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 Jane Meriah Wilson  
This beautiful water-colour painting is of Jane Meriah Wilson (nee Fowler), the mother of Helen Hursthouse (nee Wilson) was sent by Hursthouse descendant, Michael . Helen, her sister Maria (Lely)  and their niece Jane Maria (she was a daughter of their brother Edwin James Wilson) who, as the widow of Henry Burton Dunn, emigrated with her children to New Zealand, making 3 lines of Jane Meriah Fowler's descendants to settle in New Zealand.

Jane Meriah Fowler (b: 06 Aug 1766 in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, England; d: 17 Jan 1859 in Norton, Durham) Link to Jane's poetry

Jane mar: 10 Apr 1784 in Stockton, Durham widower William Wilson (b: 11 Jan 1740/41 in Stockton, Durham; d: 09 Sep 1839 in Norton, Durham, England; Bur: 09 Sep 1839 St Mary's The Virgin, Norton, Durham)

Widow Jane Maria Fowler Wilson (1851 census) is living in Norton. Now 84 yrs old, she has her 2 daughters living with her, Lucy, age 41, Frances Fowler, aged 40 and a granddaughter, Jane Maria Wilson, age 9 (Edwin J. Wilson's daughter)

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WILLI.AM WILSON, (b: 11 Jan 1740/41 in Stockton, Durham; d: 09 Sep 1839 in Norton, Durham, England; Bur: 09 Sep 1839 St Mary's The Virgin, Norton, Durham) and lived in Cleveland Row, at Stockton. He was a mariner and married twice.

His first wife was Ann Davison was related to a family named Shortridge. By her he had issue - their only child, a daughter, Anna Wilson became the wife of Henry Robert Eustatia Wright, Esq. of Stockton, solicitor, formerly partner with Raisbeck.

He married secondly on 10 Apr 1784 in Stockton, Durham to Jane Maria,  the only child of D'Arcy Fowler, representative of the Launces of Devon and Cornwall. Capt. Wilson died about 1840 at the advanced age of 90 or upwards, having had by his second wife a very numerous family. Src:

Their children were born Stockton, Durham:

1. John Wilson - Birth/Chris: 11 Apr 1785; d: Dec 8, 1851 Wales; mar Anna Shutt - Their 2 children were Ann D'Arcy Wilson and Owen Saunder Wilson

2. William Wilson - Birth/Chris: 29 Apr 1786; d: 6 Dec 1851 QC, Canada; Dr. Wilson mar: Elizabeth Ann Jackson 31 May 1819 in Richmond, Nth Riding York. They emigrated to Quebec, Canada with 7 children - their last 2 family were born in Lennoxville, Quebec.

3. Wilson, Robert - Birth/Chris: 7 Mar 1788 - infant d: 10 Oct 1788

4. Wilson, Robert - Birth/Chris: 10 Jun 1789 - d: 1835; mar: Jane Miller

5. Wilson, Maria - Birth/Chris: 30 Oct 1791; mar: Christopher Richmond. Their children were Christopher William, James Crowe, Henry Robert and James Maria Richmond.

6. Wilson, Fowler - Birth/Chris: 21 May 1793; d: May 1824 Stranton, Durham 

7. Wilson, Christopher - Birth/Chris: 22 Dec 1795; d: 1807 aged 12Y

8. Wilson, Jane - Birth/Chris: 1899; died infant

9. Wilson, Catharine Jane - Birth/Chris: 21 Jan 1797, d: 1851 Dorset ; mar Rev Robert Henry Gibson

10. Wilson, Charles - Birth/Chris: 1901; died infant

11. Wilson, Charles Calvert - Birth/Chris:11 Oct 1802; d: 5 Nov 1872; mar: Elizabeth Coalbraith - they had 4 children - Charles William, Henrietta Elizabeth, Francis Calvert and Anna Maria Wilson

12. Wilson, Helen - Birth/Chris: 24 Aug 1803; d: 1 Apr 1895; mar: John Hursthouse. Their 6 children were Helen Maria, Charles Wilson; Richmond, Kate Emma, Mary Blanche and Flinders Hursthouse.

13. Wilson, Edwin James - Birth/Chris: 18 Jan 1806, d: 7 Apr 1872;  mar: Sarah Farrer. Their family are  William Fowler; Jane Maria, Edwin and Alfred Wilson

14. Wilson, Henry  - Birth/Chris: 2 Dec 1807;

15. Wilson, Lucy - Birth/Chris: 21 Apr 1809; d: 17 Sep 1879 Dorset

16. Wilson, Frances Fowler - Birth/Chris: 21 May 1810; d: 21 Jun 1889 Dorset