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Isaac PhilpottIsaac William Philpott (b: 28 Oct 1813 in Faversham, Kent England born to parents Isaac(1776 in Borten, Kent; d: 1842 in Faversham, Kent England) and mother Mary  Philpott (b: 1790 in Faversham, Kent England; they  mard: Oct 1812 in Faversham, Kent she d: Jul 1854 in Borten, Kent)  Isaac was Bapt: 28 Nov 1813 Hernhill, Kent, England and immigrated with his family on the Canterbury Assoc. ship "Randolph" arriving 16 Dec 1850 at Lyttelton; He  d: 02 Apr 1896 in St Albans, Christchurch ages 82Y; Buried: Barbadoes Cemetery, Christchurch)

Isaac mar: 22 Nov 1840 in Hernhill, Kent, England to his first wife Mary Ann Miles (b: 20 Jul 1817 in Hernhill, Kent, England to parents Noah Miles and mother: Mary Ann Wreight; she d: 01 Jul 1854 in Christchurch, Canterbury) They had five children - Albert, William, Lydia, Andrew and Noah Philpott

DEATH: Star 4 April 1896: The ranks of the historical "first four shippers " were still further reduced by the death of Mr Isaac William Philpott, which took place at his residence, St Albans, on Thursday morning, at the age of eighty three. Mr Philpott, with his first wife and the elder members of his family, arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Randolph on Dec. 16, 1851. He shortly afterwards came on to the plains, being compelled to "swag " all his belongings over the Port Hills, as there were then neither roads nor bridges. With the late Mr Woodford, of Kaiapoi, he started the first sawpit in the Riccarton Bush. It may be mentioned here that the timber of the room in which he died, and in which he had slept for over forty-four years, came from the Riccarton Bush, and was carried by him on his shoulders from there to St Albans. He afterwards removed to Papanui, and upon, the bush there being cut out he took to carting with bullocks, remaining at this, occupation until 1854. In that, year he bought from Mr Spencer Perceval the first horse-power threshing machine imported into Canterbury, and travelled with that regularly for many years until the advent of the steam threshing-machine. In regard, to church matters, he was always a staunch Wesleyan and a leading member of that body. The first sermon preached by a minister of that denomination in this district was delivered, in his house in Hagley. Park. He was one of the promoters of the original Wesleyan Chapel, in Christchurch, which stood on the site now occupied by Messrs Kenneth Matheson and Co.'s premises in High Street. He was the first superintendent of the Sunday school held there, and for many years held a like position in connection with the St Albans Church. His first wife Mary Ann died in 1854 and her remains were interred in the first grave opened in the Wesleyan Cemetery, Barbadoes Street. Mr Philpott had lived a somewhat retired life of late years, and his end was not altogether unexpected. He leaves a widow jane and seven sons and five daughters, as well as fifty-three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Isaac and Mary Ann Philpott's Children: 

1. ALBERT MILES PHILPOTT  was b: 10 Oct 1841 in Kent, England, and died 10 Dec 1917 in Christchurch, Canterbury. Burial: Linwood Cemetery, ChCh He mar: RHODA RAPLEY on 9 Jul 1868 at the Durham St. Wesleyan Church. Rhoda was b: 1 Mar 1846 in Ockley, Surrey to parents William Rapley (1800 - 1866) and mother Mary nee Hersey (1807 - 1886), the 11th child in a family of 17; she d: 27 Sep 1919 at her residence 114 Westminster St, St Albans, Christchurch, aged 73Y.  


i Edith Emily Philpott (b: 1869; d: 10 Nov 1941)

ii Mary Jane Philpott (b: 25 Dec 1871; d: 1966 Christchurch) Mar: 1902 to Vernon Bedwell (d: 1959) Photo with family:

