FRANCIS (FRANK) THOMAS HODSON son of Thomas, was born Sept Q. 1846 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and died 05 Oct 1936 aged 91 years in NZ. He was buried at Aramoho Cemetery Wanganui He married DIANA, the daughter of James JACOB  on 20 Nov 1867 in Caistor, Lincolnshire. She was born 1848, and died in NZ on 26 June 1931.

Seven years later they immigrated to New Zealand on the "Collingwood" which departed from London, England, 8th April and arrived Wellington, New Zealand, 9th July 1875.

Ship's List: Hodson Frank 29 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer, Diana 27, James 6, Thomas 4. George 3, Robert 9 months
Report - Taranaki Herald, 26 June 1875:
From Mr. Hulke, the Immigration Agent, immigrants expected by the ship 'Collingwood' which sailed from London on the 5th April, and which is therefore seventy-four days out to-day. On this vessel there are 95 immigrants, consisting of Adults : Male, 27 ; female 22. Children : Male. 26; female, 13; and infants, 0. There are 83 from England, and 10 from Ireland. The counties they come from are Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Lincolnshire, Donegal, and Wexford. Their occupations are as follows : Farm labourers - 13; general labourers - 6; and one each, shepherd, carpenter, smith,  miller, platelayer, and tailor. The Government cost of these 95 immigrants is stated at 1,007 15s.

Report: Taranaki Herald,  7 August 1875: ARRIVAL OF THE 'COLLINGWOOD IMMIGRANTS.
The immigrants by the 'Collingwood' arrived in the s.s. 'Taupo' on Thursday last, and were met on the beach by the Immigration Officer (Mr. Hulke). Shortly after nine o'clock, two drays filled up with women and children were forwarded to the barracks, the men walking up directly after. Considering the amount of sickness which took place on the Collingwood, the women and children appear to be in fair condition. The men are a likely-looking lot, and will, no doubt, prove equal to the recommendations sent by Mr. Burton. Immediately on arrival at the barracks, the party was mustered and examined by Dr. Rawson, who reported favourably. George Petch stopped in Manukau by order of the Health Officer. There are no single girls. It appears that whilst the s.s, 'Taupo' was lying in the Manukau exaggerated statements regarding this place were made to the newcomers in order to prejudice them against the Province, and endeavours were made to persuade them to stay at Auckland, representing that the landing here was at all times dangerous. The beautifully calm and smooth sea and easy landing on Thursday morning was the best evidence which could have been found to prove that these statements were not correct. This shows that the endeavours to get ships laid on direct to the port should not be relaxed, for at every port of call previously to reaching here there is a chance of some of the best of the immigrants being weeded out. The following is a corrected list of the immigrants who arrived :

Frank took up land at Tataraimaka and served on the School committee

Children of Frank and Diana Hodson 

1. JAMES HODSON was born Abt. Jun 1868 in Caistor, Lincolnshire, England, and died 14 Sep 1944 in Wanganui. He married EVA GRIFFIN 12 Dec 1889 in Registry Office, Stratford,  third daughter of EBENEZER GRIFFIN and MARY ANDREWS. She was born 03 Apr 1870 in St Olave, Surrey London, England, and died 20 Oct 1938 in Wanganui. Their children DORIS EVANGELINE (1890 - 1954);  IDA GLADYS (1892 - 1968), ALBERT (BERT) FRANCIS (1893 - 1944),  JAMES ARTHUR (1894 - 1910), KATHLEEN ALICE (1896 - 1897), EVA (1897-1897),  EDGAR RAYMOND (1898 - 1958), REGINALD ROY (1900 - 1918), BERNARD (Bernie) ANDREWS (1902 - 1985), ELSIE EDNA (1907 - 1989), ERIC ARNOLD (1910 - 1980) and KEITH JAMES HODSON (1912 - 1982)

2. Francis Thomas Hodson Born: Abt. 1870 in Lincolnshire, England married Caroline Abel Burman in 1891 Their children were William Edward (b. 1892) Ethel May (b. 1894) Ivy Doris (b. 1896) Thomas Arthur (b. 1899) Percival (b. 1900) Gladys Evelyn (b. 1902) Doris Marjory (b. 1904) Charles Henry (b. 1907) Dorothy Irene (b. 1909) Isaac (b. 1910) Contact

