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Guilford/Guildford NZ Directories - 1975


Tiwai Poin Aluminium Smelter

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US Vice President Spiro Agnew Visits New Zealand to prop up the NZ Governments support for the Vietnam War and is met by an anti-war protest in Auckland which turns violent.
Natural gas Kapuni supplied to Auckland.
New Zealand secures continued access of butter and cheese to the United Kingdom.
Nga Tamatoa protest at Waitangi celebrations.
Tiwai Point aluminium smelter begins operating.
Warkworth satellite station begins operation.
Values Party is formed.
  • Equal Pay Act passed.
    Nov: General electionLabour Government led by Norman Kirk elected.
  • Dec: New Zealand ends its role in the Vietnam War when Troops are withdrawn under the new Labour Government and Compulsory Military Training is Abolished.
        Naval frigate despatched in protest against French nuclear testing in the Pacific.
  • New Zealand's population reaches three million.
  • Oil price hike means worst terms of trade in 30 years.
  • Colour TV introduced.
          Aug: Prime Minister Norman Kirk dies.
      • Jan: Lynne Cox became the first woman to swim across Cook Strait.
        October: Māori land march reaches Parliament building in Wellington, Whina Cooper presents a Memorial of Rights to the Prime Minister Bill Rowling and Māori Affairs Minister Matiu Rata.
        The Waitangi Tribunal is established.
        Second TV channel starts broadcasting.
        Nov: New Zealand general election Robert Muldoon becomes Prime Minister after National Party victory.