Vernon, Percy, Mary Jane,  Albert, Elsie Bedwell

iii Albert Edward Philpott (b: 1873; d: 1933) mar: 1 Oct 1896 at St Marys Merivale, ChCh to Emma Annie Eliza Bushell (b: 1871 Isle of Wight d: 10 Apr 1953 ChCh) Their Children - Marjorie Edith Irene; Hector Miles; Delcie May and Kathleen Nellie Philpott

iv Ernest Frank Philpott (b: 1875; d: 21 Apr 1938 Riccarton ChCh) mar: 1900 to Katie Florence A'Court (1877 - 1941) Their children: Cyril Edward; Leicester A'Court; Jocelyn Ethel and Colin Ernest Wilson Philpott

v Elsie Maude Philpott (b: 16 Jun 1878; d: 1970) mar: 1909 to George Brown Their children: Janet Rhoda Rapley and Gavin Philpott Brown

vi Leonard Miles Philpott (b: 1880; d: 1880)

vii Emma Eterington Philpott (b: 1883; d: 1916)

viii Rhoda May Philpott (b: 1883; d 1913)

ix Hedley Miles Philpott (b: 1885; d: 1948) mar: 1909 to Evelyn Eleanor Schmidt

x Nettie Gertrude Philpott (b: 23 Mar 1887; d: 1981) mar: 1909 to Albert Young Chapman. Dau: Stella Gertrude Chapman

xi Hursey Clarence Philpott (b: 1890; d: 1 Jun 1937 Wgtn) mar 1923 to Eveleen Davey

ii. WILLIAM PHILPOTT, b. 17 Feb 1843, Borten, Kent, England; Residence: 46 McFaddens Rd, St Albans, ChCh; d. 21 Sep 1920, Christchurch, Canterbury; Burial: Addington Cemetery. He came to Nz with his parents on the Randolph in 1850 and worked first as as a boundary shepherd at Loburn for John McFarlane and various other places. At 25 he joined his father at carting timber at the Bealey and Craigieburn. He mar: 01 Nov 1866 ANNIE ELIZABETH BUXTON in Durham St Methodist Church, Sydenham (She was b; 1848, and d: 23 Aug 1912 in Christchurch, Canterbury) 
William bought his 79 acre farm at St Albans at the Grigg and Russell Land sale 19 Oct 1871. It was a lease to Philcock and Corkin for a period of 10 years expiring 25 Mar 1876 at a rental of 79.2/6 for 7 yrs and �158.5 for 3 years with a purchasing clause of �20 for 50 acres and �18 the ballance. It was covered with flax, niggerheads etc and cost him �1300 and when it was drained and ploughed, it made him a splendid farm.
During his early farm life he did a good deal of contracting and formed many roads and streets in and around Christchurch and Sumner. He also worled his trams at the gladstone Pier and the dry Dock at Lyttelton. He had one of the first Deering twine binders in Canterbury. He was elected to the Avon Road Bd and was Chairman of the Papanui Domain Board. (Src; McDonalds Index)

i. ANN MARY LILIAN (LILY) PHILPOTT b. 09 May 1867; d. 20 Dec 1904 aged 37Y); mar. 29 Sep 1887 at  Wesleyan Church, Columbo Rd, Christchurch (Rev W Keall) to CHARLES JACKSON. Their son Charles Ernest Jackson b: 1888; d: 1889 aged 4 mths. In Christchurch Court - Divorce 6 Oct 1896) She mar: (2) 17 Oct 1899 LARS ANDERSON

ii. JOHN WILLAM BUXTON PHILPOTT ( b. 8 Sep 1869; occ; labourer; d. 02 Apr 1923, Christchurch, Canterbury, Bur; Linwood Cemetery); mar. 11 Apr 1896 at the Wesleyan Parsonage, St Albans to (1) MARIA LOUISA SMITH (b. 1869  in Ireland to parents William (1834 - 1880) and Lavinia Jane Smith (1842 - 1914); d. 25 Apr 1917; Burial: Linwood Cemetery, ChCh); (2) mar. 1921 to (2) DORCAS LOUISA DAWSON (b. 28 Nov 1873, New Zealand; d. 08 Mar 1952, New Zealand.)

