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Alfred (Kitty) GUILFORD (1850 - 1942)


Alfred Guilford was b: in 9 Aug 1850, the son of parents  Stephen James and Sarah Ann Guilford  - he  was bapt: 9 Sep 1855 at New Mill, Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire, England New Mill, a hamlet 1 mile north of Milton Lilborne

On 2nd Jan 1857, the death occurred at Easton, Wiltshire, of Alfred's father,  Stephen James Guilford (18081857). His mother Sarah remarried to Thomas Yeates on 2nd Oct 1857 (she d: 10 years later in 1868 at Milton)

In 1861,  Alfred Guilford now aged 12 is living with his step-father Thomas Yeates and mother Sarah Yeates Milton, Wiltshire, England; - his brother James Guilford and sister Sarah.

His occupation alfred is aged 15 ossler - a groom looking aafter horses, in the 1871 census, and is living with his brother James 28 occ labourer, and his wife Betsy occ seamstress 

 Alfred (Kitty) Guilford mar: 30 Apr 1884 in Lower Merton, Wiltshire to Ellen Waite (b: 15 Feb 1852 in Easton Royal, Wiltshire - her father was James Waite; d: 01 Nov 1936


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Alfred and Ellen's children:

i Stephen James Guilford (b:  1882; d: 08 Mar 1956 in Wiltshire) Mar: 1901 in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire to Hannah Nelms (b: 1880 in Everleigh, Wiltshire)

Their family;

 a Dorothy Guilford (b: 03 Aug 1902 in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire) mar: Albert Sanford

b Alfred Guilford (b: Abt. 1903)  Mar: 24 Jan 1926 to Betsy

c Percy Guilford (b: 01 Oct 1905; d: 1906)

d Arthur Thomas Guilford (b: 19 Sep 1907) mar: Edie Seaton

e Margaret Guilford (b: 19 Oct 1913) mar: Reginald Powell

f Louis Frederick Guilford  (b: 02 Jul 1911 in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire; d: Sep 1973)  Mar: 04 Jan 1926  to Ella Farr

ii Sarah Jane Guilford (b: 12 Jul 1885 in New Mill, Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire; d: 13 Jan 1903 in Fyfield, Wiltshire

iii Elizabeth Alice Guilford  (b: 30 Sep 1888 in Mill House Water, Wilton; d: 1973) mar: Fordrick Wiltshire

iv Margaret Ellen Guilford (b: 1895; d: 1945 in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire)  Mar: 16 Feb 1916 in Pewsey, Wiltshire, England to Alfred George Francis Munday

 a Freda Margaret Munday (b: 1917) Albert John Broad

b Joyce Mary Munday (b: 1922) Gilbert Charles Feltham

c Diana Elizabeth Munday (b: 1927) mar: Frank Archibald Lovell

 *2nd Wife of Alfred (Kitty) Guilford: Mar: 01 Nov 1936 to Eliza Faith Watts (b: : 16 May 1875 - her parents William Watts and mother: Eliza; she d: 1953 in "The Three Horseshoes" Burbage Road, Milton Lilbourne


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