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Mary Herrick & Samual Arnold Atkinson
Kate Hursthouse; Richmond Hursthouse; Ruth Hursthouse; Lucy Atkinson; Jack Hursthouse; Jane Chayter; Bride, Mary Herrick (Hursthouse) and Groom, Samuel Arnold Atkinson
Flower girl - Dorothy Banche Hursthouse 

Mary Herrick (May) Hursthouse (b: 06 Nov 1875 in Motueka, Nelson to parents Richmond and Mary Hursthouse, d: 27 May 1966 in Wellington aged 90Y; Crem. Karori Cem. 

Free Lance:  9 Nov. 1901:The engagement is announced of Mr Arnold Atkinson, son of the late PM Harry Atkinson to Miss Hursthouse of New Plymouth

Mary mar: 13 Apr 1903 in Motueka, Nelson to Samuel Arnold (Arnie) Atkinson Occ: Solicitor B.A., LL.B.; (b: 09 Jul 1874l son of the late Sir Harry Albert Atkinson, K.C.M.G. (Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1876-77, 1883-84, 1887-91), and Annie Atkinson;; d: 05 Jun 1917 in Belgium WW1 No. 14714 Captain Samuel Arnold Atkinson, Age:43Y "D" Coy. 2nd Bn. 3rd N Z Rifle Brigade  husband of Mary H. Atkinson, of Upland Rd., Kelburn, Wellington. 
Burial:La Plus Douve Farm Military Cem; Ploegsteert; Hainaut, Belgium

Memorial Name New Plymouth Boy's High School memorial gate, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Biography: When the Great War broke out in 1914, Samuel was a forty-year-old solicitor and law reporter, married with a family of four sons and two daughters, living in Upland Road, Kelburn, Wellington.
On the day of his death, his company had supplied a daylight raiding party on the enemy trenches. The raid was successful but on withdrawing three men were inadvertently left behind. The officer, Lt. Manning, leading the raid went back to hurry them along and being out of breath dropped into a shell hole on the return journey to rest. Capt. Atkinson, watching from the NZ trenches, thought he had been hit and possibly might need assistance, so ran towards him. This impulsive act cost him his life, as before reaching Lt. Manning, he was shot in the throat and killed by a German sniper.
"Fourth son of the late Sir Henry Atkinson, received his first education at Nelson College, coming here in 1889. On leaving School he went to Canterbury College, and finally to Victoria College, where he attended a course of law lectures. At the time of his enlistment he was Law Reporter for Wellington, exhibiting untiring energy and patience in his work. Apart from his professional duties he invariably devoted a large amount of time to Imperial matters, and was at one time a member of the Wellington College Rifles, as well as a Lieutenant in the Officers Training Corps at Victoria College. Among many other duties he undertook the secretaryship of the Round Table Magazine, though probably his greatest work lay in conjunction with the late Dr McNab, the two co-operating in an endeavour to rouse in the country a spirit of enthusiasm and sense of duty, a work which culminated in the passing of the Compulsory Military Training Act. He left New Zealand with the 14th Reinforcements, took his place in the trenches towards the end of June, 1916, and died on June 5th the following year, while engaged in the heroic work of attempting to save a brother officer." (In Memoriam, 1914-1918 [Wanganui Collegiate School])

The Spike (Victoria University College Review June 1917
* * * * *

Whose powers shed round him in the common strife,
Or mild concern of ordinary life,
A constant influence, a peculiar grace;
But who, if he be called upon to face
Some awful moment to which Heaven has joined
Great issues, good or bad for human kind,
Is happy as a lover; and attired
With sudden brightness like a man inspired;
And, through the heat of conflict, keeps the law
In calmness made, and sees what he foresaw;
Of if an unexpected call succeed,
Come when it will, is equal to the need.
Portrait Image, Auckland Weekly News 1917
Captain S A Atkinson