iii. ANNIE LOUISA PHILPOTT (b. 22 Jun 1871; d. 1951 aged 79Y); she was 18Y when she  mar. 8 Feb 1890 WALTER VINSON THIELE (b: 13 Feb 1872 (parents Augustus (b: 1832 Prussia and Jane nee Longman (1838 - 1899) d: 1943 aged 71Y) Their children - Albert Lawrence (b: 1892; d: 1961) Clarence Norman b: 1893; d: 1954) William Augustus b: 20 Jun 1895; d: 1977) Herbert Vinson Thiele b: 1897; d: 1959) Walter left for the Boer War Veteran (1899 - 1902 and told no-one;  Annie was given evidence her husband was dead and remar: 7 Aug 1915 to ALEXANDER JOHN BARBER (b: 1868; d; 1956) This was not a happy marriage and 7 yrs later they separated. Thiele returned briefly in 1930,  was seen,  the Barber marriage was nullified and Theile again vanished...

iv. FREDERICK JAMES PHILPOTT (b. 06 Sep 1872; residence 39 Sandwish Rd; d: 28 Dec 1935 at Christchurch aged 63Y, occ; caretaker of Beckenham Baths, bur: Sydenham Cem) mar. 16 Dec 1919, Durham St Methodist Church, Sydenham to JANET MAY HITCHINGS Occ: Nurse (b: 1879; d: 1948 aged 69Y)Eva & Gilbert Hutcheson

v. EVA FLORENCE PHILPOTT (b. 1874; d. 1949 aged 74Y); mar. 28 Apr 1903, Methodist Church, Papanui Rd, ChCh. to GILBERT ROWAN HUTCHESON (b: 1880;  occ: 1934 - Land agent and auctioneer 87 St Asaph Rd, Christchurch; d: 1967) Their dau: Beatrice Annie Irene (b: 12 Dec 1908; d: 2000) in 1934 mar: Gordon Leicester Manson Harris
vi. ALFRED CHARLES SYDNEY PHILPOTT (b. 05 Apr 1877; d. 1947). mar: 13 Jul 1898 at St Andrews Church, Christchurch to JANE McFADDEN (b: 1876; d: 1946) Their children: Ivy Jane (b: 12 Sep 1898; d: 1975)[ Leicester (b: 15 Apr 1900; d: 1994) Maurice Edgar (b: 1902; occ; farmer; d: 1965) and Laurence Eton Philpott (b: 1905; d: 1943) 

vii. IDA GERTRUDE PHILPOTT (b. 31 Oct 1878, St Alban's Farm, Christchurch; d. 1926).

viii. LEONARD HERBERT PHILPOTT (b. 18 Jun 1880; d. 04 Jul 1961); mar. 16 Dec 1904, St Michaels Church, Oxford Terrace ChCh to MINNIE LOUBERTA JONES

ix. ERNEST HENRY PHILPOTT (b. 31 Mar 1882; d. 03 Jul 1887).

x. ARTHUR SYDNEY PHILPOTT (b. 1884; d. 1934; bur: Bromley Cemetery)Cyril and Jessie Philpott

xi. CYRIL EDGAR PHILPOTT ( b. 1886, Christchurch, Canterbury; d. 09 Jun 1939, Christchurch, Canterbury; Burial: 12 Jun 1939, Bromley Cemetery); mar. 30 Sep 1914, St Lukes Church, Christchurch (Rev F N Taylor) to JESSIE ELLEN (NELL) KIRDY (b. 06 Sep 1887, Tinwald to parents Emmanuel Kirdy (1857 - 1931) and Janet May nee Stewart (b: 1860 - 1935); she d. 05 Dec 1952, Christchurch, Canterbury; Burial: 08 Dec 1952, Bromley Cemetery). Their 2 children:  Muriel Lillian Philpott (b: 22 Aug 1903 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 06 Jan 1971 in Christchurch, Canterbury)  and  John Cyril Frederick Philpott  (b; 08 May 1920 in Christchurch, Canterbury;  d: 2008)

xii. MYRA BEATRICE PHILPOTT b. 1888, Christchurch, Canterbury; d. 07 Jan 1938. Burial: 08 Jan 1938, Bromley Cemetery) mar: 1915 to Wilfred Edward Irons (b: 28 Feb 1887; d: 1983) their dau. Avis Elizabeth Norine Irons (b: 21 Jul 1916; d: 2004) mar: 1938 to  Albert James Chenery

