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Percy Robert Colebrook was born at Shortland, Thames on 18 Sep 1871 and died on 02 Jun 1955 in Parnell, Auckland aged 83 yrs)

Percy was the son of Thomas Colebrook who had been born in Guildford, Kent, England on 21 Dec 1840. Thomas married Mary Ann Self (1842-1938) and had 6 children. Horace W, Claude, Ida Annie, Florence Mary, Eva Lillian, and Percy Robert Colebrook. Thomas passed away on 23 Feb 1921 in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.

In 1896 Percy was in partnership with Robert Green in a store in Te Kuiti (his occupation given as Post-Master) and in 1897, Mahuka, the  Maori fanatic (known as Prophet) who fourteen years prior had appeared before the Supreme Court when he captured the Government surveyor Charles Hursthouse and his chainman William Newsham at Te Uira, in the King Country, was again in the dock at the Supreme Court when he was arrested Te Kuiti, King Country, after yet another of his periodic outbreaks and was charged with having on October 7 th, at Te Kuiti, wilfully attempted to set fire to the store of Percy Colebrook and Robert Green. Windows were broken  and some cardboard boxes set on tire and a piece of board and other materials near the curtain were charred and burnt before the fire was extinguished.  He was sentenced to hard labour for the term of seven years.

NZ Gazette entries list Percy's life - 1904 at Kawhia he is appointed Justice of Peace; in 1916 at Te Kuiti he is a licenced "Vendor of Poison"; and on death, merchant of Auckland; founder of the hardware firm, P.R. Colebrook Ltd

He married 7th March 1900 to Ada Blanche Finch (Born: 03 Feb 1878 in Alexandra, Father: Thomas Finch, Mother: Jane Creighton Smythe) She attended the local Pirongia school and became a teacher 1899 and a widow, died 17 Jul 1962 in 11 Awatea Rd., Parnell, Auckland. Her cremation on 19 Jul 1962 was at Purewa.

 Their children:

1 Grace Colebrook Born: 04 Jan 1901 Died: 1947 aged 46Y

2 Vera Colebrook Born: 08 Jul 1902 Died: 25 Sep 1990 in Kensington House, Remuera Gardens, Remuera, Auckland aged 88 yrs) She married in 1925 to Louis Aime Marquet (Born: 10 Sep 1898 Father: Louis Aime Marquet; Died: 09 Feb 1990 in 159 Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama, Auckland aged 91. They divorced 1945

3 Roy Colebrook Born: 16 May 1907

4 Max Colebrook (Born: 17 Aug 1905 Died: 1972 in 2/27 Paritai Drive, Orakei, Auckland; Cremation 11 Jul 1972 Purewa. Last Residence 2/27 Paritai Drive, Orakei, Auckland) His occupaton Public Servant/Company Director. He married in 1931 to Edna Margaret Vaughan (Born: 23 Jan 1910 Father: Frederick Thomas Vaughan, Mother: Ethel Fanny; Died: 1994)

5 Alan Colebrook (Born: 08 Mar 1909 Died: 1975 in 19 Paora Street, Orakei, Auckland Cremation 10 Jun 1975 at Purewa - Occupation Rtd Storeman)

6 Mary Colebrook Born: 20 Jun 1911 Died: 1986 Married: 1933 to Gordon Hesleden Binney (Born: 1901 Father: Edwin Heselden Binney Mother: Mary Eleanor Grertrude; Died: 1960 Cremation 22 Feb 1960 Age 59 Last Residence 11 Awatea Road, Parnell, Auckland) His occupation Departmental Manager

7 Donald Colebrook Born: 18 Apr 1913 Died: 1990 in 34a Ronaki Road, Mission Bay, Auckland Cremation 21 May 1990, Age 77) Married: 1938 to Leonie May Rennick (Born: 14 Jan 1913, Died: 1994 )

8 Elizabeth (Betty) Colebrook (Born: 07 Dec 1919 Died: 05 May 2008, Crem. Purewa Cem. Auckland) mar 1940  to John Campbell Bates (Born: 23 Jul 1915 Died: 09 Mar 2010 in Auckland) Their children: John David and Elizabeth Mary Bates.

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