William Benbow, Arowhenua, Freehold; Sect 6613 of 20 acres
 on the South Bank of Temuka; Geraldine district
Grant by Purchase under Land Regulations of 1st April, 1856
Victoria, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen.
To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: KNOW YE that for good considerations Us thereunto moving We for Us our Heirs and Successors do hereby Grant unto William Benbow of Temuka, in the Province of Canterbury New Zealand Labourer his Heirs and Assigns all that Paecel of Land in the Province of Canterbury in our Colony of New Zealand contining by admeasurement Twenty Acres more or less situate in the Timaru District commencing at a point on the Western side of the roads forming - the Western boundary of Section 5283 one chain North of the Nowthern corner of Section 5581 thence Northwesterly along the said roads a distance of five chains and running back Southwesterly in a rectangular block a distance of fourty chains and numbered 6613 on the Map of the Chief Surveyor of the Province of Canterbury setting out and describing the rural lands in the Timaru District aforesaid
As the same is delineated on the plan drawn on the Margin hereof WITH all the Rights and Appurtenances thereto belonging: To Hold unto the said William Benbow..........................................his Heirs and Assigns for ever IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF We have caused this Our Grant to be sealed with the Seal of our Colony of New Zealand.
G. Grey
Witness our Trusty and Well-loved Sir George Grey H> C. B. Govenor and Commander-In-Cheif in and over the Colony of New Zealand, at Wellington, this Thirtieth day of August in the twenty eighth year of Our Reign: and in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and sixty four
G Grey