Arthur Louis Guilford (b: Jun 1876 in Radford, Nottinghamshire, England to parents William Guilford (b: 1838 in Derby, Surrey and mother Tuegene / b: 1844 in France) He d: 25 Feb 1965 in Auckland, New Zealand aged 89Y. Bur; 27 Feb 1965 Birkenhead/Glenfield Cemetery)

Arthur's siblings were  William Guilford b: 1870; Frederick L Guilford b: 1873 and Alice Guilford b: 1879

 Arthur 1st mar: 24 Sep 1896 at the Registry Office, Hammersmith, London to Florence Mary Horton (b: 1867 in Hackney, London: d: 1949)

1901 Census -18 Moira St Leicestershire; Arthur Louis occ. house decorator age 36; mar: Florence age 32Y; Their children Wallace (Wally) Arthur William Guilford 4Y; Alfred Lefevre Guilford  2Y; Mary Guilford 1Y

NZ TRUTH, 28 DECEMBER 1918: Truth:  VENTRILOQUIST'S VAGARIES. Carlton Max and His New Zealand Mash. A matter which came before the Chief Justice in the Brisbane Divorce Court recently, threw quite a startling spotlight on to the home life of a wellknown vaude villian, Carlton Max, the ventriloquist. It appeared that his proper name is Arthur Wallace Lawrence Guildford, otherwise Arthur Louis Guildford, and his wife. Florence Mary Guildford, formerly Horton, After their marriage, Arthur and Flornce lived at various places in England, and in 1910 left for Queensland, subsequently settling down m Rockhampton. There were six children issue of the marriage.

Florence sought a dissolution of their marriage on the ground of his adultery with Nina Bickerton, a married woman, with whom he took up in New Zealand, and with whom he was now living In Brisbane.  It was alleged that the respondent was guilty of misconduct and desertion.

 Defendant admitted the correctness of the allegations as to his unfaithfulness, and said he and Nina were living together. Petitioner's tale was an interesting one., She said that when she married the ventriloquist he was holding down a job in a London office, and would do a bit of theatrical work. A brother of petitioner had, in the meantime, made his home 'neath the Southern Cross, and as a result of his experiences, petitioner, hubby and family made for Queensland, arriving in 1910. By this time defendant had become some class as a ventriloquist, so, instead of the drudgery of quill-driving, he took to the stage, adopting the name now well known throughout Australasia "Carlton Max." His professional engagements frequently took him away from their home, which they set up in Rockhampton, and until January of 1915 he used to visit his family (there were 6 children of the marriage their ages ranging from 22 years to 11 years) at fairly regular intervals. In the month mentioned, however, shortly after he had set out on a tour, petitioner heard something about his conduct which set her thinking, and as a result, she issued a summons against him for maintenance.

Wife gave evidence that Carlton Max preferred a Nina Bickerton, saying he loved her and intended to remain with her. Respondant deserted her in 1915.  In Brisbane, Florence Mary Guilford petitioned for the dissolution of her marriage with Arthur Wallace Lawrence Guilford stage name Carlton Max. Sir Pope Cooper granted decree nisi and costs against the respondant...

*2nd Wife of Arthur Louis Guilford: he mar: May 1921 in Randwick, Sydney (Div: Sep 4 1930 Invercargill) Nina Florence Fleming (b: 13 May 1895 in Pukekohe, Auckland daughter of THOMAS FLEMING and AGNES LEGGE.) d: 1967 in Sydney, NSW, Australia )She had 1st mar: Charles Edward Bickerton in 1914 at Randwick, NSW, Aus; 

17 Jun 1918 : The Show of a Thousand Lights and MULTITUDINOUS DELIGHTS TO-NIGHT. The Prime Minister of FULLERS Mirth FUELERS CARLTON MAX, The Reigning King of the FULLERS World's Ventriloquists.

Gisborne Time Jun 1925: EVERYBODYS THEATRE - LAST NIGHT OF "ROB ROY" CARLTON MAX the world’s ventriloquist, and "Rob Roy" the excellent Scottish film masterpiece are finally announced at Everybodys to-night. The story deals in the main with the feud that arose between the Duke of Montrose and Rob Roy over Helen, the first phase of which was completed with the burning down of the MacGregor homestead and the proclaiming of Rob as an outlaw. Thereafter, years pass in continuous strife until Rob wrested Invesnaid, his home, from the Duke. The Scottish scenery is excellent. Carlton Max has installed himself in popular favor with Gisborne audiences and night- after night he is accorded wonderful ovations. Carlton Max associate pals Jerry and Nellie Kelly in the farce "The School of Scandalous Scholars" is one that should be seen by young and old alike.

22 Jul 1930; Dunedin Supreme Court: In Divorce: Arthur Louis Guilford v Nina Florence Guilford : Wilful Desertion

13 Aug 1930: INVERCARGILL:  Arthur Louis Guilford (petitioner) a ventriloquist on the Fuller circuit in New Zealand performing as Carlton Max  (he could make his dolls say whatever he wished) sought a dissolution of his marriage with Nina Florence Guilford (respondent (she was known in vaudeville as "Jeanette Gerrard") ), on the ground of desertion. Mr G. J. Reed appeared for the petitioner. Petitioner said he was married to the respondent in May, 1921, at Sydney. His wife was born at Pukekohe. After the marriage the parties lived together in different parts of Australia and New Zealand. There was one child. Early in 1925 the parties made their flat they rented in Auckland their headquarters as his wife wished to be near her mother, a Mrs. Fleming, who lived in Remuera.. Witness was touring New Zealand as a vaudeville artist, the respondent remaining in Auckland. All the time he maintained his wife and child. On returning home on one occasion he found his wife to be upset, and she told him she had made another friendship, and did not wish to live with witness any longer. Witness reasoned with her and ascertained the mans name. On two occasions witness interviewed the man, and told him he must not interfere with his wife. She announced her intention of leaving for Australia immediately, and witness tried to dissuade her from doing so. Witness refused to give her money for the passage, but she said she could get it elsewhere. She went to Australia in August, 1925, leaving the child with witness, who had not heard from her. He took steps to find out where she was, but could not discover anything. Witness took up a position in Invercargill in 1925, and made a home there. In September, 1927, he met his wife in the street in Invercargill, and she said she was perfectly happy. In all he had three conversations with her, and he arranged for her to see the child. She asked if witness would allow her to have the boy, and he eventually agreed to allow her to do so on certain conditions, and she returned to Sydney. Witness was to maintain the boy and educate him. Ever since witness had maintained the boy, who, as far as witness knew, was in Sydney. Witness had many communications from his wife, but she refused to give him any other address than a post office. Witness intended making New Zealand his permanent place of residence, having so decided in 1925. All his possessions were in Invercargill. Evidence was given by a friend of the petitioner, after which a decree nisi dissolution of marriage on the ground of desertion as granted, to be made absolute after the expiration of three months.

Max  now became known by his real name of Arthur Louis Guilford and and  left the footlights to become a theatre manager at Invercargill. Proper name is Arthur Wallace Lawrence Guildford, otherwise Arthur Louis Guildford.

... *3rd Wife of Arthur Louis Guilford: he mar: 1932 to  Ellen Gertrude Corrigan (b: 1910 in Bury, Lancashire, England; occ: school teacher; d: 09 Jan 1981 in Auckland; Bur: 13 Jan 1981 Glenfield Lawn Cemetery) Widow

Probate: Estate Arthur Louis Guilford sometimes known as Carlton Max formally of Cambridge but latterly of Auckland, Theatre Manager. Last will and testament dated 24 Aug 1956 - wife Ellen Guilford apporinted executer


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