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John (Jack) Fearon Hursthouse
BIRTH. Hursthouse. On Sept. 29th, 1877 at Motueka, the wife of Richmond Hursthouse, Esq., M.H.R., of a son.
22 February 1893: Nelson College candidates who have passed the Junior Civil Service examination  J. F. Hursthouse
10 March 1902: Mr J. F. Hursthouse, formerly purser of the Wainui, has been placed in the Dunedin office of the Union Steam Ship Company
12 January 1904 Colonist: On Saturday next Messrs J F Clark & Co. will sell property situated at Stoke, in the estate of the late Richmond Hursthouse, which has been subdivided into convenient lots. Mr J. F. Hursthouse will be in attendance on the grounds on Thursday and Friday next, and will be pleased to show the sections.

He was 28 when he left Wellington, New Zealand in Sept.1905 for London  on the ship "Rimutaka " Occ: Dentist" with his two brothers William and Leonard.

Auckland Star 23 Oct 1905: Callers at the High Commissioner's offices this week: Mr W. R Hursthouse (Nelson), Mr J. F. Hursthouse (Christchurch), Mr L. F. Hursthouse (Wellington).
1905: Left Liverpool port on ship "Lucania for New York and took a post-graduate course at the Philadelphia College.
1906: John F Hursthouse (age 29 yrs) left 5 July from Liverpool UK age 29 occ. student, on ship "Suevic" for Sydney  NSW
29 Sept 1906: Evening Post: Messrs. W. R. and J. F. Hursthouse have just returned from studying dentistry in England and America. Mr. W. R. Hursthouse was for eight months at the National Dental Hospital in London, where he took a post graduate course and has commenced practising in Wellington.
1 Oct 1910: Northern Advocate: Mr J. F. Hursthouse, who has been attached for some months to Mr Clarke's dental staff, left Whangarei this morning en route for Waihi, in which town he has procured a position with Mr Moses. During his short stay in this town and through the surrounding districts, Mr Hursthouse has made many friends, who will unite in wishing him success in his new sphere pf basiness
3 Jul 1911: The inaugural debate of the Cambridge Literary and Debating Society was neld on Thursday evening, Mr. C. Reid presiding. The subject debated was "Is a High Tariff Advantageous to New Zealand" Mr. J. F. Hursthouse took the affirmative,
21 April 1915: Jack Hursthouse enlisted for service WW1 - left Wgtn 26 Jul 1916 Serial No. 15116;  Occ. before Enlistment - Dentist 
28 May 1915: Free Lance; Engagement:  Miss Olive Ambury, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Ambury, of New Plymouth, to Mr. J. F. Hursthouse (She however mar: Percy Vernon Esmond Stainton in 1916)
 Nov 1915: Trentham Camp Promotions  J F Hursthouse  corporal
18 March 1916: The Camp Commandant at Featherston (Lieut.-Colonel N. P, Adams) acknowledges his thanks to the following members of the New Zealand Dental Association who have lent plant to the Dental. Corps at'Featherston:-Sergt. J. F. Hursthouse (D Company, 11th Reinforcements).
3 April 1916: Appointed Second Lieutenant and March examination at Featherston - qualified for commission - Sergt J F Hursthouse;
24 May 1916 Combatent Lieut J F Hursthouse Wounded 22 June 1917 - Lieut J F Hursthouse
27 July 1918: Nelson Evening Mail; LAND TRANSFER ACT NOTICES. NOTICE is hereby given that the several parcels of land here-in-after described will be brought under the provisions of the Land Transfer Act, 1915, and its amendments, unless caveat be lodged forbidding the same, within one month from the date of the Gazette containing this notice: 1559 JOHN FEARON HURSTHOUSE and WILLIAM RICHMOND HURSTHOUSE, Parts of Section 42, Suburban South, situated in Block IV. Waimea Survey District, containing 50 acres and 10 perches, occupied by James Boon, Arthur Perry Allport and Frederick St. John. Diagrams may be inspected at this office. Dated this 22nd day of July. 1913, at the Lands Registry Office, Nelson. R. H. DUKE. District Land Registrar.

1919: John Fearon Hursthouse left Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Arr. 30 Jun 1919 at Liverpool, England on the Ship: Winifredian (Leyland Shipping Line) 

 8 Feb 1919: NEW ZEALANDERS ON SERVICE ABROAD - The following lieutenant in the Otago Regiment is promoted captain: J. F. Hursthouse

17 Mar 1920: Wellington Times: The strange disappearance of Mr J. F. Hursthouse, of Kelburn, a well-known dental surgeon in Wellington is occasioning his friends great anxiety. Mr Hursthouse, who is a returned soldier, had been in somewhat indifferent ill health for some time past. He had been staying with relatives at York Bay, and had been missing from there since Sunday. A party of seventeen, including the constable in charge at Eastbourne, searched between Day's Bay and York Bay throughout Monday without discovering any traces of the missing man

Word has been received that Mr. J. F. Hursthouse, who has been missing since Sunday last, has been seen by one of the keepers of Pencarrow lighthouse. A man called there on Sunday afternoon, and the description given is sufficiently exact to give Mr. Hursthouse's friends good ground for believing that it was he who called. He was also seen by a resident in Gollan's Valley, who described him fairly accurately. He was last seen making across Gollan's Valley near the beach, and a party of friends are leaving to search down the Wainui Valley near the area to-day. Mr. Hursthouse is a man 5 feet 11 inches in height, clean shaven, 36 years of age, of medium build, reddish complexion and hair, with heavy eyebrows and eyelashes, a prominent nose, and bluish-grey eyes. When last seen he was wearing a Norfolk suit of a heather colour, with golf cap and brown military boots with rubber soles. The search parties arranged for to-day to scour the York Bay bush have now been abandoned, and attention is directed to Gollan's Valley and the Wainui beach.