Golden Wedding of Benjamin & Elizabeth Trumper
Back: Baby Joyce and Annie Trumper; Alice Armit, Sam King at rear; Annie Armit, Ben Trumper, Kathleen Trumper, Andrew Armit, Mary Armit, Henry King, Bertha Trumper; Hazel Trumper; Les Trumper; Sam Trumper; Isabella Trumper; Dorothy Trumper; Violet King; Priest; baby Mona; Henry and Lucy Donnithorne; Adelaide and Chris McClelland and baby Winnifred;
Middle Row: Les and Eric Trumper; Lucy McInnes; Benjamin Trumper (Snr); Miriam; Lizzie Trumper; Sarah Mattingley; Andrrena and Lucy Armit
Front: Joan Trumper, Miriel Trumper; Rachael and Marion Armit; David Armit; Ken and Hec Trumper; Hilda Armit, Eric, Gordon and Mavis McClelland
Photo 0f Golden Wedding Family group kindly sent by Charlie McClelland; Source names "Benbow Book"
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