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Guilford/Guildford NZ Directories - 1914 to 1918


100,000 New Zealand men signed up to fight for King and Country in the First World War. One of New Zealand official war artists was George Edmund Butler - his painting is titled "Stretcher Party". Search names and military service here

NZ Time Line: Src: 

1914 World War I - New Zealand Expeditionary Force is despatched to Egypt.
Huntly coal mine disaster, 43 people die.
In August Troops depart for Samoa and in October: 8427 troops leave New Zealand for Europe.  
NZ general election, 1914.
In April 1915 New Zealand forces took part in Gallipoli campaign - in December, troops withdraw from Anzac Cove.
1916 New Zealand troops transfer from Western Front. Conscription is introduced. Battle of Romani defaults Turkish force advancing towards the Suez Canal.
1917 At the Battle of Passchendaele, 3,700 New Zealanders are killed.
1918 New Zealand Division in the Battle of the Somme The Influenza epidemic followed World War I, and an estimated 8,500 New Zealanders died.


1911 - 1913