Mary and Arnie Atkinson's 6 children:  
1 Harry Hurworth Atkinson (b: 01 Apr 1905; WW1 Serviceman; d: 06 May 1986 aged 81Y; Crem. Nth Shore, Int. Ashes Karori Cem.) mar: 1928 Enid Deroles (b: 07 Dec 1904 dau: of John Deroles (1860-1935) & Annie MacKenzie (1866-1959); d: 23 Jul 1985) Their daughters:

a. Althea Enid Atkinson (b: 28 May 1931; d: 11 Jul 1980) mar: Thomas Charles Rice (b: 1926; d: Aug 1993) Family are:

i Christine Jennifer Rice mar: Stephen Duncan with children - Kim Juliet and Scott James Duncan

ii  Deborah Mary Rice mar: James Swan - their son is Jacob Swan

*2nd Husband of [ii] Deborah Mary Rice: mar: Stephen Griffin - their dau. is Kimberley Griffin

b.  Jennifer Robin Atkinson mar: Ian George Macfarlane

*2nd Husband of [b] Jennifer Robin Atkinson: mar: David Burcombe (b: 25 Feb 1930 d: 08 Dec 1999)

2 Mary Elizabeth (Ribby) Atkinson: (b: 30 Jun 1906 d: 31 Jul 1997) mar: 1941 to Paul Serkin (b: 1907; d: 1963)

a. Peter Atkinson Serkin mar: ......?.... Son is  Simon Curruthers

b Susan Augusta Serkin: Mar 1942 to Waybe Keith Cyril Leach (b: 28 Mar 1942; d: 10 Aug 1974) Family are:

i Donna Eileen Leach mar: Rhys Williams. Their 3 children are

Annushka Elizabeth; Samantha Claire and Bradley Wayne Williams

ii Johnathan Paul Wayne Leach mar: Catherine Mary Edmunds They have 4 children - 

Rhozheina Leeah;  Brodie Wayne; Adam Alexander and Jarden Jeith Leach  

c. Catherine Lucy Serkin mar: David Graham Donaldson Theri 2 children are:

  Wayne Martin and  Susan Margaret Donaldson

3 John Dunstan (Dun) Atkinson (b: 03 Mar 1909 in Wellington d: 27 Feb 1990) mar: Ethel May Thorpe (b: 1907 d: 22 May 1990)

a Arnold Burton (AB) Atkinson mar: Adrienne Noel Nicholson.Their 2 daughters are

i Margaret Helen Atkinson mar: Michael John Kingsford - family are Jessica Helen and  Samuel Howard Kingsford

ii Christine Mary Atkinson mar: David MacKay

*2nd Husband of [ii] Christine Mary Atkinson: mar: Michael Le Roy-Dyson Their son is  Ryan James Le Roy-Dyson

b William Atkinson mar:Dianna Higgins

4 Lionel Edmund (Ned) Atkinson (b: 24 Jun 1911 d: 05 Mar 2002) mar: Barbara Burnett (b: 1910 d: 15 Feb 2001)

Their 2 sons are: 

John Wilson Atkinson and Martin Burnett (Sam) Atkinson

5 Dorothy Ann* Atkinson (b: 21 Jan 1915; d: 04 Mar 2005) mar: Andrew Holme (Pat) Paterson (b: 18 Feb 1912; d: 17 May 1990 in Wellington)

a. Andrew Timothy (Tim) Paterson mar: Rosemary H Garnett (b: 1949 d: 15 Nov 1981)

Their 2 daughters are  Rebecca Louise and Sarah May Paterson

*2nd Wife of [a] Andrew Timothy (Tim) Paterson: mar: Julie Cato

Their 2 daughters are Kathryn Ann Cato Paterson and Elizabeth Christina (Libby) Paterson

b. Shirley May Paterson

6  Arnold Clement (Kempy) Atkinson (b: 21 Feb 1917; d: 1980)  mar: Jennifer (Jeannie) Arthur

*2nd Wife of [6] Arnold Clement (Kempy) Atkinson: mar: Dorothy Kerr (b: 1921 d: 09 Feb 1949) Their son is:

a  Anthony Arnold Atkinson mar: Penelope Bieder They have 2 sons: Nicolas A Atkinson and Thomas Atkinson

*2nd Wife of [6] Anthony Arnold Atkinson: mar: Dell Coyte

*3rd Wife of [6] Arnold Clement (Kempy) Atkinson: mar: Jean Primrose Hursthouse (b: 19 Apr 1912 d: 1983)