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NEWSHAM PAGE INDEXCharles Newsham - a Life on the Land
1856 - Charles was born 25 Aug 1856, the 7th child in the family of Mary and Thomas Newsham living at New Plymouth and he was christened 12 October  (Wesleyan S Ironside) .
Tumultous childhood years - 1860 mother Mary with her children relocated along with many other New Plymouth families for safety spending a period in Nelson and then on their return, years when the family pulled together to try and regain all the pioneering endeavour that had been lost during the conflict - home, fencing, schools. As you see below, all gains of neighbours rigorously defended.  
1871 - Taranaki Herald,  21 October 1871: RESCUING SHEEP ON THEIR WAY TO POUND. William Bayly, sen., was charged by Charles Sutton with having on the 15th October, rescued certain sheep which had been lawfully seized for the purpose of being impounded. The defendant pleaded not guilty, and was defended by Mr. Halse. The complainant conducted his case in person. Charlea Sutton stated: On Sunday last, the 15th October, the defendant's sheep were in bis paddock. He went out and rounded them in order to seize them and take them to pound. He had got from fifty to a hundred from the gap where they came in, when defendant came down and sent his dog into complainant's paddock to get them from him. The complainant told him that if he did so he would bring him before the Resident Magistrate. Defendant persisted in sending his dog after the sheep until he had got them all out of the gap by which they had come in. The gap through which the sheep got in was in the part of the fence belonging to the defendant. Complainant gave him notice to repair three weeks ago, but the defendant took no notice of it. Crossexamined : When the first lot of sheep came in, complainant fully expected more to come in, and he was waiting for a haul. When he got down to the sheep the defendant was leaving his house, and the sheep were escaping by the gap through which they had come in on account of the dog coming, and some of the other sheep turning back in an adjoining field. By the Court : He did not tell the defendant he was going to impound the sheep. Witness said " if you go on driving those sheep I will bring yon before the Resident Magistrate." Within a month he had impounded defendant's sheep for coming through the same gap, and, therefore, ho did not think it necessary to tell him he was going to impound them. The complainant having no farther evidence to offer, Mr. Halse applied for an adjournment until the following day, which was granted. At half-past 10 o'clock next day the hearing of this case was resumed. William Bayly, sen., stated : Oa Sunday morning last, between 9 and 10 a.m., he saw a few of his sheep in the plaintiff's field. He called his dog, and ran as fast as he could towards plaintiff's field. By the time he had got there a great many had got into the field. He sent the dog over the fence to fetch them oat. Before they had all got out through the fence he saw plaintiff coming from bia house up to the fence where the sheep were getting out. Plaintiff said " You are a hypocrite ; I will bring you before that party where you shall pull off your hat." None of the sheep were in plaintiffs field more than three minutes. Charles Newsham stated: On Sunday roaming he was with two boys on the fence at the bottom of his father's farm, where Mr. Bayly's paddock joins to Mr. Sutton's farm. He saw defendant come down with his dog to plaintiff's fence, and send his dog into plaintiff's field after sheep. The dog was bringing them out into defendant's field. Defendant had got about three-quarters of them out when witness saw plaintiff coming from his house towards the fence where the sheep got through.  Cross-examined : He stood on the fence. He could see the fence where the sheep were. Defendant was about three chains from the fence when witness saw plaintiff coining from his house. Witness thought that if part of the sheep had been left in plaintiff's paddock, and the rest of the flock hud got through, it would have been impossible for plaintiff to have driven those left to pound without assistance; they would have run back to join the others. This closed the case, and the information was dismissed, the plaintiff to pay costs and counsel's fee, which amounted to £2 9s. 6d.
1874 - Wanganui Chronicle, 11 March 1874 PATEA. At the R.M. Court,a  man named Simon Dolan made his appearance at the R.M. Court, before Major Turner, R.M., charged with larceny, having stolen the sum of eighteen shillings and a watch chain, valued at 12s,. the property of Charles Newsham, from the packer's camp at Ketemacra, he received a sentence of three months imprisonment with hard labor.
