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Ruth & Eustace Stocker

RUTH MARY RICHMOND HURSTHOUSE was b: 13 Jul 1881 in Motueka, Nelson, daughter of Richmond and May Hursthouse, and d; 08 Jul 1972 in New Zealand.

Dominion:  24 June 1908: SOCIAL AND PERSONAL: On Saturday evening a dance was givon by Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Hursthouse at No. 7 Willis Street. Mr. Andrew's studio was used for dancing and adjoining rooms for sitting out and supper. A good deal of amusement was caused by a cotillion which was a great success. (A social dance that originated in France and was originally made up of four couples in a square formation) Mrs. Hursthouse received in a handsome frock of cream crepe de Chine made over silk, and elaborately embroidored, Miss Ruth Hursthouse in blue silk

July 1908; Ruth achieved success when she passed her State Examination for Nurses

Free Lance, 10 Sept 1910:Miss Ruth Hursthouse was a. passenger to Sydney by last week's boat. She joins the Mooltan at Sydney for England.

Free Lance, 25 October 1913 The engagement is announced of Miss Ruth Hursthouse to Mr. Eustace Stocker, both of Wellington. The marriage will take place on the 23rd December.

Eustace Dupuis Henchman Stocker was b: 07 Jul 1884 in Essex, at Dedham, England to parents Basil Edward Seymour Stocker(1855 1942) and mother Edith Ingelow(1856 1918) Eustace d: 05 Feb 1972

3 Jan: Among last week's weddings was that of Miss Ruth Hursthouse to Mr. Eustace Stocker. The ceremony took place at St. Paul's pro-Cathedral, and was of the quietest description, minus all the accessories of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Mr. and Mrs. Stocker are in the south, and leave very shortly for a trip to England.

Free Lance; 22 August 1914: Mr. Eustace Stocker, a young Territorial officer, and son of Mr. Basil E. Seymour Stocker, of Wellington, was married to Miss Ruth Hursthouse a few months ago, and took his bride to Europe for the honeymoon. By the same ship also travelled the bridegroom's mother. They spent some time in Italy, where Mrs Stocker has relations, and then went on to England. Mr. Eustace Stocker went into training with a British regiment just before the war broke out, and those who know him are quite confident that he is now on active service. His wife is a trained nurse, and is probably not very far from the scene of action.

Eustace had a distinguished war career - CBE MC

Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage and Companionage 1961

STOCKER, Col Eustace Dupuis Henchman, CBE, MC, son of the late Basil Edward Seymour Stocker, of Wellington, NZ; Col (retired); MAJOR STOCKER, Eustace Dupuis Henchman, M.C. Born 7/7/84. (Mobd. T.F. 5 yrs. 321 dys; European War 1914-19 in Egypt, France and Belgium (despatches twice, MC, 1914-15 star, 2 medals)

Staff' Capt. (temp. Capt.) 8/6/16 to 10/3/18. Staff' Capt. War Office {temp.) (temp. Capt.) 11/3/18; Empld. T.A. Res.-~1 yr. 157 dys.) E.R.E. List. Capt. 5/4/24. Maj. (Brev.) 1/7/31. 17/9/34. (actq. Lt.-Col. 4/9/39 to 3/12/39: temp. Lt.-Col. 4/12/39). (Subst.) Palestine 1936-39 (medal with clasp), European War 1939-45 in N Africa (OBE, Africa star, 2 medals): m 1913 Ruth, dau of Richmond Hursthouse; OBE (military) 1942, CBE  (military) 1946. Northwood Bay, Wellington, NZ; D.A.A.G. 'War Office (temp. Maj.) 22/7/19 to 31/5/20. Spec. Empld. "War Office 1/9/20 to 4/10/20. Spec. Appt. (Class FF) 2/4/21 to 2/8/22. Mil. Asst. (Stajf Capt. War Office). War Office (temp, to 22/11/25.) 5/4/24 to 16/9/34. Mil. Asst. (D.A.A.G.) 17/9/34 to 3/9/39. [Empld. with British Troops in Palestine and Trans- Jordan 14/9/36 to 23/3/37: D.J.A.G. (Class T to 31/7/37). Palestine Trans-Jordan (temp. Lt.-Col.) 24/11/37 to 11/9/38.] 1914-21. France & Belgium 22/7/15 to 3/8/17. Egypt 12/12/14 to 17/4/15. Despatches L.G. 15/6/16 and 4/1/17. 1914-15 S. B.W.M. V.M. M.C. Palestine 1936-39. M. and CI.

11 Jun 1942 Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) (local Colonel) Eustace Dupuis Henchman Stocker, M.C. (28539), Extra Regimentally Employed


i. INGELOW PATRICK DUNBAR STOCKER b. 09 Jun 1915, Dorset, at Upwey; Officer Pilot Airforce WW2

ii. Professor Bruce Arnold Dunbar Stocker M.D., FRS, (b. 26 May 1917, Hambledon, Surrey, England; Occ: Stanford University professor; d. 30 Aug 2004, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, California, USA) mar: Jan 1956 to JANE BEVERIDGE in Chelsea, London, England; Jane d. 1996.

Bruce joined the medical branch of the Royal Air Force, serving in India and Burma. Bruce's beloved wife, Jane, died in 1996. He is survived by his two daughters, Kate O'Sullivan and Clare Stocker, and by four grandchildren.

iii. RICHARD BASIL DU PUIS STOCKER, b. 10 Oct 1918, London; d. 22 Jul 1973, Sydney NSW.

LONDON GAZETTE, 3 FEBRUARY, 1941 Dental Core London 1941: Lt. (War Subs. Capt.) Richard Basil Dupuis Stocker (163066), from Emergency Commn., 6th Jan. 1941 - Capt., 6th Jan. 1942

iv. EDWARD OLIVER FRANCIS STOCKER, b. 02 Mar 1920, London. Publications regarding to Great Britain Benefits Commision

v. JEAN (JINNY) HURSTHOUSE STOCKER (b. 05 Nov 1922, Belfast, Ireland; d. 2005, Johnsonville, Wellington) mar: 1951 TUDOR EGMONT ATKINSON (b. 30 Nov 1919; d. 06 Dec 2008, Riverleigh Rest Home; Crem. 11 Dec 2008)

Tudor was educated at Nelson College 1935-37; served in the Royal Navy WW2 - Nov 1944 Sub-Lieutenant Tudor Egmont Atkinson, R.N.Z.N.V.R.; Occ: Engineer Wellington in the 1950's; Resident of York Bay. Eastbourne He was much loved husband of the late Jinny, father of Mary, Richmond, Janet, and Lucy; father-in-law of Noel, Margaret, Oliver and Rob; and grandfather of Tim, Morgan, Anna, Rosalind, Hazel, Nina, Nikko, and James.