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John and Mary Ann Mintrom - Diamond Wedding Celebration

John Edwin Mintrom  (b: 15 Dec. 15th 1836 St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands to parents George Mintrom and Mary Turner; he d: 19 Aug. 1918; Res. 355 Hills Rd, Hillsborough , bur: Woolston, ChCh) in  Christchurch, NZ

John mar: 31 Mar. 1858 to Mary Anne Haylock (b: 12 Apr 1835, d: 19 Aug. 1925) on . They had eleven children ( nine were born in Jersey and arrived with them on the New Zealand Shipping Company vessel "Cardigan Castle" a voyage of 84 days; John Edwin Mintrom 36yrs Jersey Brickmaker; Wife; Mary Anne 37yrs; Elizabeth Mary (b: 22/09/1858; Bapt: 10/10/1859) 15yrs;  George William (b: 20/04/1860; Bapt: 06/05/1859) 13yrs; Louisa 11yrs; John Adolphus (01/07/1864; Bapt: 17/07/1864)  9yrs; William Edwin (b: 30/01/1866; bapt: 11/02/1866) 7yrs; Frederick James (b: 27/09/1867; Bapt: 13/10/1867) 6yrs; Matilda Clara (b: 28/10/1868; Bapt:08/11/1868) 5yrs;  Charles Edward (b: 12/02/1870; Bapt: 27/02/1870) 4yrs; Walter Thomas (b: 5/5/1871; Bapt: 21/05/1871) 2yrs;    (Src. Bapt:)

Cardigan Castle

Interview with John Mintrom (Immigration Officer: J E March Christchurch: 30 Nov. 1873) 
Responses of Emigrant passenger, John Mintrom who travelled to Canterbury by the ship Cardigan Castle to Lyttelton with his wife and nine children (two of whom were in single accommodation).
Questions John's Responses
What is your name and condition -
(ie married or single)?
John Mintrom - Brickmaker - married - 9 children.
Where do you come from? Jersey Channel Islands
What first induced you to think of New Zealand for emigration. If advertisements state in what paper. If local Agent state name and address if possible. I saw a New Zealand paper with account of wages etc there and the demand for my trade.
When you made up your mind what steps did you take? I applied to Dr Garrick, local Agent at St Hilliers, Jersey. He has lived for several years in New Zealand and gave me every information about the Colony and the steps necessary to take to obtain a passage.
Did you pay your own passage to the port of departure? I paid my way.
Had you any communication in London with the Agent General or his office? No
Were you detained at the port waiting for the ship and did you receive maintenance money and how much? There is no difficulty in the way of any Jersey people obtaining passages if they are willing to come. Dr Garrick makes everything easy. The dread of the voyage stops a great many from coming. I shall write describing our treatment on the voyage. It was much better than I expected.                                     (Src. KiwiCelts)

2 NZ born daughters: Edith Ada Mintrom (b: 1 Feb. 1874)  and Alice Mintrom (b; 7 Jun 1876)  b: Hillsborough Christchurch
Lottie Mintrom wife of Frederick James Mintrom born February 24th 1870 Oxford Shire England.
Albert Charles Mintrom born September 8th 1899  Opawa Christchurch

Below: Photo of  Walter Thomas MINTROM (1871-1962) He is the 9th child (the 6th son of John and Mary Ann Mintrom and the last child - b: St John`s Road, St Helier, Jersey at 10:30 pm, 5th May 1871. Bapt: 21st May 1871 in the Parish Church of St Helier, Jersey; Godparents, father John Edwin MINTROM and Mary Ann McBRIDE)  He mar: Emily (Emma) MARTIN (1872-1961) and pictured with their family:

Evaline Gladys Victoria Mintrom is the eldest of their 7 children (b: 10 Apr 1897 m: 08 Mar 1924 d: 31 Mar 1978 in Auckland) She became the 2nd wife of  Daniel John (Jack) Smith:  
Their daughter was Doreen Gladys Smith ( b: 20 Dec 1930 d: 2000) mar: 1950 to Lawrence Ray Stephenson Shadbolt (b: 18 Aug 1927 d: 2007)
Evaline (centre back behind her parents) Her siblings are: Richard Kitson (1900-1980); Walter Ronald (1903-1934); Hollis Theodore (1905-1967 d: Australia - took the surname MARTIN); Vera Eileen (1908-1928); Thelma Doris (1912-1931); Trevor (1914-2004)

Mintrom Researcher Brian Mintrom, is a descendant of John and Mary Ann Mintrom. If you can add information or wish to know more, please email Brian - he would like to hear from you. (Change address:  # to @ )

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Lottie Mintrom wife of Frederick James Mintrom born February 24th 1870 Oxford Shire England.
Albert Charles Mintrom born September 8th 1899 (?) Opawa Christchurch