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Pedigree Tree

 WILLIAM COWAN GUILDFORD was b: 21 Jun 1890 in Brunswick, Invercargill, and d: 19 Jun 1978 in Papatoetoe, Auckland aged 88Y. Crem: 21 Jun 1978 Purewa Cem.

William was first employed at Browns, Otago as a labourer, and then following his father's example, became a seaman on various coastal freighters servicing the New Zealand ports.

In Sept. 1917  "Call to Colour" Dunedin recruiting District; 10th Ballot name of Otago and Southland men
William Cowan Guildford, laborer, 267 Cargill Road, Dunedin; 28 Sep 1917. William was a  Member of the Seamans Union and was  granted conditional exemption by Military  Service Board.

He mar: on 26 Feb 1918 at the Registrar's Office, Wellington to MARY LIDDELL, eldest daughter of  JAMES and AGNES LIDDELL (b: 14 Nov 1890 in Waihola, Taieri; Education  Green Island School ; Admission Date 5 Nov 1901; Last School Taieri Beach; Last Day 26 Aug 1903; Destination Fairfield; She d: 10 Feb 1972 in Paptoetoe, Auckland aged 81Y.)

Marys parents were James Liddell (b: 10 Jul 1847 in Pollockshaw, Scotland; occ; Otago farmer; d: 26 May 1927 in Dunedin, Otago Bur: 29 May 1927 Taieri Beach Cem.) Mar: 01 Aug 1888 at the Waihola Presbyterian Church, Tokomairiro, Otago to Agnes Campbell (b: 1872 in Waikawa, Southland;  d: May 1935 in Otago)

Their children:

1 James Muir Liddell (b: 03 Jan 1889 in Taieri Beach, Henley, Taieri; d: 11 Jun 1958 in Brighton, Dunedin; Bur: 13 Jun 1958 Taieri Beach Cem.) Mar: 1916 in Gore, Southland to Marjorie McMillan (b: 1897; d: 28 Jun 1953 in Kuri Bush, Dunedin, Otago)

2 Mary Liddell (b: 14 Nov 1890 in Taieri Beach, Henley, Taieri; d: 10 Feb 1972 in Paptoetoe, Auckland; Bur: Auckland) Mar: 26 Feb 1918 in Registrar's Office, Wellington  to William Cowan Guildford (b: 21 Jun 1890 in Brunswick, Invercargill; d: 19 Jun 1978 in Papatoetoe, Auckland 88Y; Bur: Auckland)

3 Agnes Liddell (b: 14 Oct 1892 in Taieri Beach, Henley, Otago; d: 25 Aug 1986 in Mount Albert, Auckland; Crem. Manakau Memorial Gardens) Mar: 05 Oct 1929 1923 in Otago to David Hay (b: 29 Apr 1897 in Dunedin Otago; d: 09 Nov 1967 in Purewa Cem. Auckland)

4 Lina Liddell (b: 09 Jun 1895 in Taieri Beach, Henley, Otago; d: 12 Nov 1981 in Dunedin Otago; 16 Nov 1981 Crem. Andersons Bay Cem.)  Mar: 1923 in Otago to Hugh Bennet (b: 06 Jul 1896 in Dunedin Otago; d: 06 Jun 1946 in 1 Marion St, Caversham, Dunedin 49Y; Bur: 08 Jun 1946 Dunedin)

5 William Liddell (b: 02 Jan 1897 in Taieri Beach, Henley, Otago; d: 12 Oct 1963 in England) Mar: 1917 to Emma Marguerite Turner (b: 1896; d: 1943)

6 Lawrence Liddell (b: 25 Nov 1898 in Taieri Beach, Henley, Otago; d: 10 Jul 1970 in Dunedin Otago)

7 Robert Liddell (b: 1900 in Tokomairiro, Clutha; d: 1900 in Tokomairiro, Clutha)

8 Colin Campbell Liddell (b: 04 Jun 1902 in Dunedin, Otago; d: 09 Nov 1973 in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty) Mar: 06 Apr 1939 in Helensville, Auckland  to Edna Laurel Russell (b: 07 May 1916 in Helensville, Auckland; d: 30 Dec 2012 in Putaruru)

Time Line

1910 - Immigration occ. Fireman; depart 19 Jul 1910 Warrimoo; Departure Wellington and Papeete

4 Sep 1917: Call to Colour - Dunedin recruiting District William Cowan Guildford, laborer, 267 Cargill Road, Dunedin; 10th Ballot name of Otago and Southland men

28 sep 1917: Member of the Seamans Union granted conditional exemption by Military Service Board

22 Jul 1918 - At time of marriage to Mary Liddell, he a sailor (occ; donkeyman greaser) on the Union Steamship Navua (Master G S Doorly) Oct 28 1918 - an San Francisco, California

1920 - Mary and William first lived at Ounuwhao, Dargaville where he found work as a labourer .