1876 - Taranaki Herald, 8 January 1876: NEW YEAR'S DAY SPORTS AT OAKURA.
The usual New Year's Day sports were held at Oakura on Saturday last, when everything went on: satisfactorily, although the attendance was small. The races were held in Captain Mace's paddock, which made an excellent course of about a mile and a quarter in length. The sports were spiritedly contested, and the judges gave satisfaction in their decisions. There were two refreshment booths on the ground. That kept by Mr. Clover was abundantly provided, everything being of the best quality ; and Mr. Grylls, of the Oakura Hotel, as usual gave every satisfaction to the visitors. The sports commenced shortly after 10 a.m., and were carried on with spirit. The following are the results of the several events:  ATHLETIC SPORTS. There were four entries. Vaulting with Pole. Prize, 10s. C. Newsham, (8ft. 4in.) 1 ; J. Hooker, 2. There were four entries. Running High Jump.— Prize, 10s. J. Hooker, 1 ; C. Newsham. 2. Running Long Jump. — Prize, 10s. C. Curtis, 1 ; C. Newsham, 2.
1880 - Residential, Normandy; contractor
1881 - Electorate: Egmont Surname: Newsham Given Name: Charles Nature of Qualification: Residential Place of Residence: Normanby Occupation: Contractor Property Qualification:
1881: Charles Newsham married Ellen Treweek on 19 Jul 1881 at Normanby, Taranaki She was b: 2nd Sep 1863 in Rangiora Canterbury
1882 - Hawera & Normanby Star, 18 January 1882: TEN SHILLINGS REWARD: Lost, about September last, from the Plains, a chestnut Horse, marked two hind white feet, blaze down the" face, and branded D V on the shoulder. Finder to apply to C. Newsham, Okaiawa
1882 - Hawera & Normanby Star,  20 September 1882 BUSH FELLING. Tenders will be received up to noon on Saturday, the 23rd September, for Felling about 50 Acres light Bush at Te Ngutu-o-te Manu. Particulars to be obtained from Mr. A. Brett, Imperial Hotel, Normanby ; or the undersigned. C. NEWSHAM,  Okaiawa.
1882 Hawera & Normanby Star, 10 October 1882: NOTICE TO FENCE. The undersigned hereby give notice to owner of Section 33, Block XVI., Kaupokonui, to join with them in erecting boundary fences between his section and those of undersigned. In default of his doing so, the under- signed will erect fence and charge him with half cost, as provided by Fencing Act. C. NEWSHAM - l J. BAILEY.
1882 - Return of the Freeholders; Settler of Okaiawa; County of Hawera 121 acres - Value £733; Normandy Borough value = £130; Total value in colony  = £ 863
1882 Hawera & Normanby Star, 31 July 1882 FINANCE;  In respect to a letter from the Bank at Normanby, re accommodation granted to Charles Newsham, a contractor. The Chairman expressed regret that the monies had not yet reached them.' A map had been sent from Wellington, asking information which had been given. After discussion, it was resolved "That on any accounts overdue to contractors, the Board will, until in funds pay interest, and will, before making such payments, protect any bank allowing overdrawn".
1882 Hawera & Normanby Star,15 September 1882: HAWERA EESIDENT MAGISTRATE'S COURT.(Before Captain Wilson and Mr. J. Livingston, J.P..)
C. Newsham v. Thos. Robson: Claim for £16 for goods sold and delivered. Plaintiffs statement was that two years ago he sold four tons of oaten hay to defendant. Applied to him in writing for payment about six weeks ago, but defendant said it was a barter, and that the hay was to be returned. Plaintiff agreed to take some in return, but the hay offered in return was bad, and plaintiff would not take it. Had frequently applied for payment by' word of mouth, but could not get it, Some of the stack was sold to Mr. Gibson.  "My brother Frederick made the arrangement in the first instance; he is not here; Robson said that I might break up a piece of ground and sow it with oats, and take the crop. It was not arranged that this should be in payment for the hay he had from me. The hay sold to Mr. Robson was the first crop off the land; there might have been fern in it. I sold some of it for £4.  Charles Edward Gibson, storekeeper, Normanby, proved that he had bought hay from Mr. Newsham in 1880 ; it was good; he paid £4 for it, and it was delivered to him in Normanby. 
