Edwin James & Sarah Wilson

Edwin James Wilson (b: 19 Jan 1806 in Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham to parents: William Wilson (1752 - 1839) and Jane Maria Fowler Wilson (1766 - 1859); bapt: in Stockton 11 Apr 1806; d: 07 Apr 1872 in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire; Bur: All Saints Churchyard, Hutton Rudby.

Edwin's  Time Line Src:: 

22 Apr 1836: Edwin mar: in Bradford WRY to Sarah Farrer (b: 1816 to parents Simeon and Mary Ann Farrer in Armley, West Yorkshire, England, a district less than 1 mile (1.6 km) west from Leeds city centre, West Yorkshire; Bapt: 30 Oct 1816 Leeds, St Peter. Sarah d: Abt. 03 Mar 1859 in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire Aged 43Y; Bur: 5/3/1859)

1837: Passed the LSA of London

1839: Appointed surgeon for the district of Lythe, travelling 30 miles from Hutton Rudby. [Dr Stout]

1841 Census: Edwin Wilson 35, his wife Sarah 25, sons William 3 and Edwin 1, with servants Miriam and Frances Peacock 15, North Side

13 Feb 1845: Edwin James Wilson occupied 4a Close Hunters Holme [East Side deeds]

1846: In spite of holding only a single diploma, Edwin was appointed medical officer to the Hutton District of Stokesley Union (there were no alternative candidtates) [Dr Stout]

1847 + 1848: Medical Directories: E J Wilson on Poor Law Medical Staff

1851 Census: North Side: Edwin James Wilson 45 licentiate of Apothecary’s Hall, General Practitioner b: Stockton, Sarah 35 b: Armley, Yks, and son Alfred 6 b: Hutton, with stable boy William Raper 16 b: Hutton

6 Oct 1852: Edwin James Wilson, surgeon, was the deputy registrar

1859 - Death of wife Sarah Wilson Age 43Y; Bur:  5th  Mar 1859 ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN Church DEATH/BURIAL: From Letter by Maria Wilson Richmond to her daughter's friend Margaret Taylor dated Sept 26, 1859. "I don't know where Lucy and Fanny will live, staying at present at a village in Yorkshire with my brother Edwin who lost his wife about the same time that my Mother died (Jane Fowler Wilson d. 17 Jan 1859) & her Sister (Anna Wright abt 5 Feb 1859) & where only daughter Jane Maria, age eighteen is left very lonely, & is glad to have them with her."

1860: Dr Edwin Wilson was the tenant  of Linden Grange. His social circle and taste for light verse can be seen in the rhyme he wrote to celebrate Henry Passman's wedding to Dorothy Boyes, quoted in J Beryl Turner's 'Letters to a Miller's Daughter': "Your Marriage dear Friend, took the town by surprise - A Wedding indeed both judicious and wise".

1861 Census: Linden Grove: Edwin J. Wilson, Head, Widow 53 Surgeon L.S.A. London, Co. Durham, Stockton-on-Tees; Sarah A. Thompson, housekeeper, unm, 20, house servant, York, Osmotherly

 17 Aug 1863: Letter from E Garbutt"The Doctor is changing his housekeeper again": Edwin James Wilson and Sarah A Thompson's son John Thompson Wilson  is b: 1864 in Osmotherlyy,

1872 Post Office Directory: Hutton Rudby: Edwin James Wilson

1867 Middlesbrough Weekly News of 20 and 27 Sep: "a card" from Mr Alfred Wilson, MRCS London, late pupil with Sir John Fife. Mr Edwin J Wilson’s, surgeon, Linden Grove, Hutton Rudby (standard method of announcing entry into medical practice) [Dr Stout]

1871 Census: no longer in practice, living on North Side Edwin James Wilson, Head, Widower, 65, surgeon I.S.A.L., Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham; Sarah Ann Thompson, servant, unm, 30, housekeeper, York, Osmotherly; John Thompson, boarder *7 scholar  (Their son/John's home)

Burial: 7 Apr 1872, All Saint's Churchyard Hutton Rudby Hambleton District North Yorkshire, aged 65Y Oddfellows Board: Bro: E J Wilson, Hutton,

