowoomba, Queensland m. Taylor, Ann

3. Cory, Josephine Rens b. 20 Mar 1841 Vacy, NSW d. 20 Jul 1907 Sydney, NSW m. Black, John

4. Cory, Henry b. 30 May 1844 Vacy, NSW d. 27 Apr 1936 Warwick, Queensland m. Bell, Mary

5. Cory, Charles Johnson b. 23 Aug 1845 Vacy, NSW d. 16 Nov 1911Hughenden, Queensland m. Barnes, Jane

6. Cory, Jeanette Rens b. 07 Jul 1847Vacy, NSW d. 04 Jan 1938 Chatswood, NSW m. Reynolds, Frank

7. Cory, Alfred b. 03 Nov 1848 Vacy, NSW d. 14 Oct 1911Paterson, NSW m. Arnold, Charlotte

8. Cory, Mary b. 09 Oct 1850 Vacy, NSW m. Rogers, Edward

9. Cory, Francis b. 03 Feb 1853 Vacy, NSW d. 29 Nov 1922 Longreach, Queensland m. Barnes, Bertha

10. Cory, Louisa Ann b. 09 Sep 1854 Vacy, NSW d. 17 Jun 1930 Vass, NSW m. Riley, Alick

Gilbert  Cory mar: (2) on  17 Aug 1876 at the Presbyterian Manse, East Maitland, NSW to CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH HAINES - she  was born 15 Sep 1833, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucestershire, England, the daughter of William Haines and Charlotte Ashwick. The marriage record lists Charlotte as a Widow - her first husband William Thomas Hingston having died prior to her marriage to Gilbert.

Their six younger children were registered as Hingstons, but were always known as Cory's, and in his will in which he names the children as his. They were born before Gilbert and Charlotte married in 1876, the first child in 1859,the youngest in 1873.

After Gilbert's death, Charlotte lived with two of her daughters at "Ashtonleigh" ,a small cottage built for her just outside the Vacy township and she died there on 16th April 1924

The children of Gilbert and Charlotte Cory:

1. Cory, Charlotte b. 1859 Vacy, NSW m. Worthington, Hamilton

2. Cory, Susan Annie b. 1861Vacy, NSW d. 1931 Manly, NSW

3. Cory, Edgar Edward b. 1862 Vacy, NSW d. 1948 Vass, NSW m. Hughes, Clara

4. Cory, Arthur James Benbow b. 1864 Vacy, NSW d. 1895 Paterson, NSW

5. CORY, FREDERICK ERNEST b. 12 Mar 1866 Vacy, NSW d. 20 Feb 1930 Inverell, NSW mar. FREDERICK ERNEST CORY son of Gilbert and Charlotte was born 10 Mar 1866 in Tackbear, Vacy, NSW, Australia, and died 20 Feb 1930 in Inverell, Newtown, NSW, Australia. He mar:  15 Jul 1897 in St John's Church, Stroud, NSW, to Blanche Hicks, (Birth Cert) , daughter of GEORGE HICKS and MARY WENHAM who had seven children besides Blanche, one unnamed child dying at birth in 1874. Blanche was b: 1867 in Port Stephens, NSW; and d: 1934 in Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.


i. DORA BLANCHE CORY, b. 1898, Scone NSW.Australia; d. 1942, Shanghai, Shanghai Shiqu, China.

ii. FREDERICK ARTHUR CORY, b. 19 Apr 1902, Armidale, NSW; d. 27 Aug 1979, Drummoyne, NSW, Australia; mar: 1945 to ROSLYN DOREEN HICKS

iii. JESSICA I.M. CORY, b. 1904, Armidale, NSW.Australia; d. 1999; m. \\ NOBLE.

iv. GILBERT ERNEST CORY, b. 23 Dec 1906, Saumarez, Armidale, NSW.Australia; d. 04 Sep 1977, Kempsey, South West Rocks, NSW.Australia; m. PAULINE ETHEL O'NEILL.

Lieut Gilbert Ernest CORY, Military Cross, D.C.M,

v. EDWARD (TED) GEORGE CORY (b. 29 Dec 1910, Glen Innes, NSW.Australia; d. 1955, Goulburn, NSW.Australia) m. 1946 at Sydney to ELIZABETH TERESA (BESSIE) RUSSELL (b. 1911 at Adaminaby, New South Wales; d. 1977, Goulburn, NSW)

vi. EUGENIA ISABEL CORY, b. 1914, Glen Innes, NSW; d. 1976, Swindon, Wiltshire; m. WILLIAM COTTER, 1937, Surrey, England.

6. Cory, Richard Gilbert b. 13 Jan 1868 Vacy, NSW d. 1932 Glen Innes, NSW m. Ward, Lucy

7. Cory, Elizabeth Mary b. 1869 Vacy, NSW d. 1870 Paterson, NSW

8. Cory, Gertrude Gilberta Ashwick b. 21 Feb 1871Vacy, NSW d. 24 Jun 1972 Tamworth, NSW m. Cox, Ashley

9. Cory, George Gilbert b. 1873 Vacy, NSW d. 1956 Warwick, Queensland m. Wiseman, Estelle