For the defence, Mr. Thomas Robson was called, and stated that the agreement with Fredk. Newsham was that some hay that was left should be taken by him (Robson), and that Newsham should repay himself out of next year's crop. The hay was not good and was blowing about the ground, the stack being in very bad order. There was about a ton and a half. He used some of the hay, and sold the remainder to Carl Gungall for a pound. Some time ago plaintiff applied for payment, but defendant told him that it was a case of barter and offered him some hay, but he did not take it. He said it was bad. The arrangement had been that plaintiff should take of the 1881 hay, of which there had been plenty, but plaintiff did not take it.  Thomas Mabey stated that in 1880 he took a slip of paper from Frederick Newsham to Charles Newsham, stating that Robson was to have the hay and return hay in its place the following year. Charles Newsham said "all right." He had some of the hay; it was good; but this was before the fence around the stack was broken and the cattle had got in. There was about four tons in the stack; that was a month before he took the note. Carl Gungall said he bought some of the hay from Frederick Newsham at 30s. for half a ton; and gave Robson £1 for some. It was not good hay. Thomas Budlitz, driver for Mr. Robson, proved that the hay was not good. There was about a ton and a half of the hay. Carl Ritter also stated that the hay was bad. Plaintiff, re-called, said "Mr. Robson had half the stack, and there were eight tons in the stack. Mr. Mabey, re-called, said that when he took his hay there was about four tons left. Defendant denied that he had more than 1 1/2 tons. The Bench had considerable difficulty in arriving at a conclusion as to how much hay had been had by Mr. Robson ; but eventually he gave judgment for three tons, at £3 per ton — £9 and costs.
Hawera & Normanby Star, 22 September 1882 Charles Newsham along with twenty householders attended a meeting of settlers interested in the establishment of a school at Okaiawa
1883 Electorate: New Plymouth Number: 1681 Surname: Newsham Charles; Residence: Waitara Occupation: Farmer; Type: Residential
1883 Electorate: New Plymouth Number: 3399 Surname: Newsham  Ellen; Residence: Waitara East Occupation: Household manager; Type: Residential
1883 - .Hawera & Normanby Star, HAWERA COUNTY COUNCIL: Saturday, 24th March, 1883. A special meeting of the council was held this day, at 11.30 a.m. Present — Councillors Inkster, Finlayson, Milne, and Councillor Yorke took the chair. ROADS CONSTRUCTION ACT. The approval of the acting- Minister for Public Works of the proposed expenditure under the Roads Construction Act was read.
TENDERS. The council went into committee to open tenders, with the following result : —
Contract No. I.— F. McGovern, £1527 ; Dingle and Newsham (accepted), .£1315 ; Kirkpatrick and Murphy, 10a; Simpson Bros., £2613.
Contract No. 11. (1 mile 55 chains). — A. O'Donnell, £472.10s ; Dingle and Newsham (accepted), £405. On the motion of Mr. Inkster, it was resolved to accept Dingle and Newsham's tender. Resolved, That the Borough Council be requested to allow Mr. Wright to superintend the gravelling contracts on the Main South road. 
1883 Hawera & Normanby Star,  29 March 1883: BOROUGH COUNCIL. The Council met last evening; 
Charles Newsham offered broken stone deposited at the boundary, for 3s 6d per* yard. — On the motion of  Councillor Winks seconded by Councillor Adamson, the offer was accepted. It was stated by the Mayor that there was not much chance, of getting metal by rail, as the engine would be wanted for hauling for New Plymouth station yard, and then there were orders to fulfil  for  the County Council.