1873: Medical Directory: Obituary note for E J Wilson, no date given [Dr Stout]
Will: Sept 15; 1871: £100 to dau Jane Maria; Edtate interest Sarah Ann Thompson until her death as long as she remains his housekeeper; on death gets his bed and cupboard in dining room; adopted son John Thompson financing support for his education in a respectable trade or profession until 21 yrs - then proceeds of total estate go to him and his heirs forever - if he dies estate goes to daughter Jane Maria Dunn

Sarah Farrer and Edwin Wilson's 4 children:

William Fowler Wilson (b: Hutton Rudby, Bapt: 13 Jun 1839 in Leeds, North Yorkshire; d: Abt. 10 Jan 1851;Bur: date 12 Jan 1851 Hutton Rudby; Age 12Y)

2 Edwin Wilson (b: Mar Q. 1840 in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire; d: Sep Q. 1842 in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire)

Jane Maria Wilson (*Known as Maria) (b: Abt. Sep 1841 in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire; d: 27 Jul 1917 in Blenheim, Marborough, NZ)  Death: Jane Maria Dunn aged 76Y  of Woolgreaves Hall, Wakefield, Nelson, only daughter of Edwin James Wilson, Esq., surgeon, of Linden Grove, Hutton Rudby, near Yarm

Maria Mar: 11 Feb 1860 in St. Martin's-in-the-fields, London to Lieutenant Henry Burton Dunn (b: 03 Apr 1834 in Woolgreaves Hall, Wakefield, WRY youngest son to father Richard Dunn  residence South Parade, occ: (1806, Richard DUNN, Esq. Collector of His Majesty`s Customs at Blyth) Corn Merchant and mother Eliza; Bapt: 10 Sep 1834 All Saints, Wakefield; d: Abt. Jul 1885 aged 45Y, in Ruswarp, NRY, England 

1841 England Census, Yorkshire, Warmfield, Heath House
Richd Dunn 45 1796 Head b. Yorkshire; Eliza Dunn 45 1796 wife; Mary Eliza Dunn 20 1821 b. Yorkshire: Georgiana Dunn 14 1827 Female b. Yorkshire; Edith Dunn 9 1832 b. Yorkshire; Henry Dunn 6 1835 b. Yorkshire; Caroline Lesalla Dunn 3 1838 b. Yorkshire England

1851 England Census, Yorkshire, Wakefield, Ecclesiastical Dist. St. Mary's: Richard Dunn Head 57 1794 Male Corn Factor b. Driffield, Yorkshire: Eliza Dunn Wife 57 1794 b. Manchester, Lancashire: Louisa Dunn Daughter 27 1824 b. Leeds, Yorkshire: Edith Dunn Daughter 20 1831 b. Wakefield, Yorkshire; Henry B Dunn Son 16 1835 b. Wakefield, Yorkshire

1851 British Census, Co. Durham, Norton Township, Green St: Jane M. Wilson, head, Widow age 84, Annuitant, born Durham, Stockton; Lucy Wilson, daughter, unm: age 41, teacher, b: {Durham, Stockton; Frances Wilson, daughter, unm: age 40, miniature painter, b: Durham, Stockton; Jane M. Wilson, g-daughter, age 9, scholar, b; York, Huttton Rudley.

THE LONDON GAZETTE, FEB 6, 1857: 89th Foot, Ensign Henry Burton Dunn has been permitted to resign his Commission. Dated: 6th Feb, 1857.

11 Feb 1860; Jane Maria Wilson - Mar: in St. Martin's-in-the-fields, London to Lieutenant Henry Burton Dunn (Marriage cert: shows her as Maria Wilson)

1861 England Census, Yorkshire, Seaton Carew: Henry B Dunn Head 27 1834 Landed Property b. Wattisfield Yorkshire; Maria Dunn Wife 19 1842 b. Hutton Rudby Yorkshire; Richard W H Dunn  2/12 1861 b. Seaton Carew Durham England

1871 England Census, Town: East Coatham Yorkshire: Henry B Dunn Head 36 1835 Inc frm Interest [?] Ret from Army b. Wakefield Yorkshire; Maria Dunn Wife 29 1842 b. Hutton Rudby Yorkshire; Edwin D Dunn Son 4 1867 b. East Coatham Yorkshire; Frederick W Dunn Son 3 1868 b. East Coatham Yorkshire England;  Mary G Dunn Daughter 9 Months 1870 b. East Coatham Yorkshire;  Anne Winspear 19; Hannah Calvert 19;

Moved from Coatham-Redcar, NRY between July 1875 and Sept 1879 according to the birth records of her 2 youngest daughters.

