Descendants of Samuel & Sarah Stringer

Samuel Stringer (d: 16 Apr 1786 in Milton, Oxfordshire, England) Mar: 27 Nov 1752 in Wiggington, Oxfordshire to Sarah Smith (d: 11 May 1766 in Milton, Oxfordshire) Their son:

1 Willliam Stringer b: 1759 Mar: 19 Sep 1876 in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire to Ann Wheeler Their son:

Thomas Stringer (b: 1791 in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire d: 1856) Mar: 1822 in Shipton under Wychwood to Sarah Wheeler (b: 1800 in Milton, Oxfordshire) Their 4 Children:

a Elizabeth Stringer b: 1823 in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire

b Immanuel Stringer b: 1834 in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire

c Lydia Stringer b: 1836 in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire

d Edwin Stringer (b: Abt. Sep 1838 in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire Bapt:  6 Sep 1840  Shipton under Wychwood; d: 02 Apr 1906 in Geraldine) Mar: 1866 in Chipping Norton to Ann* Mosen (b: 1839 in Bourton, Gloucestershire, England; daughter of Thomas Mosen and Eliza Gassor; d: 31 Jan 1914 in Geraldine.

The 1861 census for Ann Mawson, living as a boarder in the home of Thomas Wilkes in Milton, with children Hannah and Joseph  Births reg. Hannah Mosen, March quarter 1859 in the Chipping Norton Registration District; Joseph registered as Mosens in March Quarter 1861, James was registered as Mosens in Sep 1863. Likely Thomas Wilkes was the father of the children (calling them Wilkes on the census return).)

The district Chipping Norton spans the boundaries of the counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. 1841 census - Edwin with his parents, Thomas 45; Sarah 35; James Stringer 15; Lydia Stringer 5; Edwin Stringer 10 Months
1861 census Sarah 61 yrs is widowed District: Chipping Norton: Edwin age 20 is still living with her
and Sarah Wheeler 76
1871 census, Registration district: Chipping Norton:  Edwin Age: 31 is married, living with his wife Ann age 29, step-children Hannah Mosens 12; Joseph Mosens 10; James Mosens 7 and 2 of his daughters Elizabeth Stringer 3 and Ruth Stringer 1 
2 houses away is his mother and his other daughter Edith is with her, enumerated as granddaughter

English Assisted Immigrants - Ballochmyle 
STRINGER   Ann           w of Edwin, gloveress Geraldine              129
STRINGER   Edwin         36, AL, Milton-u-W, per           129
STRINGER   Joseph        s of Edwin & Ann > Dannevirke by 1885         129

The Oxfordshire marriage took place in the Sep Quarter of 1866

The Farthest Promised Land - English Villagers, New Zealand Immigrants of the 1870s
Oxfordshire and Wychwood Forest Author: Rollo Arnold
Recruitment in Oxfordshire for the 1874 year got off to a strong start with Joseph Leggett's drive for his Ballochmyle party.  The work was obviously helped by the fact that he was travelling in the combined capacities of emigration agent and union organiser. Thus, after a good meeting on 2 January 1874, in the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Benson in south Oxfordshire, concluding with the union song ‘Stand like the brave’, several men gave their names in for New Zealand. Although it was mid-winter, Leggett was daily receiving applications for New Zealand. He was now widely known in the county, and emigrants were coming forward from many parts. The party of forty-one which joined the Atrato, on which Leggett had originally been intending to sail, seems to have been drawn from the south and east of the county. However, the 111 who sailed with Leggett on the Ballochmyle included three large families from his old home village of Milton-under-Wychwood. Alfred Groves appears on the passenger list as a 44-year-old quarryman, accompanied by his wife and five children. Edwin Stringer is entered as a 36-year-old farm labourer, emigrating with his wife Ann, and seven children. The 1871 census schedules list Ann as a gloveress. Although this family emigrated to Canterbury, and settled at Geraldine, the strong links between the Wychwood villages and Hawke's Bay appear in the fact that one of the sons, Joseph, later moved to Dannevirke, where in 1885 he married a Danish immigrant, Marie Mortensen.