1885 Hawera & Normanby Star, 29 May 1885 Charles stood unsuccessfully for the Waimate Roads Board
1885 Hawera & Normanby Star, 2 June 1885  Messrs. Newsham and Joll waited on the board re completion of their gravelling contract on the Ahipaipa road in the spring. The Chairman said he understood the engineer was satisfied with the work done, and had stopped the contract because of the wet weather. He moved, that Messrs. Nawsham and Joll be paid in full for the work done on Ahipaipa road, and be allowed to take up work again in the spring so soon as weather is favorable ; the board retaining deposit as security for the completion of work. Mr. Glenn seconded, and the resolution was carried. Messrs. Newaham and Joll undertook to put a few more loads of gravel on the Manaia road, in accordance with a verbal agreement made with the engineer,
1886  FRIDAY, 4th MARCH. At 1.80 p.m. sharp. THE WEST COAST FARMERS' JL Trading Association, Ltd. have been favored with instructions from Mr C. Newsham to sell by public auction the whole of his Household Furniture and Effects Without Reserve, consisting of Bedsteads (double and single) Toilet table, ware, mirror Dressing tables, chest drawers 2 sewing machines, linoleum Pictures, fancy chairs, couch Bentwood and easy chairs Bookcase, books, tables Cooking utensils, crockery, etc. Also, Horse, gig and saddle 1 bay horse, saddle, and bridle (By instruction of Bailiff of S.M. Court, will be sold at 2 o'clock on Saturday, at the Mart.) L. H. MoALPINE, Auctioneer.
Wanganui Herald,  26 April 1889: Mr Hurloy roports tho sale of 58 acres belonging to Mr Newsham, noar Okaiawa to Mr G. R. C. Raikes.
1886 - PORT OF WAITARA. SAILED: Hawera & Normanby Star, 12 August 1886,  PORT OF WAITARA. SAILED. August 11. — Gairloch, s.s., for Onehunga.  Cargo— 7l cattle, C. Newsham .
1887 - PORT OF PATEA. Hawera & Normanby Star,  4 March 1887: SAILED. March 2. — Waverley, for Wellington and Nelson. 4 bales wool, Newsham ; 
1887 - Egmont Roll - Residential Okaiawa, Contractor  (Charles Newsham Stockman)
1889 Taranaki Herald, 10 August 1889: FIRE AT OKAIAWA. Hawara, August 10. News has been received of the destruction by fire this morning of the dwelling house of Mr. Chas. Newsham, near Okaiawa. It is believed to be insured in the South British office for £250, but this is uncertain. The inmates escaped with difficulty. The furniture was all burnt.
1893 - Farmer of Waitara;  Residence
1894 Taranaki Herald,  6 December 1894: WAITARA HACK MEETING.
President : Mr C M. Lepper. Vice- President : Mr C. Newsham. Stewards : Messrs J. Rountree, J. Lye, W. G. Glassford, L. Darnell, C. M. Lepper, C. Newsham, G. V. Tate B J. Sarten, Y. McKoy, J. Thornton, P- E. Dover, F. Atkinson, and J. D Wyllie. Judge: Mr G. V. Tate_ Starter :Mr J. Finnerty. Clerk of the- Scales :MrF. Bluck. Clerk of the Course Mr T. F. Goddard. Handicapper : Mr J. E. Henry.
BY TELEGRAPH.] The annual Hack Meeting was held at Waitara on Thursday, the fixture being fairly well patronised by town residents. The weather was extremely hot, and attendance was good.
