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 Ernest William Hursthouse

Ernest William Hursthouse was the eldest child b: 23 Oct 1868 in New Plymouth to parents Charles Wilson and Ellen Hursthouse. He went to Australia abt 1897 where he was employed in the Public Works Dept., in Perth, Western Australia.

He featured many times playing competitive Singles and doubles games in the Claremont Lawn Tennis Club results in the years around 1902 and 1903 Another of his interests was photography - his work featured in exhibitions, in the newspapers and winning prizes TILLY'S Photographic Competition. His interest in nature meant his name was recorded among the Australian Plant Collectors and Illustrators.

1903:  Ernest William Hursthouse, is promoted to Assistant inspector of Boilers in the Mines Dept at Perth
1904 - The following appointment has been made under the Inspection of Machinery Act, 1904: E. W. Hursthouse, Inspector for Machinery in the South-Western District
1906 - Ernest is on the Electoral roll  Western Australia at Fremantle and returned to New Zealand sometime in late 1908

Evening Post 15 May 1909: Hutt Valley Tramway Board: At last night’s meeting of the Hutt Valley Tramway Board, E. W. Hursthouse, manufacturing engineer, submitted a scheme of traction – “Clarkson” steam ‘buses – for the board’s consideration. As the result of some discussion held in committee, the board decided to refer the whole matter to Mr H. S. King, consulting electrical engineer.

Evening Post 13 Sep 1909: "For Housewives’ Good:" … Further intent to benefit housewives has been shown by E. W. Hursthouse, a Wellington engineer, who is seeking patent rights for an improved apparatus for cooking by steam. It consists of a cylindrical vessel having a tapering bottom therein and a steamtight door and cover for the purpose of charging material to and withdrawing it from the vessel, and a perforated steam-pipe passing into the said vessel.

Evening Post 04 Mar 1911 - Death of father Charles Wilson Hursthouse, aged 69 on Feb. 25th, at Lower Hutt, .

1911: Hutt Electoral Roll: Alice Mary Hursthouse (Ernest's sister), spinster; Ellen Hursthouse, widow (Ernest's mother); Ernest William Hursthouse, engineer – all of Main Road, Lower Hutt

1914 & 1919 Hutt Electoral Rolls: Alice Mary Hursthouse, spinster; Ellen Hursthouse, widow; Ernest William Hursthouse, engineer – all of Main Road, Lower Hutt

 29 Jan 1925 - Death of mother Ellen Hursthouse, aged 80Yrs at Lower Hutt

Mar 30 1918: Ernest applied for an Inventors Patent for an Implement for distributing manures.

1928 Hutt Electoral Roll; Ernest William Hursthouse, 24 Queen’s Road, Lower Hutt, engineer

1933 Ernest stated at his bankruptcy hearing he had been in business as a manufacturers' representative and indent agent for 23  years and by 1931/1934, depression years found him in financial difficulty

Hutt; 1935, 1946 and 1949 : Petone Electoral Rolls; Alice Mary Hursthouse, spinster; Ernest William Hursthouse, engineer – both of Mahina Bay, Eastbourne

Ernest's continuing interest in nature finds him recorded in the 1943 N.Z. BIRD NOTES Bulletin of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand.
He d: 24 Feb 1953; occ: Retd Engineer living at Mahino Bay, Wellington aged 84Yrs. and was crem. 25/2/1953 at Karori Cemetery.