3. GEORGE HODSON was born Abt. 1871 in Lincolnshire, England. He married ELLEN SARAH PRICE 16 Jun 1896. Their children - Violet Ethel (b 1896), Reginald (b 1896), Charles Francis (b 1898), Archie (b 1901 -1916 ),Reginald (b 1902) SBC(b 1905), Norman (b 1907), Harold George (b 1909 ), Olive Ellen (b 1910), SBC(b 1913)

4. Robert Hodson was born: Abt. 1874 in Swallow, Lincolnshire, England and in 1920 married Jane Robertson

5. Sarah Ann Hodson Born: 04 Nov 1875 and died 1968. She married William August Rudolph Kurth in 1896. He was born abt 1873 and died 1952. Their children Frank William Edward (b 1897) Ronald Rudolph (b 1898) Evelyn Dorothy (b 1900) Esemont Rudolph (b 1902) William August (1903) Wilfrid Gordon (b. 1906) Edward Charles (B 1908) Ottila Marie Auguste (b 1911)

6.  Mary Jane Hodson was born: 10 Feb 1877

7. William Hodson Born: 19 Jun 1878 Died: 1943 married Lavinia Margaretha Schinkle in Sep 1903 in RAHOTU.  Two children were Leslie William (b 1907) Phyllis Evelyn (b 1909)

8. Fanny Hodson Born: 23 Sep 1879

9. Isaac Hodson Born: 25 Sep 1880 - he died in 1955 aged 74 years. He married Elizabeth Holder in 1918 - their daughter Doreen Holder.

10. Francis Edward (Ned) Hodson Born: 1882 and died in 1937 married Mary Honora Burke 1918

11. Charles Hodson Born: 31 Mar 1883 His death occured in 1976. In 1913 he Mabel Greenless.

12. Charlotte Hodson b: 02 Dec 1884 in Taranaki She mar: in  1907 Edward Albert McKoy son of William and Elizabeth McKoy and died 1910, her bur: 1910 Te Henui Cemetery. Edward was b: 1885 d: 1938 in New Plymouth Bur: 1938 at Te  Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth Their children:

 1 Ivy Elizabeth McKoy Born: 07 Jun 1907 Died: 1988 Married: 1930  to Albert Birrell Born: 05 Nov 1905 Died: 1995

2 Grace Evaline Mckoy/West Born: 26 Feb 1908 in Totaramaika Died: 2001 Married: 1930 to  John Morris Green Born: 01 Feb 1907 Occupation: Butcher at Waitara Died: 1992 Grace was adopted by the West Family. John and Grace had 8 children.

3 William Francis Edward McKoy Born: 1909 Died: 1960 in New Plymouth Burial: 1960 Awanui Cemetery New Plymouth Married: 1938 to  Eileen Rose Anstis Born: 1907

4 ??? B 1910

.... *2nd Wife of  Edward Albert McKoy: he married: 1926 to Gladys Evelyn Scott who died: 1928

13. Elizabeth Hodson Born: 06 Sep 1886 and in 1915, married Alfred James Walter Allerby.

PETONE ROAD, TATARAIMAKA. TUE JULY 14. W E B S T E R BROS have received instructions from Mr F. Hodson, who has sold his farm, to sell by auction on his farm on TUESDAY, July 14:- WITHOUT RESERVE, THE WHOLE OF HIS DAIRY HERD, consisting of:  83 Good young Dairy Cows, to calve in July, August and September 5 Choice 2-year Heifers in calf and forward. 30 Mixed Yearlings.  9 Store Pigs. 1 Sow in pig 1 by "Glasgow Geordie.  1 Draught by "Glasgow Geordie, 1 Hack. Tip-dray, Gig (almost new), Hornsby Plough, Tyne Harrows. Chaff-cutter, Sheet, Wheelbarrow, Stack Hay, 5 Milk-cans. Tools, Harness, and General Sundries. All Cattle bought, can have free grazing till end of July. Luncheon Provided. Sale at 12.30 o'clock. Mr Hodson has been farming for 30 years and has not had a clearing sale. He has culled heavily, with the result that he has now a choice herd, recommended with confidence by the Auctioneers. WEBSTER BROS.  

1909 Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXXIV, Issue 12728, 25 March 1909. PERSONAL.            Mr Frank Hodson (father of Messrs James, Thomas, and George Hodson, of Wanganui), left by the express train today for Wellington en route for the Old Country, on a holiday trip to see his father. Mr Frank Hodson has just sold his farm near New Plymouth, where he has resided for the last 34 years, and intends returning to the Dominion to live in retirement. Last night the members of the family residing in Wanganui met at Mr George Hodson's, assembled together with a number of friends to wish the old gentleman bon voyage.