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Guilford/Guildford NZ Directories - 1984


NZ Time Line: Src: 

  • South African rugby team's tour brings widespread disruption.
  • Nov: New Zealand general election, 1981.
    • CER agreement signed with Australia.
    • First köhanga reo established.
    • Year-long wage, price and rent freeze imposed lasts until 1984.
    • First New Zealand Football team to compete at FIFA World Cup Finals
      • Visit by nuclear-powered United States Navy frigate "Texas" sparks protests.
      • Official Information Act replaces Official Secrecy Act.
      • New Zealand Party founded.

        • Te Hikoi ki Waitangi march and disruption of Waitangi Day celebrations.
        • Auckland's population exceeds that of the South Island.
        • July: New Zealand general election, 1984 won by Labour under David Lange.
        • Constitutional crisis follows general election; outgoing Prime Minister Robert Muldoon refuses to implement advice of Prime Minister elect David Lange.
        • Government devalues New Zealand dollar by 20 percent.
        • July: David Lange becomes New Zealand's 32nd Prime Minister; Fourth Labour government formed.
        • Finance Minister Roger Douglas begins deregulating the economy.
        • New Zealand ratifies the United Nations Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women