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SARAH GUILFORD (1849 - 1889)


Sarah Guilford was b; in 1849, the daughter of parents  Stephen James and Sarah Ann Guilford  - she  was bapt: 18 Jan 1846 at Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire, England 

On 2nd Jan 1857, the death occurred at Easton, Wiltshire, of Sarah's father,  Stephen James Guilford (18081857) . Her mother Sarah remarried to Thomas Yeates on 2nd Oct 1857 (she d: 10 years later in 1868 at Milton)

Residence 1861 Milton, Wiltshire, England; Sarah Guilford aged 12 is livig with her step-father Thomas Yeates; Sarah Yeates - her mother, and brothers James Guilford and Alfred Guilford  

Sarah is aged 21 In the 1871 census, and is working as a house servant for the widower James Read aged 80Y, his son William aged 43 (they were both born in Ireland), and his two Reid daughters, Jane aged 38Y and Eliza 36Y -(both were born in Middlesex, England)

Banns were read and on  11 th May 1872 the marriage of Sarah and George Chandler took place at the Parish Chruch, Milton Lilborne, Wiltshire.

1891 Census:

1901 Census

1911 Census

Their children:

i George S Chandler 1878 b: Brixton, Surrey, England

ii Ellen Louisa Chandler 1883 b: Brixton, Surrey, England

iii James Chandler 1886 b:  Milton lilbourne, Wiltshire

 iv Emily May Chandler 23 May 1888 -  Milton lilbourne, Wiltshire 1979
Marriage 12 February 1916 St Saviour, Paddington, London, England
Alfred Parmenter (18981916 France)
Mar2 Marriage 1938 Tottenham, London, England
Louis James Pearce (18901963)

v Alice Chandler 1892 b:  Milton lilbourne, Wiltshire

George Chandler d: June 1922 and 82Y and Sarah Chandler d: 09 Oct 1889 aged 80Y at Whiteparish, Wiltshire

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