iii. LYDIA PHILPOTT (b: 1846 in Kent, England; d: 03 Nov 1931 in Wellington; Bur: Karori Cemetery, Wgtn) Marr: 18 Feb 1867 in Wesleyan Church, Christchurch to Francis Thomas Smith (b: 1846 in Bristol, Somerset; d: 27 Feb 1932)  

i Alice Lydia Smith (b: 1867; d: 1946)  Mar: 1893 to Arthur Maurloe Thompson  (b: 1867c;  d: 1941 aged 74Y)  daus: Doris Emily; Sybil Emma and Alice Gwendooline Thonpson

ii Minnie Gertrude Smith (b: 1869; d: 1944 ) mar: 1902 to James Walter Gardiner  (b:    d: 1951 aged 82Y) Family are: Beatrice Joyce; Luydia Margaret; James Raymond; Walter Leslie and Hugh Thomas Gardiner

iii Emily Maude Smith (b: 10 Jun 1871 St Albans ChCh; d: 1937) mar:  ....... Frederick William Shallard Children: Francis Wm; Ethel Emily; Wilfrid Vincent; Percival Frederick and Norman Leslie Shallard

iv Charles Francis William Smith (b: 1873; d: 1955 at Nelson)

v Hedley James Smith (b: 1875; d: 1875 aged 2 mths)

vi Ethel Adeline Smith (b: 17 Sep 1876; d: 1937 at Auckland) Mar: 1907 to George Robinson Their daus: Ena Millicent and Joy Adeline Robinson

vii May Crosbie Smith (b: 17 Sep 1876; d: 21 Feb 1943) Mar: 1911 to Harry Basil Cooper (b: 1879 to parents Harriet and Thomas Cooper; d:  )Family - Maurice Basil;

viii Sydney Webster Smith (b: 26 Apr 1881; d: 1964 at Auckland) Mar : 1904 to Frances May Owers

ix Mary Beatrice Smith (b: 1883; d: 1930) Mar: 1915 to Alfred Thomas John Oppenheim (b: 1880 son of Jane and Alfred Oppenheim; d: 1952 aged 72Y)

x Percy Clarence Smith (b: 08 Apr 1885; d: 1969) Mar: 1915 to Muriel Eva Turner (b: 1886 dau of Evie and George Dyke Turner; d:1952 aged 66Y)  Dau: Ngaire May Smith

xi Kenneth Phillip Smith (b: 25 Dec 1887; d: 1974) Mar: 1914  to Agnes Chynoweth Knapp (b: 6 May 1895 dau of Mary and Wm Alfred Knapp;  d: 1983 ) dau: Eunice Kathleen Smith

xii Kate Mildred Smith (b: 1888; d: 1960 82Y)  Mar: 1902 to Alan Raybutt Dale (b: 1877 to Hannah and Phillip Dale; d: 1959 aged 82Y) Family: Kathleen;  Hannah Hudson; Allan Warrington; Edna Beatrice; Dora Mildred;

iv. ANDREW PHILPOTT (b. 28 Nov 1848, Faversham, Kent England; Occ: Milkman; residence 153 McFaddens Rd ChCh; d. 22 Sep 1926, Christchurch, Canterbury; Burial: Linwood Cemetery, ChCh)  Andrew mar: (1) on 28 May 1874 at the Wesleyan Church, Durham St. Christchurch to Sophia Cusdin (b: 12 Feb 1855 her father: William Lucas; she d: 09 Oct 1895 in Tay S, St Albans aged 40Y)

Their family:

1  Charles Oscar Philpott (b: 31 Mar 1875 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 02 Feb 1881 in St Albans Aged 5Y 8 mths Bur: Barbadoes Cemetery)

2 Lawrence Philpott (b: 1876 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 24 Oct 1877)

3 Ada Louisea Philpott (b: 07 Oct 1878 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 25 Jul 1974) Mar: 1921 to Sidney James Knight (b: 1879 Died: 1960)

