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Lethbridge English Heritage

Gravestones Ermingham, Ugborough
Ermington Gravestones:
Sacred to the memory of Christopher Lethbridge late of Godwell in the Parish of Ugborough who departed this life April 8 1827 Aged 87 years; Also Elizabeth daughter 5th Sep 1795 7 months; Joseph son 10th Mar 1804 3 months; Also Frederic the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Lethbridge of Woodland in this Parish who died 24th Feb 1835 aged 14 months
In loving memory of Sapience Yates who died Jan 8th 1880 aged 48 years "O What are my sufferings here, If Lord thou Count me Meet with thy enraptured host to appear and worship at Thy Feet" Also of her cousin Laura Lethbridge daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Lethbridge who died February 1 1915 aged 86 "For so he gave me his beloved sleep"
To the memory of Elizabeth wife of Thomas Lethbridge of Cadleigh in this Parish Died Sep 14 1859 Aged 63 years Also Sophia daughter of the above Died May 4 1844 aged 10 months Also the above Thomas Lethbridge who departed this life Jan 11 1861 Aged 65 years "We all do fade as a leaf"

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