1881 British Census, Co. Durham, Norton Grove: Dunn, Henry B., head, mar: age 47, annuitant, b. Wakefield, York; Jane M., wife, mar: age 39,  b. Hutton Rudby, York; Richard W. H. D., son, unm: age 20, male, clerk in Iron*, b. Seaton Carew; Emma F., Dau, unm: age 8, female, scholar, b: Redcar; Lucy G., Dau, unm: age 5, scholar, b. Redcar; Nora H., Dau, unm: age 1, b: Norton; Thompson, John,  boarder, 17, male, engine fitter, b: Hutton Rudby, York;  Mary Marsden Servant 16 1865 Female General Serv (Dom) Newcastle Northumberland Eng;

Sister Frances Fowler Wilson's will (signed in 1883 and probated in 1885) indicates widow Maria, with 4 daughters and 3 sons, was living in 19 Shellgate Rd. North-east  Clapham Junction, London.  She emigrated 1890 with her children to Wellington New Zealand,

Death 1918: Jane Maria  Dunn  d: 27 Jul 1917 aged 76Y  of Woolgreaves Hall, Wakefield, only daughter of Edwin James Wilson, Esq., surgeon, of Linden Grove, Hutton Rudby, near Yarm

Immigration to New Zealand 1890

Children of Henry and Maria Dunn:

Richard William Henry Dawson Dunn (b: Bet. 1 Jan - 31 Mar 1861 in Seaton Carew, Dorset, Eng; d: 20 Mar 1945 in Blenheim, NZ)  Mar: 1901 to Florence Edith Elvira Hillman (b: 1874; d: 1919) (below: M.Expres = Marlborough Express Newpaper)

1881 Census: Richard W H D Dunn Son SingleMale 20 1861 Clerk In Ironworks Seaton Carew, Durham,

1892:  Office of R. W. H. D. Dunn, Commission Agent, High Street, late C. Purbiss, 

17 Oct 1893 M.Express:  Mining. The Deep Creek Sluicing Company held their first statutory meeting at the Criterion Hotel last night,- appointments made Auditors Messrs C. Byan, D. Stuart, and R. W. H. Dunn.

10 Jun 1892 M.Express: IN consequence of continued in- disposition, I find I am compelled to relinquish business, but the Office and Busines3 after JUNE 30th, will be carried on by Mr. R. W. H D, DUNN, who has been assisting me since I re-commenced Business, and I feel sure will give every satisfaction to my clients and the Public in general. C, PURKISS. Blenheim, June 10th, 1892.

27 Feb 1893 M.Express: ASSESSMENT COURT:  R. W. H. Dunn

24 Aug 1893 M.Express: Overturned. A trap accident, fortunately attended by no serious consequences, occurred at Renwicktown yesterday afternoon. In rounding a corner near Shaw's Hotel the wheels of a four wheeler, occupied by Mr Wakelin and Mr R. W. Dunn, becoming locked, caused the vehicle to overturn, throwing the gentlemen named heavily to the ground. A portion of the harness was broken, but otherwise little damage was done. All Renwicktown was there to see,

17 Oct 1893 M.Express: Mining. The Deep Creek Sluicing Company held their first statutory meeting at the Criterion Hotel laat night, Mr T. Horton inm ths chair. The following appointments were made  Auditors Messrs C. Byan, D. Stuart, and R. W. H. Dunn.

23 Nov 1893 M.Express:  Almanac.— The South British Insurance Company, for which Mr R. W. H. D. Dunn ia the local agent, are the first in the field with the 1894 almanac. The card is exceedingly well got up, and as a sample of oolonial work (Messrs Wilson and Horton, litho., Auckland,) is worth special mention.

