Frederick William Charles & Eunice Gwendoline Benbow
Frederick William Charles Benbow (b: 03 Apr 1912 in Dunedin was son of William Jonathon Joshua Benbow and mother Alice Maria Looker; he d: 08 Dec 1993 in Geraldine; Bur: Dec 1993 Temuka Cem) He mar: 1934 in Christchurch to Eunice Gwendoline Roberts (b: 23 Aug 1915; d: 03 Jul 1986 at Timaru Hospital; Bur: 08 Jul 1986 Temuka Cemetery.

Fred first attended the Geraldine school and was admitted to Temuka Primary School 30 Sept 1918 and left 13 May 1926. His parents lived at Cross St, Temuka. Fred became a keen bandsman, playing euphonium for the Temuka Brass Band and became a champion winning successive championships and when he eventually moved to Christchurch, he joined the Woolston Brass band - this was an A Grade band and very successful in contests.

Fred and Eunice had a large family of seven and they eventually settled at Geraldine. Here Fred trained High School pupils in wind instumental playing. Fred formed a band as there was no band to graduate to. He became blind but carried on with a deputy to help and gained recognition for his band services by the presentation of a medal.


1946 - Waimate electorate; living at Gapes valley, Geraldine; labourer with wife Eunice

1956 - Sydenham electorate; living at 160 Brougham St; engineer with wife Eunice and sons Stanley and Lester

1966 - Sydenham electorate; living at 160 Brougham St; railwayman with wife Eunice

1975 - South Canterbury electorate; living at 27 North Terrace, Geraldine with wife Eunice; retired

1984 - Ashburon Electoral Roll; Living with wife Eunice at 3/51 King St, Temuka; Retired

1986 - Living at Harris Courts, Temuka EUNICE GWENDOLINE ROBERTS d 6 Jul; bur: 08 Jul 1986, Temuka Cem. Aged 70yrs Section E Block 4 Plot 241

1990 - Waitaki electorate; Fred is living at The Pines, 16 Shaw St, Geraldine; Widower Date of Death 8/12/1993; Bur: 8/12/1993 at Temuka Cem

Their family:

1 Lester (Les) William Norman Benbow mar Noeline Ethel Kinley Their daughter is Lesley Trudy Benbow

2 Stanley John Benbow (b: 1936 in Waimate d: 10 Apr 1967 in Christchurch; Bur: 12 Apr 1967 Sydenham Cemetery.

3 Frederick Charles Benbow mar: Shirley Victoria Dix. Their family are: 

i Karen Benbow b: Christchurch mar: Dereck Turner  Their son is  Shannon Turner Born: Abt. 1884

*2nd Husband of Karen Benbow:  Rob / Their daughter is  Ashlee Benbow

*3rd Husband of Karen Benbow is Lindsey Hann. Their 2 children are  Jordon and Ronan Blake Hann

ii Susan Benbow b: Christchurch

iii Steven Frederick Benbow b: Christchurch Mar: Cheryl May Roberts They have 4 children:

a Jarod Roydon Charles Benbow

b Devin Elizabeth Quinn Benbow

c Kyla Lily May Benbow

d Ethan George Benbow

e Zane Frederick Ryan Benbow

iv David Charles Benbow b: Christchurch mar: Rose They have a daughter

 *2nd Wife of Frederick Charles Benbow  Mar: Ina Joy Palensky Herbert  

4 Rex Basil Benbow b: 1939 in Timaru d: 23 Jul 1960 in Wellington Bur: 26 Jul 1960 Sydenham Cemetery

5 Maurice James Benbow b: Timaru Mar: Valerie Joan Schrader Their daughter is Deborah (Debbie) Maree Benbow b: Christchurch

*2nd Wife of  Maurice James Benbow: is Heather Ann Bray Their daughter is Hannah-Lee Benbow

6 Margaret Alice Benbow Born: 1942 in Temuka Died: 12 Apr 1944 in Clandeboye Burial: 13 Apr 1944 with grandparents Temuka Cemetery

7 Leonie Ann* Benbow b: 1943 at Christchurch d: 18 Feb 2006  mar: //Galland

*2nd Husband of Leonie Ann* Benbow: mar: 1969 to  Murray Withers

*3rd Husband of  Leonie Ann* Benbow: Mar: to Martin Alexander Taylor

8 Kevin Albert Benbow (b: 1944 in Temuka d: 15 Sep 1968 in Christchurch Bur: 17 Sep 1968 Sydenham Cem). Mar: 1966 to Shirley Averil Brown b: 1943 d: 1989 Bur: 1989 Kaiapoi Public Cem: Q07.04 Their sons are:

a Alan Kevin and Gary Wayne Benbow Born: Christchurch

9 Colin Wayne Benbow b: Christchurch Mar: 24 Dec 1973 in Christchurch Ann Vyvian Baillie b: 20 Aug 1954 in Oamaru d: Bef. 1986 Their family:

Caillyn Duane and Hayden Damien Benbow b: Christchurch

Photocopying was the technology of the 70's and lacked today's clarity. Your help is needed to update and correct this documentation. Please, if you hold original photos of family members, could these be scanned and sent to replace photos scanned from the 1974 Benbow book by Catherine Lincoln. Dates are not included for privacy of living descendants.

Fred devoted years to his love of band music - have you any photos of him, his family and other Bnbows who also were Band people, please?

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