1896 Hawera & Normanby Star,  20 February 1896: Magistrate's Court. Hawera, Wednesday, February 10 (Before Mr 11. W. Brabant, S.M.)George Hall v. Henry Cook. — Claim, £50, commission on sale of farm from defendant to Charles Newsham. George Victor Bate, manager of commission agency of George Hall, trading under the name of the West Coast Produce and Agency Company, stated that in June, 1893, defendant put his property into his hands for sale. He entered it in his book, the price being £9 an acre. He advertised the farm in his list of properties, and sent persons out to see the farm. He afterwards asked Cook if he would take £8 5s an acre, and Cook said he would. He saw him again and Cook said two young men would buy at £8, and he would sell at this if he had not to pay any commission. He then advertised in the Star withdrawing the farm from sale if not sold by agents within three days of date of advertisement. He afterwards saw defendant, who said the young men had not taken the farm. Witness asked if he would get the commission if he sent a good purchaser, and Cook said yes. Witness heard that C. Newsham had sold his Awakino property and wrote to him stating that he had Cook's place to sell at £8 ss. He saw Newsham in New Plymouth, and the latter said he would come and look at it. Saw Newsham after in Hawera and he said had seen Cook's ; that it was not a bad place, and he would see Cook. Newsham said he offered Cook £2500, but that the latter wanted £2560. Cook objected to commission, but agreed that he (Bate) should telegraph to Newsham to make it £2530. He did so, and got a reply from Newsham that he would stand to his offer until the following Tuesday. Wrote to Cook forwarding the telegram from Newsham. Saw Newsham, who said he had closed with Cook for £2500, but afterwards said £2575. Charles Newsham stated that a letter from Bate first directed his attention to Cook's property. No other agent had brought it under his notice. He told Cook that it was the letter from Bate that made him see the farm and want to buy. Cross-examined — Witness and Cook had done most of tho work, but he considered Bate entitled to commission. Had it not been for him witness would not have bought the farm. Mr T. L. Joll, storekeeper, Okaiawa, stated that he sent Newsham a telegram as follows: " Cook says if you advance £15 and deal direct he will accept. Reply. " He concluded that Cook wished to avoid paying a commission. He did not send the wire for either side. Newsham is a brother-in-law.
1896 Advert. Hawera & Normanby Star,  11 January 1896, Page 3; TENDERS will be received until the 18th inst. for the erection (labor only) of a dwelling for Chas. Newsham, on the Duthie Road. Specifications can be seen at F. Purser's, tobacconist, Hawera, where tenders will be received. CHAS. NEWSHAM.
1896 - Magistrate's Court. Hawera & Normanby Star, 5 March 1896:Hawera, Wednesday, March 4. HALL V. COOK. The Court gave judgment in this case as follows : — This is a claim for commission alleged to be earned by the plaintiff, who is a commission agent, for the sale of a property known as section 39, Block XVI, Kaupokonui, sold by defendant to one Charles Newsham, in October last.  The amount to be paid to plaintiff  £2O. Judgment for plaintiff, £2O and costs.
 Hawera & Normanby Star,  24 April 1896: Mr Chas. Newsham, who recently purchased Mr H. Cook's property on the Duthie road, has erected a fine house on the farm, and shortly intends to reside permanently on the farm.
1897 South Taranaki Rates Book Name NEWSHAM Charles; Town Mangatoki;Name of Ratepayer
1898 - School Examinations, Hawera & Normanby Star, 8 November 1898: MANGATOKI. The above school was examined by Inspector Binden on 2ndl November. The following passed: Standard IV.— Dora Newsham, Gladys Newsham.
1899 - Mangatoki; Charles farmer; wife Ellen house duties
1899 Hawera & Normanby Star,  9 March 1899: Mr and Mrs Charles Newsham, who left Hawera recently with the intention of driving overland to Auckland in a small gig, reached Mahoenui on the 4th, and, according to a private letter received in New Plymouth, the trip is proving a very pleasant one. This is the first journey of the kind that has been undertaken from Taranaki to Auckland.