8 Oct 1894 M.Express: CRICKET— The Wairau season was opened on Saturday, the matoh being Married v Singles. Horton and R. F. Dunn were the most successful trundlers Horton was especially good, his analysis being four for 27. During the interval; Mr Snodgrass, on behalf of the members, presented the Secretary (R. W. Dunn) with a handsome sovereign purse suitably engraved. In making the presentation Mr Snodgrass referred to the energetic and painstaking manner in whioh Mr Dunn had carried out the many secretarial duties, and trusted that he would accept the momento, not in payment, but as a slight recognition that his services were being recognised and appreciated. Mr Dunn briefly replied, and then the benediots took the field.

Dec 18 1895:  M.Express: Cider: Mr R W H D Dunn has been appointed agent foro a celebrated brand of Canterbury Cider which he is prepared to supply in bulk or by the case

12 Feb 1896 M.Express: Omaka Road Board - Mr R. McCallum's name was placed on the roll for allotment 880, section 162, in place of that of Mr R. W. H. Dunn.

7 Jan 1897 M.Express: Calendar.— Mr R. W. H. Dunn, the looal agent, sends us a copy of the wall almanßo for 1897 issued by the South British Insurance company

30 June 1898 M.Express: KLONDYKE — Mr R. W. Dunn reoeived news to-day from his two brothers, Dr Dunn and Mr Fred. Dunn, both of whom have friends in Blenheim, and who are on their way to Klondyke. The letter was written from Alaska on May 12th, and the writers stated that they had finished their packing, and would start the next day (May 18th) by way of the Chilkoot Pass.

1899; Acting Secretary of the Agricultural Assoc

27 April 1901: M.Express: Marriage: Dunn—Hillman. —On 23rd April, 1901, at the Church of Nativity, Blenheim, by the Rev. J. B. Galwey, Richard Dunn to Florence Hillman (Mar Folio 2264 Given Names Florence Edith Elvida (b: 1874; d: 1919))

Marlborough Express,  29 May 1905 Secretary of the Marlborough Farmers Union
24 Dec 1906; M.Express: Particulars and Conditions to bo seen at the office of R.W. H. D. DUNN, Deputy Official Assignee in Bankruptcy, Blenheim.

22 Jan 1907: Wairarapa Daily Times: Mr Richard Wanden has been appointed Deputy Official Assignee at Nelson, vice Mr R. W. H. D. Dunn, resigned.

Sporting Interests: Bowling, Played cricket, signatory for the Marlborough  Rugby Union

Death R.W.H.D. Dunn  d  Wairau, Marlborough aged 84Y; Bur: Omaka Cem Block Number 8  Row Number 0  Plot Number 92  Other Plot Members , Jane Maria Dunn  (mother)

Richard and Florence's children:  

a SBC - a son

b Elvira Frances Dunn b: 16 Nov 1905 in Blenheim, Marborough, NZ d: 1971 bur: 16/01/1971 Omaka Lawn Cem) Mar: 1927 to Russell Henry Jellyman b: 18 Jan 1902 to parents Arthur Ernest and Caroline Jellyman; d: 1981 bur; 24 Jun 1981 Omaka Cem)

Their dau:  Elvira Faye* Jellyman (b: 17 Jun 1929; d: 2013 aged 83Y) mar: John Eric Fairhall  (know as JP). (b: 06 Sep 1929; d: On Sept 30, 2010 peacefully at Ashwood Park Retirement Home, Blenheim, in his 82nd year. Dearly loved husband of Faye) Community Church bur: Rapaura, Marlborough

Their son: Dr Phillip Jellyman National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) scientist

c Aroha Dunn (b: 1914 - no father's name given) 

ii Edwin Dacre Dunn (b: Abt). Jun 1866 in Coatham Redcar, NRY, Eng; d: 1 Sep 1944 in Westport, NZ  Bur: 2/09/1944 Orowaiti Cem. Plot 717 Block E Row 718)

Immigration NZ: Dr E Dunn Age 34, Physician; B; 1866; left from San Franciso to Auckland 27n Sep 1900 to NZ on Ship Mariposa

Jan: 1894: Opened practice at Brightwater, Wakefield

Feb 1892 Edwin Moore, a mariner, who died of a heart attack on 18th February 1892 (aged 49) was buried on his claim in Cundy Creek. Because of the unusual circumstances an inquiry was held, a party consisting of E. D. Dunn (surgeon) along with his 1st cousin  Richmond Hursthouse JP (coroner) and Thomas Boyes travelled to the Tableland where, after a post-mortem and inquiry held in Moore's claim, the burial took place. The North-West Nelson Forest Parks Board intends to erect a cross over the grave.

