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Guilford/Guildford NZ Electoral Rolls - 1890 to 1896

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1888 Reefton becomes first town in the Southern Hemisphere to have a public supply of
Abolition of non-residential or property qualification to vote and the 1st New Zealand-built locomotive completed at Addington Workshops.
1890 Th Australian maritime strike spreads to New Zealand, involving 8000 unionists. New Zealand general election, 1890, the first election on a one-man one-vote basis
John McKenzie introduces the first of a series of measures to promote closer land settlement.
1993 Premier  John Ballance dies - succeeded by Richard Seddon.
1993 In September New Zealand becomes first country to give women the right to vote and Elizabeth Yates, Onehunga, becomes first woman mayor in British Empire. Banknotes become legal tender.New Zealand general election, 1893.
1894 Clark, Fyfe and Graham become the first people to climb Mt Cook.
1896 The Brunner Mine disaster kills 67. The population is now 743,214 First public screening of a motion picture in New Zealand 
1896 general election,

These records pertain to John Guilford or his descendants.