Ballochmyle Ship: 1438 tonsCaptain: Lunden Surgeon Superintendent: Edward Smythe
Sailed London 25th Feburary 1874 - arrived Lyttelton 1st June 1874 On board Stringer Edwin 36 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer;  Ann 35;  Hannah 15  (Trans to single womens)  Joseph 13  (Trans to single mens) James 11;  Edith 7; Ruth 4; Albert 2 and Ada 1

There were 502 people on board the Ballochmyle when she left London on February 25th, 1874, under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Company, her destination being Lyttelton. She was a fine ship of 1,438 tons, under command of Captain Lunden. The emigrants came aboard at Plymouth, and the ship took her final departure from Start Point on March 4th. The Cape was rounded on March 18th, and the Snares were passed on May 27th, the ship having taken 84 days from Plymouth. Port was reached on June 1st. There were five deaths and three births during the voyage. White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

The family No. of adults 4½ Cost to Govt £94.5 They arr. at the port Lyttleton and moved to the South Canterbury.

Below - their family:

Hannah Mosens Stringer (b: 1859 d: 11 May 1885 in Geraldine) Mar: 1875 to Samuel Charles Trengrove (b: 1848 d: 1925) Their 5 children;

i John Charles Trengrove (b: 08 Dec 1875; Occ. Coach builder; d: 1942) Mar: 1899 to Florence Sherratt (b: 28 Jan 1877) Family: 

a Elsie Florence Trengrove (b: 08 May 1901)  Mar: 1927 to Fred Powdrill (b: 22 Aug 1900 in Lancashire d: 1943 in Christchurch)

b Edna Geraldine Trengrove (b: 13 Oct 1905) Mar: 1934 to Walter James Campbell

c Gladys Mary Trengrove b: 1909

d Wickliffe George Trengrove (b: 28 Feb 1878 d: 1949) Mar: 1903 Louisa Cain (b: 1887 d: 1915) Children were

i Louisa Priscilla Trengrove (b: 10 Mar 1903 d: 1975) Mar: 1925 Allan Elliott (b: 08 Apr 1900 d: 1982)

ii Hannah Evelyn Trengrove b: 1906

*2nd Wife of [d] Wickliffe George Trengrove: Mar: 1921 Letty Frances Gussy James (b: 1884 d: 1925)

.*3rd Wife of [d] Wickliffe George Trengrove: Mar: 1926 Sarah Mary Jane Annan (b: 1872 d: 1948)

e Elizabeth Ann Trengrove (b: 21 Aug 1879 in Woodbury, Geraldine d: 1961) Mar: 09 Apr 1903 in St. Saviours, West Lyttelton to Thomas Pertinus Hempstalk (b: 1879 in Lyttelton d: 1960) Children were

i Iver William Hempstalk (b: 04 Sep 1906 d: 1970) Mar: 1939 Ina Evelyn Andrews (b: 1910 d: 1960)

ii Thomas Bertamus Trengrove Hempstalk (b: 12 Jan 1904 d: 1973) Mar: 1931 to Phyllis Winifred Hobbs (b: 23 Dec 1906 d: 1997)

iii Inga Elizabeth Marie Hempstalk (b: 31 May 1905 d: 1971) Mar: 1934 to Arthur Thomas Bell (b: 02 Dec 1898 d: 1983)

f Priscilla Trengrove (b: 28 Jun 1881 d: 1945) Mar: 1901 Arthur Morton  Children were:

i William Wickliffe Morton b: 1905

ii Eric Charles Arthur Morton b: 1903

iii Ivy Priscilla Morton b: 1902

g Edith Eliza Trengrove (b: 09 Jan 1883 d: 1972)  Mar: 1902 to Ernest Beaumont (b: 1880 d: 1961) Their family:

i Ernest Clifford Beaumont b: 1902

ii Henry Gavin Beaumont b: 1905

iii Douglas Charles Ernest Beaumont b: 1907

iv Keith Percival Beaumont b: 1911

Joseph Mosens Stringer (b: 1861 d: 28 Jul 1943 in Geraldine) Mar: 21 Oct 1885 in Dannevirke Hawkes Bay to Marie Mortensen (b: 1857 in Jytland Denmark) Children were:

i Joseph Stringer (b: 03 Jan 1889 Died: 1950) Mar: 02 Apr 1919 to Vivienne Constance Howard (b: 1898 d: 1923) Children: Two boys - b 1922 and 1923

ii Ellen Stringer b: 1891

iii Elizabeth Poppelwell Stringer b: 1895

*2nd Wife of [2] Joseph Mosens Stringer: Mar: 1914 to Gertrude Lucy Chilman (b: 1886 d: 05 Jun 1934 in Geraldine)

James Mosens Stringer b: 1863 d: 05 Sep 1923 in Geraldine Mar: 1883 Sarah Ann Burnham b: 1865 d: 03 Aug 1932 in Geraldine