New Zealand Herald, 2 September 1944: Obituary: The death has occurred of Dr. Edwin Dacre Dunn, aged 78. A native of Redcar, Yorkshire, England, he arrived in New Zealand in 1892 and practised in the Nelson district. He left for Yukon and was in the Klondike rush in 1898. He returned to Nelson in 1901 came on to Westport, where he practised until the time Of his death. He was a prominent Freemason and the first Grand Area Druid of the Buller district.

He mar: 1903 to Mary Ann (Marinka) Martin Gembitzky (b: 1886 in Nelson; d: 1957)

Their family: 

a Henry Dacre Dunn (b: 14 Sep 1904; d: 1983) Mar: 1928 to Clarice Martha Taylor b: 1908 d: 1954

Their son John Dacre Dunn (b: 14 Jul 1930;d: 21 Jul 1930 Orowaiti Cem)

b Frances Mary Dunn (b: 28 Mar 1908; d: 1983) Mar: 1932 to Wilfred John Slee (b: 1908; d: 1965)

c Edwin Dacre Dunn (b: 1909; d: 1961)  Mar: 1939  to Isobel Lees

Their sons are  Edwin Dacre Dunn and Michael Dacre Dunn

d Alfred Lance Dunn (b: 10 Feb 1911; d: 1985)

iii Frederick William Dunn (b: Abt. 1867 in Coatham Redcar, NRY, Eng; d: 25 Jun 1943 in Palmerston North, NZ)

Fred Dunn, in 1898 went with his brother to the Klondike rush and returned leaving from Rio de Janeiro 25 Jan 1895 as seaman crew member, occ: Waiter on ship Mariposa to NZ : Age 28; B; 1867; to Auckland NZ.

Frederick was a farmer at Rawhiti, Pahiatua in 1911, then a land agent of Masterton 1920s & 30s. During this period Wilmot and the children were in Wellington. Later Wilmot and Frederick lived at Savage Cresc Palmerston North.They Mar: 28 Aug 1907 in Masterton - Wilmot Mary Rawson was b: 09 Dec 1879; d: 12 Nov 1963 in New Plymouth) Their family: 

Their family are Warwick Steel; Graham Rawson; Howard Noel and David Geoffrey Ede

e Harry Rawson Dunn (b: 30 May 1922; attended Seatoun school 1928, Eastern Hutt 1928-1936, Rongotai College;d: 06 Jul 1994 in KeriKeri) mar: 1945 to Phyllis Theresa Sanders (b: 15 Oct 1920; d: 2008) They have 1 son, 2 daughters.

iv Mary Georgina Dunn (b: Abt. 1870 in Coatham Redcar, NRY, Eng; d: 20 Nov 1935 in Nelson; Bur: 22 Nov 1935 Wakapuaka Cem) Mar: 15 Apr 1901 in Holy Trinity Church, Richmond, Nelson  to William Watson Livesey (b: 1871; Occ: farmer; d: 12 May 1952 in Nelson; Bur: 14 May 1952 Wakapuaka Cem)

Horowhenua 1910 Their children are:

a Geoffrey Thomas Livesey (b: 31 Jan 1902 in Hope, Nelson; d: 03 Apr 1961 in Wanganui)  Mar: 1933 to Mabel Alice Lane

b Erica Mary Livesey (b: 04 May 1903; d: 24 Dec 1980 in Taranaki)

c Henry Hamilton Livesey (b: 18 Oct 1908; d: 1975 in Timaru) Mar: 1943 to Miriel Gwendolen Owen

d Ralph Nelson Wilson Livesey (b: 18 Oct 1908; d: 1985) Mar: 1947 to Marjorie Alice Mary Russell

e Noel Ronald Livesey (b: 20 Dec 1911; d: 14 Aug 1962 in Nelson; Bur: 17 Aug 1962 Wakapuaka Cem) Mar: 1938 to Edna Catherine Brown (b: 19 Oct 1911; d: 1976)