4 Frances Oliver Philpott (b: 02 Aug 1880 in Christchurch, Canterbury; she d: 17 Jan 1960) Mar: 1908 to Robert James Oliver (b: 22 Aug 1881 in Wanganui to  parents Aitcheson Oliver and mother: Amanda Melvina Emma Hill; d: 29 Jan 1967)

Their 11 children: Mulvena Winifred Oliver (b: 1908, d: 1989); Leo Vincent Patrick Oliver b: 1910, d: 2005); Robert Bruce Oliver b: 1911, d: 1983); Maurice Alfonso Oliver b: 1913, d: 1974); Reta Teresa Oliver b: 1916, d: 2003);Frances Eileen Oliver b: 1917, d: 2001) Marjorie Margaret (Madge) Oliver b: 1920, d: 2006); Edna Oliver b: 1921, d: 1924); Myrtle Agnes Oliver b: 1921, d: 1924); Arthur Aitcheson Andrew Oliver b: 1923, d: 2010); Lewis Bernard Oliver b: 1925, d: 2002)

Daughter: Mulvena and her husband Vick Stanley Frederickson and their children.

5 Clement Philpott (b: 05 Nov 1882 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 14 Mar 1892 in St Albans Christchurch)

6 Alice Mary Philpott (b: 13 Oct 1884 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 29 Jan 1914 in Christchurch, Canterbury Burial: Linwood Cemetery, ChCh

7 Arthur Cusdin Philpott (b: 24 Aug 1886 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 1958) Mar: 06 Nov 1915 in St Matthews Church, St Albins to Jessie Mabel Manley her father: William Edwin Agar)

*2nd Wife of Arthur Cusdin Philpott: Mar: 1938 to Lucy Elvira Fry Andrew and Sarah Ann Lucas

Their children: Esme Maisie Philpott (b: 1918; d: 1992)  Irma Jessie Philpott (b: 1921; d: 20070 and  Trevor James Philpott (b: 1928; d: 1997)

8 Hettie May Philpott (b: 1888 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 22 Mar 1892 in St Albans Christchurch )

9 Lewis Philpott (b: 06 Feb 1891 in Christchurch, Canterbury; Occ: Car Painter; d: 22 Apr 1953 in Christchurch, Canterbury) Mar: 11 Sep 1915 in St Matthews Anglican Church, Christchurch  to Emily Olive Clara Agar (b: 31 Jan 1888 in Ellington, Australia; d: 09 May 1964 in Christchurch, Canterbury Burial: Ruru Lawn Cemetery, ChCh) Their dau: Gwendoline Merle Philpott (b: 1916; d: 2008)

10 Winifred Alicia Philpott (b: 14 May 1893 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 13 Aug 1973) Married: 1921 to Herbert Hedley Nicholas (b: 07 Nov 1890 in Invercargill; d: 04 Jan 1978)

11 Hilda Myrtle Philpott (b: 11 Sep 1895 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 25 Oct 1925)  Mar: 1924 to Albert William Kitchingham (b: 1902 ; d: 1966 )

*2nd Wife of Andrew Philpott Mar: 26 Apr 1900 to Sarah Ann Lucas (b: 12 Feb 1855 in Worcester, England - her father: William Lucas; d: 25 Jul 1929 in Christchurch, Canterbury Bur: Linwood Cemetery, ChristChurch

v. NOAH MILES PHILPOTT (b. 1852 New Zealand; Occ: Farmer; d. 19 Jul 1941. Bur: Linwood Cemetery, ChCh) Noah mar: 07 Jul 1883 to Jane Hill at her mother's residence (b: 1856 to parents William Channon Hill and mother: Jane Duntze; she d: 12 Feb 1916 in Timaru Bur: Linwood Cemetery) Their children

 i Alfred Miles Duntze Philpott (b: 11 Aug 1886 in Shirley, Christchurch; d: 1886

ii Julia Daisy Hill Philpott (b: 20 Sep 1887 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 30 May 1941 in Christchurch, Canterbury; Burial: Bromley Cemetery) Mar: 1912 to Tracy Thomas Gough (b: 1887 in Sydney, Australia Occ: Company Director; d: 03 Jun 1954 in Christchurch, Canterbury Bur: Ruru Lawn Cemetery) Their 3 children:

1 Alison Mavis Gough (b: 28 Mar 1913; d: 03 Jun 1942); 2  Owen Tracy Gough (b: 25 Dec 1919; d: 24 Mar 2003) 3 Beryl Daisy Gough (b: 27 Aug 1916 Occ: Music Teacher; d: 05 May 2001 in Christchurch; Bur: Bromley Cem) mar: Chignell

iii Lewis Miles Hill Philpott (b: 1889 Occ: Newspaper runner; d: 15 Nov 1961 in 72Y)  Mar: 1911 Violet Maude Cockroft (b: 22 Aug 1889 in Christchurch to parents William Cockroft and mother: Emma Jane Crocomb; d: 20 Jul 1979 in Christchurch  aged 79Y)

Their son -  Eric Cyril Miles Philpott (b: 1911; d: 1963 in 47Y) Mar: 1943 to Marie Joseph Frances Carmen De Courteney

iv Veda Florence Violet Philpott (b: 1893; d: 1974)  (SBC son  Philpott (b: 1927 - father un-named)

Isaac William Philpott remarried after his first wife's death on 12 Apr 1855 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Christchurch  (by Rev John Aldred) to Jane Passmore  - Jane  was b: 1825, and immigrated in 1853 on the "Auswanderung" as Lady's maid to Lady Tancred - she d: 23 May 1905) They had 8 children - Henry, Rhoda, Phillip, Samuel, Isaac, Ellen, Annie and Emily Philpott.

i. HENRY SCOTT PHILPOTT (b. 29 Feb 1856, St Albans, Christchurch; Occ: Slaughterman; d: 13 Nov 1954, Tauarangi House, Ashburton); mar: 1881 to  ELIZABETH CLARK (b: 1857 in England; d: 19 Jun 1909 in Christchurch, Canterbury Bu: 21 Jun 1909 Linwood Cemetery, ChCh ) Their 9 children:

1 Frank Sidney Philpott (b: 1882; Occ: Carpenter; d: 06 Aug 1943 Bur: 07 Aug 1943 Bromley Cem) Mar: 1907 to Sarah Jane Gabb - 2 Daus:

a Constance Ethel Philpott (b: 02 Oct 1908; d: 24 Dec 1984) Mar: 1928  to Ronald Cecil Bundall (b: 1904; d: 1943) *2nd Husband of Constance Ethel Philpott: Mar: 1946 to Samuel Bradley Owen (b: 1905; d: 1960)

b Rita Lucy Philpott (b: 10 Jul 1911; d: 22 Sep 1985) mar: 1936 Ronald Cecil Brundell (b: 1904; d: 1973)

2 Rev Henry Scott Philpott (b: 29 Aug 1883 in Christchurch, Canterbury; d: 15 Jul 1962 in Ottawa, Ontario) Mar: 1917 in Westchester, Pennsylvania to Anna Edward James (b: 1887 in Westchester, Pennsylvania; d: 01 Nov 1982 in Smiths Falls, Ontario) Their 2 sons:

a Herbert Clark Philpott (b: 1920 in Rangoon Burma; d: 2012)

b James Edwards Philpott (b: 1922 in Mynanmar, Burma; d: 2011 in Chatsworth Ontario)

3 Lucy Gertrude Philpott (b: 1885;  d: 11 Sep 1922; Bur: Waimairi Cemetery, Christchurch) mar: 1919 to Frank Gordon Campbell

4 Alfred Clark Philpott (b: 1886; d: 1963) Mar: 1920 to Alfreda Alice Mary La Mont (b: 1890; d: 1936)  Their son; Bryan Passmore Philpott (b: 1920; d: 2000)

5 Edward Charles Philpott (b: 23 Nov 1888; d: 1975 Christchurch)  

6 Ethel May Philpott (b: 1891; d: 1959)  Mar: 1920 to Frederick Roland Niblett Berg (b: 1891; d: 1954) Their daughter: Gwenda Margaret Berg (b: 1921; d: 2012)

