John Whitton & Eliza Benbow

Eliza (known as Lizzie) Muckle's ancestors:

Thomas William Wolfe b: 1859  mar Mary Bateman Born: in Kilmeen, Cork,Munster,Ireland

Their son  Dereen Jonathon Wolfe mar Mary and they had a daughter

Elizabeth Wolfe (b: Abt. 1829 d: 1907) mar John Wright (b: 1826 d: 1907) Their daughter

 Sarah Wright (b: 15 Sep 1862 in Dunmayway, Cork, Munster, Ireland; d: 17 Apr 1937 in Rakaia) mar: Hugh Muckle in 1883; (b: 1855 in Down, Ireland d: 1941 86y)

Hugh Muckle, aged 20  from County Down, in 1874 left London 2 Nov 1874 and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on board the Barque "Dilharree" 1293 tons) on 16 Jan 1875; under Capt. R. McNeilly; Surgeon Sup: Dr Litton Forbes. Hugh was listed as single; occ. farmer aged 20,

Originally a full-rigged ship built for trooping to India, the Dilharree, a composite-built vessel of 1293 tons, was rigged as a barque when she came to New Zealand in 1874 and 1875. She was a well found craft, and was pronounced admirably suited for carrying immigrants, as she had very roomy accommodation, having been built for a troopship. She belonged to Messrs. J. Lidgett and Sons, London. The first port she visited in New Zealand was Lyttleton.

Hugh and Sarah Muckle's family:

i James Muckle (b: 1883 d: 1958) Mar: 1922 Lily Strachan (b: 1899 d: 1964)

ii George Muckle (b: 07 Oct 1884 d: 1973) Mar: 1913 to Margaret Harriett Turnbull (b: 1888 d: 1954) Their son: 

a Robert Gordon Muckle (b: 02 Oct 1920 d: 1985) mar: 1951 to Pamela Patricia (b: 11 Jul 1930 d: 1996) Daughter was Frances Muckle b: 16 Jul 1954 d: 2010

iii Eliza (Lizzie) Muckle (b: 05 Sep 1886 d: 23 Mar 1970 in Ashburton Bur: 26 Mar 1970 Rakaia)  1st Mar: 27 Mar 1918 to David James Turnbull (b: 06 Dec 1889 in Rakaia Bapt: 10 Jan 1890 Rakaia d: 04 Dec 1925 in Rakaia Bur: 06 Dec 1925 Rakaia) His parents were David Wright Campbell (b: 1863 d: 06 Nov 1923) mar: to Charlotte Mary Lobb (b: 1868 d: 20 May 1937)

a Eliza and David's son: Hugh Alexander Turnbull (b: 21 Sep 1923 in Rakaia d: 03 Jun 1974) Mar: 1948  to Peggy Doughty (b: 1920 d: 16 Feb 1964)

b SBC Turnbull b: 1956 Died: 1956

*2nd Husband of Eliza (Lizzie) Turnbull nee Muckle: Mar: 30 May 1928 to John (Jack) Whitton Benbow (b: 02 Aug 1883 in Temuka d: 03 May 1956 in Ashburton Bur: 05 May 1956 Rakaia)

a SBC Benbow d: 17 Aug 1929

b SBC Benbow d: 22 Oct 1931

iv  Ellen Muckle b: 1887

v Thomas Muckle (b: 1889 d: 1948) Mar: 1902 Ruth Catchpole

vi Dorthio Agnes Muckle b: 1890

vii John Muckle (b: 1891 d: 1891)

viii Annie Muckle (b: 1893 d: 1953) Mar: 1922 to John Donald DAWSON (b: 1876 d: 1951)

ix Sarah Louisa Josephine Muckle b: 1902  mar : 1937 Desmond Allan Elliot

John was given the second name after the birthplace of his grandmother Mary

1903 Otago Witness, 16 Sept 1903: AGRICULTURAL AND PASTORAL NEWS.The Geraldine annual ploughing match took place on Thursday last, in a paddock lent by Mr James Ball. The land was heavy and covered with coarse dead grass, which made the ploughing anything but good. The champion ploughmen had the best part of the land, and the boys in Class D were practically ploughing in a swamp, ¦which gave them no heart for good work. Class D (boys) W. Thin 1, A. Mattingley 2, J. Benbow 3.

1907 Otago Witness,  25 Sept 1907: The Geraldine Ploughing Match Association held its annual competitions on Friday last in fine weather. There were about 200 spectators present. Ploughing was started at 10 o'clock and continued until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The chief officials were: Judges Messrs Paterson (Seadown), W. Stevenson (Levels), and M. Brophy (St. Andrews) secretary, Mr J. Kennedy. The prizes were presented in the evening at a dinner. Results: Plain ploughing, with cast shares, for those who had not previously won a first prize J. Benbow (Wairohi)1, W. Thin (Geraldine Flat) 2; best feering, W. Thin; best finish, B. Horgan. Plain ploughing, with cast chares, for youths under 20 years— P. Benbow 1, E. Swaney 2; best fearing, P. Benbow; best finish P. Benbow. Special prizes for all classes of competitors: Straightest ploughing, G. Hunter,* best ins and outs, B. Horgan; best finishes, P. Benbow:

1911 - Electorate: Ashburton:John Whitton Benbow; Residence: Waitohi Occupation: farmer

1911 - Electorate: Bruce supp: John Whitton Benbow: Residence: Glenore Occupation: farmer

John (Jack) Whitton BENBOW Military Call up; Occ: Farmer enlisted WW1 1917 at Oamaru

6 Aug 1919 The following Ashburton County soldiers are returning by the, Somerset, due at Lyttolton on August 12:  J. W. Benbow, Rakaia

1946 - Ashburton electorate; living at Dorie, farmer with wife Elizabeth

1956  Death: 2/5/1956 John Whitton Benbow - retired. He was bur: 5th May 1956 Rakaia Public Cemetery R01.15 Age 76
Elizabeth passed away 23 Mar 1970 and is buried at Rakaia Cemtery.

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