1924 - Farmer of Mokauiti, Te Kuiti (21 cows)

1925 - the family moved to Helensville where William became an engineer with the Auckland Milk Board

1935 - Residence Kaipara, Northland

NZ Herald 27 Mar 1941 CRUSHED BY TREE Severe internal injuries were suffered by Mr. W. C. Guilford, aged 50, married, an engineer, when he was employed felling trees at Wellsford yesterday. One tree was already on the ground when a second commenced to fall. Mr. Guilford pushed a companion out of the way, but was caught and crushed by the tree as it fell. The injured man was attended by Dr. Morrison, of Wellsford, and was admitted to the Auckland Hospital at about 3 p.m (His residence was 116 MainRd Elleslie, bush foreman

BUSHMAN'S CLAIM - SUPREME COURT ACTION A bushman's claim following injuries he received while working at Port Albert, near Hoteo North, was brought before Mr. Justice Callan and a jury yesterday. The plaintiff was William Cowan Guildford, bush foreman, aged 51 (Mr. Sullivan), who sought to recover £I5OO general damages and £IOO for special damages from Charles Stanneland West, of Garfield Rd, Helensville, sawmiller (Mr. Goldstine). The plaintiff claimed that on March 26 last while he was tree-felling with others in the employ of the defendant he was struck and severely injured by a falling tree. He alleged that the accident was solely to the negligence of two fellow workmen in failing to warn him of the danger, failing to take proper precautions and failing to obey instructions not to resume felling until trees already felled had been trimmed. On account of the injuries to his spine and right leg he had been unable to continue his work as bush foreman and was now permanently disabled from undertaking heavy work. The defendant denied that a tree had fallen on the plaintiff or that his workmen had failed to give proper warning or had been guilty ot any negligence at all. He alleged that the accident was due to the plaintift's own negligence in continuing to trim after being warned and in unnecessarily exposing himself to danger. Evidence in support of the plaintifs case was being heard when the Court adjourned until to-day.

ACTION FOR DAMAGES; BUSHMAN'S CLAIM FAILS A verdict for the defendant was ret i] rnetl by llic jury yesterday in the claim by William Cowan Guildford, bush foreman. aged 51 ( Mr. Sullivan). for damages against his employer, Charles Stanneland West, of Helensville, sawmiller (Mr. Goidstine). Guildford. who was injured when tree-felling on March 26;, claimed £1500 general and £100 special damages. Addressing the jury, Mr. Justice Calla said the crucial question was whether Guildford and his companions had invented dishonestly a story that they thought would help to win his case, or whether the two invented dishonestly a story that they thought would help to free them from moral blame. The foreman reported that the jury was unanimously of opinion that negligence had not been proved against the defendant, and judgment was entered for defendant. His Honor said he would hear counsel later before determining the amount to which the plaintiff was entitled under the Workers' Compensation Act.

1943 - Moved to 116 Main Highway, Ellerslie and from 1957 until retirement at Grays Avenue Papatoetoe  


1. LINA MARJORIE* GUILDFORD  was b: 1921 in Dargaville; Invercargill Middle School in 1925 and died 22 Mar 2009. She married (1) 1941 to HAROLD EDWARD JENKINS ( b; 25 May 1910; d: 1981 (Div.)  Their child:  BEVERLEY JENKINS


2 JOAN MARY GUILDFORD  was b: 21 Jul 1928 in Hellensville, and d: 2006.

She mar: HENRY NOEL (BERNIE) JOHNSON 1947, son of GEORGE JOHNSON and OLIVE. He was b: 28 Nov 1928, and d: 31 May 2005 in Auckland. Cremated Manakau Memorial Gardens. Their child: GREG JOHNSON. .


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