Emma Frances Dunn (b: Bef. 14 Aug 1872 in Coatham Redcar, NRY, Eng; d: 21 Aug 1962) Mar: 1892 to Edgar William Brooke (b: 1863; d: 03 May 1938 in Auckland Crem: Waikumete) Otago Daily Times ,  29 June 1887: WAIHEMO COUNTY COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting of this county cnuuoil was held m the Council Chambers, Palmerston From the Secretary to the Benevolent Institution Dunedin, stating that E. W. Brooke, bhag Point, had been in receipt of 10s per week from lunds of the institution from May 1884 to I January 1887, and in the latter month the sum ot £10 had been advanced: towards buying a horse and express.—

Evening Post,  21 August 1890 WANTED, MINERS to keep away from Allandale during look-out,— E, W. Brooke, Secretary.

Otago Daily Times , 25 August 1890: SHAG POINT MINE, TO THE EDITOR.
Sib,—l wish to contradict a statement that appeared in the labour columns yesterday to the effect that the Allandale mine, Shag Point, has been closed, and all the miners paid off. The miners have been dismissed, andnbo reason assigned, but they have not been paid off yet.—l am,. E. W. Brooke, Secretary.

Oamaru Mail,  18 July 1894The Hon. John M'Kenzie presented a petition from E. W. Brooke, miner, who had been disabled by accident at Shag Point Coal Company's mine, praying for relief. aa he is unable to get relief from the Kaitangata fund, and he is debarred from claiming on the general fund owing to his accident having occurred prior to its formation.

Otago Daily Times ,  27 September 1895 IMPOUNDED at Palmerßton Pound, on September 24, Light Bay MARE—white off fore foot, white near hind foot, star on forehead 1 Dark Bay FlLLY—star on forehead. If aot claimed and expenses paid before OCTOBER 5, will be SOLD at 12 o'clock noon. E. W. BROOKE, • Pound Keeper.

Southland Times ,22 December 1900 Bluff Harbour Board The Harbour and Works Committee recommended—l (Public Health Act, 1900)— that the Board direct the attention of the harbourmaster to the Act and specially to certain clauses affecting the duties of pilots in connection therewith (2) E. W. Brooke's letter re lifebuoy and rope for quarantine jetty that the Board forward a copy of the letter to the Government and request them to give effect to the suggestion; (3) E. W. Brooke's letter offering his services re lights that the Board inform Mr Brooke that- his application will be filed and dealt with when the scheme ia carried out

Otago Daily Times ,  25 April 1901 PUKEIWITAHI.-Mesors E. W. Brooke (chairman), V. G. M'Cready (secretary), C. Jclm- Bon, J. Stovenson, F. Loodes, T. Anderson, and A. E. Barnes, It wns resolved to ask the Education Board to alter the name of the school to Shag Point;

Evening Post,  2 April 1913: DALES/BROOKE.— On the 2nd April, I9I3, at St. John's Church, by the Key. Dr. Glbb, James Mac Donald Doles, only son of J. Bennett Dales, Esq., Invercargill, to Molly, fourth daughter of E. W. Brooke, Esq., mine owner, Shag Point, Otago.

1914: MARRIAGES. BROOKE—PAGE. —On Sept 3, 1914, at St. Saviour's, West Lyttelton, by the Rev. E. Eliot Chambers, Griffiths, son of E. W. Brooke, Shag Point, to Gwladys Eliza, only daughter of Frederick Page, Lyttelton.

Southland Times: 20 Feb 1917 BROOKE, T. H. (E. W. Brooke, Shag Point, Palmerston)

Southland Times: 30 Oct 1918 - BROOKE—Died of wounds in France, on October 10, 1918, Rifleman Jack Brooke, 36th Reinforcements, second son of Mr and Mrs E. W. Brooke, Tewais Point; aged 21 years and 9 months.

