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Francis Holland Barnard
Francis Holland Barnard

1. FRANCIS HOLLAND BARNARD son of Charles Thomas and Elizabeth Annie Barnard was born 09 Nov 1872 in Christchurch, Bapt: 04 Dec 1872, Sponsers Charles Thomas and Elizabeth nee Holland. His Occ: Fruiterer - 25 Columbo St; painter - 591 Barbadous St. He died 24 Jun 1936 in Christchurch ; Bur: 26 Jun 1936, Christchurch.

He married 14 May 1913 ETHEL ROSENDALE in Holy Trinty, Avonside, Christchurch, She was born Abt. 1878 in Lincoln England, the daughter of MATTHEW ROSENDALE and ELIZABETH SIMMONITE; Occ: Dressmaker and died 20 Apr 1965 at 61 Rose St., Christchurch, 87Y.

Time Line:

1888 - Ashburton Guardian, 13 March 1888: ACCOUNT OF THE VISIT OF THE CATHOLIC BISHOP to the Ashburton Catholic Boys' School; (present, 50 boys 

The following address from the boys was read by Frank Barnard: "To His Lordship, the Right Rev Dr Grimes, S.M., D.D., Lord Bishop of Christchurch. May it please your Lordship, We, the pupils of Ashburton Catholic School, with feelings of affection and respect, assemble to greet you with a 11 Caid Mille Failthe " We thank you for visiting so soon after your long and fatiguing journey, to administer to us the sacrament of Confirmation. We who are too young now to recrive the Sacrament, will be looking forward with anxiety and pleasure to your next visit imongst us. We will hail with delight the announcement of our good Pastor, "You will have, children, the Bishop with you very soon to administer the Sacrameat of Confirmation." We will, in the meantime, use our greatest energy to learn our catechism, in order that we may gain the esteem of our beloved Prelate and be a credit to our Pastor and our teacher. We hope the day is not far distant when all the Romsn Catholic children of New Zealand will have the same privilege as we

His Holiness has selected you and sent you from your native land to watch over the spiritual interests of his little children in New Zealand. We hope that we shall reward him for the deep interest he has taken in our welfare, by growing up good citizens and God fearing men, and that we. shall make this a happy home for you, that you will see your children growing from year to year, strong in faith and the grace of God.

We again welcome your Lordship most sincerely ; we hope that you may live long, and be happy amongst us. We beg your Lordships blessing, and remain your affectionate children.

His Lordahip replied:  My dear children, I feel very thanktul to you for the deep sentiments contained in your address, I am so glad to hear from your Pastor of the progress you have made at School with regard to religious and secular instruction. You ought to be very grateful to your Pastor (.ev Father Chastsagnon), for the interest he has taken in you.

After receiving His Lordship's blessing, the boys sang ''The Harp that once through Taras Halls," and a number of hymns. They then gave three cheers for his Lordship, Rev Father Cummiags, Rev Father Chastagnon,, and for Mr O'Shea (teacher), after which his Lordship granted a half holiday.

1887, Ashburton Guardian,  5 Feb: Doubtless many of our readers will be glad to learn that Master Francis Barnard, who is pupil at the Catholio Boy's School, Ashburton, is a successful candidate for one of the scholarships which were offered for competition throughout the Diocese of Wellington The scholarship is of the value of 40 guineas and is tenable for one year. Great credit it due to the Master, Mr Gilboy under whose charge the pupil was.

1900 - Andover St Chch; Labourer

1902 - Chch electoral roll; living at Andover St; St Albans, labourer with brother Leonard, storeman

1908 - Chch North electoral roll; living at 37 Andover St, St Albans, labourer with Leonard Arthur, storeman

1908 - Chch North supplementary roll; living at 25 Columbo St, Sydenham; fruiterer

WW1 - Category 2nd Reserves; Last NZ Address - 581 Barbadoes St, ChCh; Occ. - house painter; Classification B

1909 - Star : 27 April 1909 PAPANUI: The following were elected the committee : Messrs T. Prebble, J. Blumaky, F. Clausen, A. Wren. C. Brooks,- F. Barnard, G. Livingstone, F. Homer and J. Kettle.

1913: At time of marriage Francis was 39 and his wife 34, his occupation was as a painter and hers as dressmaker from Lincoln England. Witnesses A J Courd, Engineer, Opawa and Nellie Rosendale

1922 - Chch south electoral roll; living at 61 Rose St, painter with wife Ethel

1931 - Chch South Electoral roll; living at 61 Rose St, painter; with wife Ethel and brother Leonard

1936: Lived at time of death at Woodham Road, Died aged 63


1938 - Avon Electoral roll; Living at 114 Woodham Road, Chch; married, residing with Marion Lydia Barnard (divorced wife of Lance Barnard)

1943 - Chch South electoral roll; Living 61 Rose St, Somerfield, ChCh; married

1963 - Sydenham Electorate' living at 61a Rose St, widow



Time Line:

1943 Chch South electoral roll; 61 Rose St; Airman with mother Ethel

1954 Riccarton electoral roll; living at 61 Rose St, electrician with wife Irene and mother Ethel

1963 Sydnenham electorate; Living at 61a Rose St; engineer with wife Irene and widowed mother Ethel

1975 Sydenham electorate; living at 61A Rose St; engineer with wife Irene

1981 Sydenham Electorate; living at 61A Rose St; Engineer

1984 Sydenham Electorate; living at 61A Rose St, Engineer with son Peter David, salesman

1990 Sydenham electorate; living at 61a Rose St; engineer with son Peter aircraft hand,

1996 Wigram electorate; living at 61a Rose St, engineer

Desmond and Irene's Family:

i Gregory William Barnard b: Chch; motor engineer;  mar (1) Karen Anne Griffiths

Their son is Peter David Barnard  

*2nd Wife of Gregory - Sharon Wendy

Their sons are Joshua William and Mitchell Gregory Barnard

ii Esmae Ethel Barnard b: ChCh mar: John David Swanston

Their children are Blair; Hollie Irene; Ryan Gregory and Logan James Swanston

ii Peter David Barnard b Chch

Can you help with information so Frank will be remembered by his extended family whom he never met.

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