7 Herbert George Philpott (b: 1893 in Rothwell, England )

8 Clifford Passmore Philpott (b: 06 Sep 1895; Occ: Post Office Sumner; d: 25 Mar 1982) Mar: 18 Apr 1927 in Holy Cross Church, St Kilda to Myrtle Thistle Orr (b: 1898; d: 1943)

9 Dora Mildred Philpott (b: 1898; d: 23 Aug 1936 in Christchurch, Canterbury ;Bur: Linwood Cemetery, ChCh)

ii. RHODA SCOTT PHILPOTT ( b. 04 Nov 1857, St Albans, Christchurch; d. 1934, Morrinsville)

iii. PHILLIP SCOTT PHILPOTT (b. 05 Sep 1859, St Albans, Christchurch; d. 27 Jul 1934, Morrinsville; Bur: Morrinsville Cem) Marr: 02 Jul 1891 to Rose Henley (b: 1869 in Kingston on Thames, Surrey, England  - her Father: William Henley, her mother: Marie; d: 16 Mar 1950 in Morrinsville)

1 Maurice Guy Philpott (b: 1892 in Morrinsville;  d: 1971 in Auckland ) Mar: 1932 to Annie Amelia Cummings (b: 1896 her Father: John Cummings and mother Kate;  Divorce 1963 Auckland

2 Grace Philpott (b: 1895 Morrinsville; d: 1970)  Mar: 1919  to Patrick Reidy (b: 1884; d: 1947)

3 Gladys Henley Philpott (b: 1897 in Morrinsville; d: 01 Nov 1970 in Morrinsville ; Bur: Hamilton) Mar: 1920 to Harold George Howie (b: 1893 Occ: Farmer Marrinsville; d: 1971 in Morrinsville)

4 Alan Frankton Philpott (b: 1905 Morrinsville; d: 1937 Morrinsville)

iv. SAMUEL JOHN PHILPOTT (b. 12 May 1861, St Albans, Christchuch; occ: contractor;  went to live in Australia)

v. ISAAC WILLIAM PHILPOTT ( b. 12 May 1861, St Albans, Christchuch; d. 21 Sep 1920, Christchurch, Canterbury; Bur: Addington Cemetery)

vi. ELLEN SCOTT PHILPOTT ( b. 09 Dec 1863, Tauarangi House, Ashburton; d. 1928, Morrinsville) mar: 1888 to Johm Martin; mar: 1891 Edwad Arnold

vii. ANNIE PHILPOTT ( b. 24 Jul 1865, Christchurch, Canterbury; d. 08 Aug 1955, Christchurch, Canterbury; Bur: Bromley Cemetery) mar: 01 Sep 1886 Oxford Terrace  Baptist Church, Christchurch to JOSHUA HARRISON (b: 1863 Parents: Francis and Sarah Harrison nee Laughton; occ; bootmaker;  d: 1942 )

1 Reginald Joshua Harrison (b: 1887; d: 1970)

2 Wilfred Gardon Harrison (b: 1891; d: 1976)

3 Rita Gertrude Harrison (b: 1896; d: 1986)

4 Bertha Constance Harrison (b: 1903; d: 1990)

xiii. EMILY JANE PHILPOTT (b. 04 Nov 1867; d. 21 Feb 1962, Christchurch, Canterbury; Bur: Sydenham Cem); mar. Mar 1897  to  Francis Weston (b: 1875; occ: butcher; d: 12 Feb 1933 Christchurch)

1 Francis Edward Weston (b: 1898; d: 1980) mar: 1922 to Elsie Maud Clark

2 Lillian Mona Weston (b: 7 Mar 1903 Queensland; d: 1982

3 Herbert Stuart Weston (b: 15 Feb 1905; d: 1971)

4 Mona Dorothea Weston (b: 24 Feb 1907; d: 1999) mar: 1936 to Rayburn Thackwell

5 Sidney Claude Weston (b: 23 Jul 1909; d: 1987)

6 Hilda Winifred Weston (b: 10 Oct 1912; d: 19 Apr 2010; bur: Waimairi Cem) mar: 1937 Stanley Richard Marston


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