1899 Taranaki Herald,  Writing under date Monday, 13th March., the Ohaupo correspondent of the New Zealand Herald says: Mr Newsham and his wife can claim that they have been the first persons to drive a vehicle through from Taranaki to Waikato. They left Hawera on Wednesday morning, March 1, and arrived at Ohaupo on March 5, in the evening, they were therefore just five days on the road. They travelled by way of Awakino, and never had to camp out once, having always reached a settlers' house by nightfall The trap was a light one, with two wheels, drawn by a stout pony, which was only once taken out of the shafts when on the road, in cousequence of difficulties to overcome. This was at the Maungaiaki Creek, between Puketete and Awakino. The wheels were then taken off and the trap hauled down the bank by men, the pony was then yoked up and the trap pulled across the ford. The wheels were then again removed, and the trap carried over some rough ground, in all about some forty chains. Mr Newsham says that with the exception of this break, the whole road can be easily travelled by buggy. The nastiest bit of road was between Te Kuiti and Otorohanga, a road that has been opened for twelve years!
1899 - School Examinations.Hawera & Normanby Star,  28 October 1899: The Mangatoki School was examined by Inspector Milne on Tuesday, 24th October, after being closed for a week on account of measles. Standard Vl: Harold Newsham. Standard V: Dora Newsham, Gladys Newsham.
1901 SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS. Hawera & Normanby Star,  24 October 1901: MANGATOKI. The following passed :— Standard Vl: Gladys Newsham. Standard ll: Laalie Newsham,
1911 Electorate: Bay of Plenty Number: 4535 Surname: Newsham Given Name: Charles
Residence: Opotiki Occupation: farmer;
Number: 4536 Surname: Newsham Given Name: Ellen Residence: Opotiki Occupation: married
1913  Evening Post: 19 April 1913: APPEAL DISMISSED A COUNTY COUNCIL'S LIABILITY. AUCKLAND, 18th April. Justice Cooper delivered judgment to-day in the case in which the Whakatane County Council appealed against a decision of Mr. H. W. Dwyer, S.M., in awarding Charles Newsham damages against the council for the loss of 48 cattle caused by the capsizing of a punt connected with a ferry under the council's control on the Rangrtaiki River. The grounds of appeal were that the appellant council had leased the ferry, and it was contended that the lessee was liable for any mishap that occurred. The Judge held that the appellants had failed to exercise proper control over the ferry, and did not see that the ferry gear was sufficiently strong to carry passengers and cattle. The appeal was dismissed, with £15 15s costs.
Thames Star,  6 May 1914:ORONGO ESTATE  (Opani Point). TRESPASSERS on the above Estate in pursuit of game or otherwise will be prosecuted. CHAS. NEWSHAM
Thames Star, 30 October 1920: The Borough Council at last meeting, granted a number' of permiits for new buildings... and alterations to existing buildings. Among these  Chas. Newsham, application to dismantle and re-erect small cottage in Sealey St.
1914 Bay Of Plenty Times, 13 November 1914: A line of 210 forward-conditioned bullocks passed through the Borough yesterday from the coast for Mr C Newsham, of Thames
1922 Hawera & Normanby Star, 24 May 1922: Mr Charles Newsham, who was some years ago a resident of the district, is in Hawera on a short visit, staying Mr B. L. Joll. It is some years since Mr Newsham was in the town, and he has noticed with great interest the wonderful strides made in every direction. He was particularly pleased with King Edward Park, which he went specially to see, having heard of the good work done there, and came away delighted with all he saw. He was very complimentary in his remarks on the management, and considers Hawera has a great asset in the park. Citizens should be proud of it, and should help to develop it in every way. Mr Newsham is now settled at the Thames, which district he considers has a great future.
1923 11 Sep: The death at Thames of Charles Newsham, retired farmer aged 67yrs. His funeral was at Shortland Cemetery, Thameson  12 Sep Location PUBL-PLOT-3325
Probate Number 16763/23 Filed Date 11 Oct 1923: Will Executors - George Hursthouse Newsham, Turua, Farmer, James Kernick of Thames, Accountant and Ernest Tudor Robinsom, Matangi, School teacher
Charles Newsham Will: £500 to be invested in a trust fund for income for wife during her life
Son Alfred Leslie = £2000; Trust fund for children - George Hursthouse Newsham, Laura Ellen O"Reilly, Laura Gladys Robinson; Lulu Newsham equal shares. Estate valued at £38.000
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