Evening Post: 3 Jan 1922: A  wedding of interest, which took place at St. John's Church, Christchurch, recently, was that of Miss Ethel Gwendoline Brooke, daughter of Mr. and Mre. E. W. Brooke, of Wainoni, to Mr. Leslie Callender, of Wellington, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Callender, of Invercargill. The bride, who was given away by. her father, wore a gown of ivory crepe de chine with overdress of georgette embroidered with beads. Her embroidered tulle veil was held in. place with a wreath of pink daisies, and the carried a shower bouquet of pink roses and fern.- The bridesmaid, Miss Livesay (Nelson), was in a frock of pink Fuji silk with sleeves of pink georgette, and large black lace hat trimmed with blue eire riJbbon and pink roses. Her bouquet was or pink and white roses. The Rev. .Nelson Wright officiated, and the .organ was played by Mr. A. M. Owen. Following the reception Mr. and Mrs. Callender left for a visit, to the south, the latter wearing a navy blue coat and skirt trimmed with eire braid, and a, hat of straw and georgette in mole, wreathed. with tiny flowers on the brim.

Press: 9 Dec 1922: AUCTION SALE: SUBURBAN  PROPERTY. On account of Mr E. W. BROOKE:- The property situate at NO. 424 WAINONI ROAD, and CORNER OF BEXLEK ROAD, NEW BRIGHTON. Containing 4 ACRES AND 4 PERCHES, together with residence of 5 rooms, papered, electric light, hot water to bathroom, fitted with cupboards, washhouse, copper and tubs, laps over tubs, scullery, fowlhouse, cowbails, shed, etc.

Family are:

a Alfred Meredith Brooke (b: 1892)

b Edwin Burton* Brooke (b: 1893; d: WW1 on 5 Jun 1916 in Somme, Northern France)

c John Fletcher Brooke (b: 1897; d: WW1 on 10 Oct 1918 in France)

d Ethel Gwendoline Brooke (b: 1899)

v1 Lucy Gertrude Dunn (b: 23 May 1875 in Coatham Redcar, NRY, England; d: 29 Nov 1930 in Blenheim) Mar: 1903 to Arthur McBeth (b: 23 May 1861 in Picton to James McBeth and Margaret Dixon Calcott; occ: sheep farmer; d: 21 Oct 1916 )

a Jean McBeth (b: 14 Mar 1904; d: 1972) Mar: 1929 to William Richard Tempest White (b: 28 Apr 1899 in Ashburton, Canterbury, d: 1963 in Blenheim, Marlborough)

b Moira McBeth (b: 01 Jun 1906; d: 1978)  Mar: 1937 to Hugh McGlashan Thompson (b: 01 Oct 1904; d: 1979)

c Nancy McBeth (b: 1908; d: 1955)  Mar: 1938 to Hector Horace Elbeck Matthews (b: 1908 ;d: 1964)

d Ian McBeth (b: 01 Oct 1908[ d: 04 Apr 1972 in Lower Hutt, Wellington) Mar: 1943 to Gweneth Catherine Wakefield b: 19 May 1915; d: 2010

e James Douglas McBeth (b: 31 Dec 1910; d: 1990)

f Carrie Maria McBeth (b: 30 Apr 1913; d: 2002) Mar: 1940) Charles Malcolm Rainsford (b: 08 Apr 1915; d: 2006)

g Donald McBeth (b: 20 Mar 1915 in Wairau Valley; d: 07 Nov 1970) Mar: 1944 to Ivy May Edmonds

h Arthur McBeth

vii NORA HENRIETTA DUNN (Edwin's youngest daughter) She was born Abt. Sep 1879 in Norton, Durham, Eng, and died 19 Feb 1970 aged 90Y in Temuka. She mar: 1896 to HUGH CLEMENT LIVESEY, (son of JABEZ and MARY LIVESEY; b: 1866, and d: 3 Feb 1959 aged 80Y in Temuka) They are bur; Temuka Cem) Children of NORA DUNN and HUGH LIVESEY are:

i. HELEN CHRISTINE LIVESEY (b. 16 Jan 1909, Geraldine; d. 2001) mar: 1956 to CHARLES PERCY CHAMBERLAIN, b. 28 Aug 1902 to Mary and Reuben Joseph Chamberlain; he d. 1980 aged 78Y)

ii. MURIEL ENID LIVESEY (b. 22 May 1910; d. 11 Jul 2010 bur: Temuka Cem) BIRTH. LIVESEY - On Dec l0th. 1918, at Nurse Mallett's private hospital, to Mr and Mrs H. E. Livesey, Clandaboye—a daughter. Both well.

iii. LAWRENCE HUGH LIVESEY (b. 11 Aug 1913; d. 2000; mar: 1947 to DOROTHY ENID BELL