Samuel & Bertha Trumper's Family
Their Grand-daughter sent photos - Thank you, Barbara! 

Sam and Bertha with daughters Dorothy, Kathleen and Eveline Trumper 

Kathleen Davies, Evelyn Burrows, George Trumper, Dorothy Wooding

Family group (L to R): Lynda Wooding, Dick Davies, Alistair Wooding, Alan Henderson, Mary Boal, Rosealeigh Trumper, Beverley Wooding, George Trumper, Adrienne Hydes, Bryan Davies, Kathleen Davies, Warwick Wooding,, Dorothy Wooding, Verdin Affleck, Maurice Wooding, Evelyn Burrows,

Grandparents Samuel and Bertha with grandchildren Beverley Wooding, Lorraine Davies, Warwick Wooding, Barbara Burrows, Brian Davies on Kathleen's knee, Lynda Wooding, Mervyn Davies

Maurice Wooding, Kethleen Davies, Sam and Betha Trumper, Dorothy with baby Lynda and Dick Davies


At Christchurch Cathedral: Henry Davey (Bertha's brother, Bertha and Sam and son George Trumper

Bertha and Sam Trumper, Cliff Burrows with daughter Barbara and George Trumper

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