1885 Timaru Herald,3 Dec. 1885: WANTED KNOWN - That JAMES STRINGER, SHOEING AND GENERAL BLACKSMITH, of Geraldine, has commenced Business on his own account in the old established Shop formerly occupied by the late John Kennedy. In order to secure a trade he intends to combine Civility, Promptness, Good Workmanship, and Moderate Charges in his Business. Children were:

i Rose Stringer b: 1884

ii Sarah Ann Stringer b: 1885 d: 1885

iii Martha Stringer b: 1886

iv Ruth Stringer b: 1888

v Louisa Mary Stringer b: 1890

vi Elsie Stringer b: 1892

vii Elizabeth Anna Stringer b: 1894

viii William Edwin Stringer b: 1897

ix Stuart Stringer b: 1900

x Victoria May Stringer b: 1901

xi Waler Stanley Stringer b: 1903

xii James Stringer b: 1906

xiii Rita Eveline Stringer b: 1907

Edith Stringer (b: Jan 1867 in Milton, Oxfordshire d: 16 Jul 1922 in Temuka Bur: 18 Jul 1922 Temuka) Mar: 05 May 1886 in Temuka to William Charles Benbow (b: 12 Feb 1864 in Georgetown, Temuka d: 12 Aug 1921 in Timaru Hospital Bur: 16 Aug 1921 Temuka Cemetery)

5 Elizabeth Stringer b: 1868 in Milton, Oxfordshire, England

Ruth Stringer (b: 1870 d: 17 Nov 1946 in Timaru) Mar: 1895 to Thomas Edward Skinner (b: 1870 d: 02 Jul 1936)

*2nd Husband of [6] Ruth Stringer: Mar: 1941 to David Shillito Rennett (b: 1869 d: 1945 in Timaru)

Albert Edward Stringer (b: 1872 d: 11 Jul 1930 in Geraldine) Mar: 1901 to Sarah Ann Waller (b: 1880 d: 05 Jun 1950) Their family:

i Myrtle Ann Stringer b: 1903

ii Gladys May Stringer b: 1905

Ada Stringer (b: 1873 Died: 1949) Mar: 1926 to Roy Francis Harwood (b: 1903 d: 1971) Sons are:

i Roy Birnie Harwood

ii Raylow Harwood

William Thomas Stringer (b: 1875 in Geraldine d: 19 May 1876 in Geraldine)

John Henry Stringer (b: 10 Jul 1876 in Geraldine d: 30 Aug 1950 in Timaru) Mar: 1905 to Ellen Catherine (Nellie) Jones (b: 1883 d: 15 Jan 1969 in Timaru). Family are: 

i Owen Burnie Stringer b: 1904

ii Geraldine Ellen Rona Stringer (b: 1906) mar Arthur James Cross (b: 1894 in Geraldine d: 1967 in Carterton) Their children:

a Barbara Cross (b: 1937 d: 1937)

b Trevor Gordon Cross (b: 04 Jun 1935 in Timaru d: 24 Sep 2000 in Timaru)

Naomi Stringer (b: 14 Apr 1878 in Geraldine d: 24 Nov 1942 in Lidcombe NSW Bur: 26 Nov 1942 Rookwood Anglican Cemetery) Mar: 31 May 1898 in Geraldine to Richard Coombs (b: 02 Jan 1872 in Hanborough, Oxford d: 23 Jun 1945 in Wellington)

*Partner of [9] Naomi Stringer: Christopher Malcolm Mattingley b: 27 Dec 1886 in Temuka Met: 06 Oct 1910 d: 01 Nov 1955 in Auburn, NSW Bur: 03 Nov 1955 Rookwood Anglican Cemetery

10 Sarah Eliza Stringer (b: 14 Sep 1879 in Geraldine d: 1944) Mar: 1900 to David Annan (b: 1871 d: 1943) Their family:

i Pamela Ann Isabella Annan b: 1901

ii Richard Edward Annan b: 1902

iii Edward Stewart Daniel Annan b: 1904

iv 6 Stewart David Edwin Annan b: 1904

v Fairlie Joseph Annan b: 1906

vi Noreen Iris May Annan b: 1910

11 Ernest Oliver Stringer (b: 04 Mar 1881 in Geraldine d: 08 Aug 1881 in Geraldine)

12 Samuel Stringer (b: 17 Apr 1882 in Geraldine d: 19 Oct 1882 in Geraldine)

13 Thomas Edwin Stringer (b: 04 Nov 1885 in Geraldine d: 15 Aug 1887 in Geraldine)

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