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Wenham Family History

WILLIAM WENHAM was b: 1814 in Beckley, Sussex (his father was David Wenham (b 1784) and his mother Mary Weaver - William's brothers and sisters were:

Ann Wenham (1804-1806) David Wenham (1805- ) Mary Wenham (1806-1887) Thomas Wenham (1808-1820) David Wenham (1809- ) Ann Wenham (1810- ) David Wenham (1802-1805) and Maria Wenham (1821- )

William mar: ELIZABETH ANN BARNES in 1838 in Rye Kent, Sussex. (She was b: 1817 in Beckley, Sussex to parenta James Barnes and Mary nee Briggs; she d: 1912 in Stroud, NSW, Australia) William d: 8 Aug 1904 in Clareval, Stroud; Bur 9 Aug Methodist Cem. Stroud,

29 Jun 1939, William and Elizabeth joined 208 Government immigrants and left from Plymouth for Sydney, Australia on board the barque "Florist" under the command of Master Captain Andrews

Their children were:

i Fanny Wenham (b: 1838 Beckley Suzzex; d: 18 Apr 1912 Clarval, Stroud aged 74 yrs) mar: 1858 to Francis Jordon at Port Stephens, NSW, Australia (b: 1832 - d: 3 Oct 1918 aged 86yrs)
Their children: 

Elizabeth Ann Jordan (1859-1926); Maria Jordan (1862-); Male Jordan (1863-1863); William George Jordan (1864-1939);  Mary Jane Jordan (1866-1962); Alice Jordon (1869-1870); David Jordon (1871-1956); Frances Howard Jordan (1874-1965); James Jordan (1876-1944);  Walter Jordan (1879-1884)

ii Mary Ann Wenham (b: 1840 Mosman - d: 1931 Stroud) mar: 1859 at Port Stephens to George Hicks

iii George Wenham (b: 1842 Port Stephens, New South Wales - d: 1902 Stroud NSW)

Newpaper reports: MRS. ANN WENHAM - The death occurred on 28th inst., of Mrs. Ann Wenham (aged 91 years) relict of the late Mr, George Wenham, of Clareval. The deceased was a daughter of Samuel Ridgeway and was born in the Dungog district in 1845. She lived there till her marriage in 1867 when she and her husband moved to Clareval, where they undertook farming operations. She resided there till 1902, when, on her husband's death she removed to her home on the outskirts of StroudAt the age of 68 years she had the misfortune to lose her left arm as the result of blood poisoning. About 18 months ago she had the misfortune to fracture her thigh and was for a considerabel time bed-ridden but eventually was able to get about again. During that time she resided with her daughter in Stroud. She was the second of a family of six  and is survived by one sister, Mrs. Maria Brewer, of Flat Tops, Dungog. Of her family there are three sons : George, (Cessnock), William and Jack, (Taree), and two daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Farley (Stroud), and Mrs. Edith Gorton, (Stroud Road). There are also 16 grandchildren and, 13 great-grandchildren. The funeral look place at Stroud and was preceded by a short service at the home. The burial service conducted by Rev. R. C. Pereira, Methodist Minister of Gloucester.

iv Charlotte Wenham (b: 1846 Port Stephens - d: 10 Aug 1920 Waratah, NSW, aged 74yrs)mar: 1869 at Sydney, New South Wales to Matthew Wright (b: 1836 Newton, Cambridgeshire, England - d: 1921 at Wallsend, Newcastle, NSW) Their children:

Alice Wright (1873- ); Susan Wright (1874-1963); Eliza Wright (1880-1919); Mary Jane Wright (1883-1924); George E Wright (1884-1942); Caroline Wright (1885-); Charlotte Wright (1888-)

v Maria (Jessie) Wenham (b: 1849 Raymond Terrace, NSW - d; 1931 Stroud, NSW) mar: 1867 Port Stephens, New South Wales to William Street (b: 1844 Stroud, NSW - d: 1917 Waratah, NSW) Their son;

Leonard Edward Street (1869-1940)
Newpaper Reports:  WARATAH. An old and respecited resident of Waratah, Mr. William Street, of Station street, passed awvay on Thursday morning, at the ripe age of 73 years, after a short illness. He had been a resident for about 2 years, and during that time had made many friends. He, with all, his family, were prominent workers in St. Philip's Church, he having filled the position of rector's warden for a number of years. He was also a regular attendant in the choir, in which he took a deep interest. On Thursday night his body was conveyed to St..Philip's Church, and at 9 o'clock on Friday morning Holy Communion. was celebrated. At 2.30 p.m. a ser vice was held in the church by the Rev. J. C. V. Mather, two of the deceased's favourite hymns being sung, 'Fight the Good Fight" and 'Through all the Changing Scenes of Life." The. rector gave a touchling address to a large congregation, alluding to the good and upright life the deceased had always led, and to his strong attachment to the church, choir, and Sunday school. The body was Interred at Sandgate by the Rev. J. C V.t Mather, the funeral being attended by a large and representative gathering. The pallbearers were Mr. Wansey, Mr. Cooper, Mr. T. Butterworth, and Mr. E. W. Bull. Many messages of condolence were received by the family and wreaths were, sent by St. Philip's Parochial Council, St. Philip's Chois, St. Philip's Woman's Guild, St. Philip's Sunday School; Wars tah Girls" League, the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren, Eunice and Joan, Jim and Netta, employees of L..I. Street (Gloucester), R. Hall and Son, Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin, - Freda,: Hr. and Mrs. T. Butterworth, Mr. and Mrs. E, W. Bull, employees of E. W. Bull,. Mrs. W. Cana, Mtr. and Mrs. W. C. Quinton, Mrs. W. Sparke ,Mr. and Mrs. J. Rich and family, Mr. and Mrs. Whitford. 
vi David Wenham (b: 1851 Raymond Terrace, NSW - d: 1937 Stroud, NSW) mar: 1878 Port Stephens, New South Wales to Charlotte Jenner Nicholls (b: 1858 Port Stephens -d: 1940
Dungog, NSW) Their children:

James Wenham (1879-1957); Matilda Emily Wenham (1881-1972); Ethel Gertrude Wenham   (1883-1946; Thomas William Wenham (1884-1962); Selina Wenham (1886-1886); Lillie Wenham (1887-1887); Jessie Clara Wenham (1888- ); Stanley Henry Wenham (1890-1983); Mary Jane Wenham (1892-1892); Alice Sophia Wenham (1893-1984); Nellie H Wenham (1896-); Leslie David Wenham (1897-1969)

vii William Wenham (b: 1855 Raymond Terrace, NSW - d: ... Stroud, NSW) William mar: 1886 Wallsend, New South Wales to Agnes Ada Turton (b: 1858 Newcastle, NSW - d: 1938 Burwood, NSW) Their children:

Frank Turner Wenham (1888-1969); Fanny Elizabeth Wenham (1890-1969); Robert T Wenham (1892-1923); Myrtle Wenham (1895-1983); Addie Wenham (1898-1973); Archibald Thomas Wenham (1902-1914);

Newpaper reports:

Feb 1911: STROUD: Miss Fanny Wenham daughter of Mr William Wenham, of the Ten Mile, near Clarval, when returning from church to her home on Sunday morning last, was thrown from her horse and dragged for distance. No one was with her at the time. She was found lyng in an unconscious state on the road much bruised about the face.

25 Sep 1914: STROUD: Archie, youngest son of William Wenham died of diphtheria at Clareval on Saturday afternoon. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was attended by a large number of relatives aud friends of the family. Deep sympathy is felt for the bereaved parents and family, who have been heavilv burdened with sickness the last few weeks. The Rev. F. McGowau delivered a touching aud beautiful service in the Methodist cemetery.

Jan 1918: The Right Spirit. To the Editor. Sir, I have read with great interest the letters appearing in the Press from time to time re ship building and other matters with reference to winning the war, etc. One writer asks where is the timber to come from. Well, I have a small paddock at Craven Railway Station, N. C. line, in which there are some very fine iron bark poles suitable, I think for masts, spars, etc., also I have a small holding four miles from Stroud Road in which there is some iron bark aud some white box, which I freely offer to the Government for ship building purposes, if the timber is suitable. I make this offer because I think it quite time. that we ceased grumbling (as we have been doing) and place shoulder to shoulder to help them out of their difficulties and thus do our part towards winning the war. Yours, etc., WILLIAM WENHAM, Clareval, Stroud Road.

Oct 1918: To the Editor. Sir, There is quite a stir going on about the Stroud Road butter factorv. Most of the old directors have been shunted out of office as too slow and out of date. "Old fossils"' they havo been called, and new and more up-to-date men installed. This new management have conceived the idea that the old building should be pulled down and removed from the land which the Company own and be re-erected on a piece of land the Government offered to lease for the lengthy period of five years. The 'Fossils' object; I presume they remember the trials and anxieties connected with the building of the present one. They probably remember how a few of them had to be responsible to the Bank for what was to them at that time a large overdraft. They doubtless remember that the Bank on one occasion foreclosed and things looked serious. Did these new and up-to-date gentlemen go to their assistance? Not much, they sat tight and awaited developments. However, the 'Fossils' pulled through and in tho course of time paid off all the debt. Now, Sir, is it fair, is it reasonable, that these gentlemen should have the power to pull down and remove a building from freehold land and re-erect on rented premises? especially when wo remember they did not help  to build the present factory, or if at all, in a very small way. Truly they should be commended for their modesty. So a meeting of shareholders was held on Tuesday, 22nd inst., and on the question being put to the vote was carried by a majority of one (1) that the factory should be removed to tho land leased from the Government. Now, Sir, I would be the last to block enterprise and firmly believe in competition, so I would suggest to the modern gentlemen that they sever their connection with the 'Fossils' and erect a new and upto date premises upon tho land the Government has offered to lease and we old and out of date folk will jog along with our old factory, which has been built and paid for piece by piece, with so much anxiety. WILLIAM WENHAM, Claroval. 25th October, 1918.

Jul 1933: OBITUARY. Died last week, William Wcnham, one of tho old natives of tho Stroud district. The late Mr. Wenham, who was 78 years of age, died in his sleep.

Aug 1933: DEATH IN HOSPITAL.The death occurred in the local Hospital on Friday night of Mr. Robert Turton Wenham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wenham of Stroud. The deceased, who was well known in Moree, was born at Stroud, and at the time of his death was 31 years of age. The body was conveyed by this (Monday) afternoon's train to Stroud for interment.  

viii Emma Elizabeth Wenham (b: 1858 Port Stephens -1938 Stroud, NSW)