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Griffin Family Photo Memories

Elsie and Vera

Vera and Elsie

Elsie, Grannie Helena Griffin; Vera and Madge

Elsie and Harold

Back: Madge; Seated: Elsie, Granny Griffin, Vera

What was the occasion????

Back row: Rupert, Eric, Clyde, Vera, Clarrie, Harold, Alf

Seated: Elsie, Helena Maria Griffin, Madge

Back row: Reef Watts, Rupert, Clyde, Clarrie, Eric, Harold Wren, Alf

Middle row: Madge, Harold, May, Gert, Tillie

Seated: Phyllis, Elsie, Jean, Helena Maria Griffin, Vera

Brother and sister - Clarrie and Vera Griffin

Elsie and Vera Griffin

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