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   Mary Ann Griffin   

Mary Ann GriffinMary Ann Andrews was christened on 3 April 1836 at Odcombe St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Odcombe situated to the West of Yeovil, in Somerset. Odcombe Church is located in the centre of the village, built on the highest point in the area, some 100 metres above sea level. She was the daughter of John Andrews and Tabitha nee Hunt.

 John Andrews appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 living at Odcombe, SOM, ENG,  as Andrewa: John, age 30Y; occ: ag lab; Tabitha, wife, 30Y glover; George 9; Mary 5; Luke 1 (all b County) (son James is assumed to be the 6 yr old with his grandparents John & Rebecca in Martock) (NB enumerators were instructed to round ages down to the nearest multiple of 5). In 1855 John Andrews was described as a coachman, when dtr Mary Ann married

John Andrews  (his mother Rebekah Wines) was bapt. 6 Jan 1782, occ: weaver,  d. 21 Mar 1870 was baptized on 21 May 1809 at Martock, Somersetshire, England.  Birth entry reads: "John the son of John & Rebecca Andrews." 

John Andrews married on 1 Aug 1808 at Martock, Somersetshire to Tabitha Hunt (b. 6 Jan 1782, d. 21 Mar 1870). John  died circa June 1845 at Odcombe,  less than a month after the death of his 2 yr old son Samson and  was buried on 20 June 1845 at Odcombe, Somersetshire.  John Andrews was also known as John Jnr.

He and Tabitha Hunt were likely to be at Odcombe, SOM, ENG, on 7 June 1841 - when daughter Mary Ann married circa 1855, his occupation was recorded  as "coachman". He d: abt c Jul 1867

It is unknown what effect the liaison with William Robins undertaken by her mother so soon after her father John Andrew's death in 1845 and then the arrival of new step brothers and sisters but Mary left Somerset for London, where on 26 August 1855 at St Barnabas Church, St Luke's Parish, she married Ebenezer G Griffin, the son of John Griffin and Elizabeth Trask. The marriage certificate reads: Ebenezer of full age, baker (as was his father John); Mary Ann also of full age, spinster, d/o John Andrews, coachman. Both were resident Bunhill Hill Row, (Janice  speculates that possibly this was an elopement).

Mary Ann's uncle Simon Andrews (b.18 Jul 1814 Martok, Somerset.  he d.12 Jan 1900 at Huirangi) was the brother of John her father. He married Jane Gibson (6 Apr 1812 parents: William and Jane Gibson  - d: 11 Dec 1906), on 18 Apr 1840 in the Parish Ch, Martock, Somerset and with their two children, left as passengers on the Timandra.

Simon Andrews


Simon & Jane Andrews


Jane Andrews

Between 1856-1861 Simon Andrews  farmed at Grey Block, Omata and at Huirangi. He wrote on 8 Mar 1842 from New Plymouth, Taranaki: 

Dear Parents, We arrived here quite safe on February 26th, after a beautiful and quick passage, being only three months and a fortnight at sea. We met John Lye and family, all well, who were on the beach waiting for us, and kindly received and accommodated us. I am happy to say this is a most beautiful country, abundantly supplied with water and wood - no wood of the same kinds as in England, but beautiful sorts - and plenty of fish, both salt and fresh water. Please give my love to brothers and sisters, and tell them I should be happy to see them here as quick as possible. The spring shuttle, sledge, and harness would be useful here in a few years hence. As flax grows luxuriantly and spontaneously here, it is presumed the trade will flourish here in a few years. If they come, they should bring as much clothes, shoes, and bedding as they can, as it is all very dear hear; they should also bring a good gun or two, as wild ducks and pigeons are very plentiful here; likewise some apple pips or kernels in earth, and all kinds of herb seeds, as no such thing is to be got here, and the land is very rich and climate temperate. Any crop is brought to perfection here in half the time it is in England. Please to give my kind love to all inquiring friends, and tell them John Lye is looking very well - much better than in England; he is very healthy and happy, has a beautiful house and garden, and says he never wishes to return to England. Tradesmen are getting from 7s 6d to 8s per day, and labourers 5s. I went to work the second day after I landed, and am now employed with John Lye, by the Company, cutting lines for the surveyors. Provisions are high, but we get good potatoes from the natives. Ships can only stay here in fair weather, as the harbour is not good, but I understand it will soon be improved. I am very much pleased with the country. If my brothers and sisters, or any of my wife's family, should like to come here, tell them to bring all the clothes, shoes, beds, and bedding, they can; but not to trouble with themselves about bringing any money, as I hope I shall be able to receive them and make them comfortable. With kindest love to all. I remain, &c., Simon and Jane Andrews. (Ref. Puke Ariki Archives, New Plymouth)

Simon and Jane had 9 children -

1 Sarah Andrews (b: 03 Jul 1840 in Martock, Somerset d: 17 Jan 1869 in Huirangi, Taranaki) mar: 20 Oct 1860 in Deveonport, New Plymouth to Thomas Langman (b: 27 Apr 1839 in Illogan, Cornwall d: 25 Feb 1911 in New Plymouth Burial: 27 Feb 1911 Huirangi Taranaki)

2 John Andrews (b: 12 Apr 1842 in New Plymouth, Taranaki Baptised: 04 May 1845 New Plymouth d: 07 Feb 1932 in Taranaki Burial: Huirangi Taranaki) mar: 30 Aug 1865 in New Plymouth to Emily Young (b: 22 Jan 1847 in Glenmuick Tullich and Glengairn, Aberdeenshire, Scotland d: 31 Jan 1924 in New Plymouth )

3 William Andrews (b: 12 Mar 1844 in New Plymouth Taranaki d: 06 Dec 1895 in Okato)  mar: 15 Sep 1868  to Jane Pearce (b: 1850 d: Jul 1929)

4 Mary Rebecca Andrews (b: 24 Dec 1845 in New Plymouth, Taranaki d: 14 Jun 1923 in Waitara) mar: Henry Faull

5 Frederick Young Andrews (b: 20 Aug 1847 in New Plymouth, Taranaki d: 06 Nov 1923 in New Plymouth ) mar: Elizabeth Giddy (b: 12 Dec 1848 d: 03 Jun 1884)

6 Elizabeth Andrews (b: 19 Sep 1849 in New Plymouth Taranaki d: 27 Mar 1895 in Oaklands, California) mar: 2 Apr 1867 Huirangi to Robert Bishop (b: 1 Jun 1836; abt 1900 America)

7 George Gibson Andrews (b: 01 Jul 1851 in New Plymouth Taranaki d: 30 Aug 1920 in Waitara bur: Huirangi) mar: 24 May 1876 Bell Block, New Plymouth to Ellen Turnbull (b: 21 Jun 1854 Cumberland, England; d: 3 Jun 1923 Waitara Bur: Huirangi)

8 Anna Maria Andrews (b: 13 Jun 1853 in New Plymouth Taranaki d: 10 May 1938 in Waitara) mar: ? Purdie 

9 Emma Andrews (b: 24 Jul 1855 in New Plymouth, Taranaki d: 14 Oct 1856 in New Plymouth)

Simon became a nurseryman and auctioned his berry and fruit trees in New Plymouth yearly about June ready for winter planting. His letters updating family back home in England about life in Zealand no doubt influenced Ebenezer and Mary's decision to immigrate in 1875 where they joined Mary's relations at Huirangi, and Mary Ann's affection is recorded on her death certificate, where uncle Simon is accorded the term "father".