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Queen's Jubilee Memorial Home, Woolston
Queen's Jubilee Memorial Home, Woolston

Queen's Jubilee Memorial Home, Woolston [ca. 1920] Source

The building was designed by S. Hurst Seager (1854-1933) whose motto was "Comfort with Economy". It opened in 1888 and was designed for "the reception and maintenance of aged poor persons" (p. 206). It was also to be a memorial for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) in 1887

Canterbury Cyclopedia.2002

The Queen's Jubilee Memorial Home, which occupies a section of six acres of land, with a frontage to Jubilee Street, Woolston, is the outcome of a popular movement inaugurated in Queen Victoria's Jubilee Year to raise funds for the establishment of a home for the respectable and aged poor of both sexes. By the efforts of an influential committee, a large sum of money was raised, which was further increased by a substantial Government subsidy, and the institution was opened in February. 1889. The buildings are almost entirely of one storey, of brick and lron, with accommodation for forty-five inmates. The women's section is octagonal in shape, the centre of the enclosure having a pretty lawn with flower beds. There is a separate section for the men, with a large and well-lighted diningroom. The matron's quarters are situated in the two-storey portion of the buildings, and occupy a central position. In Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Year, a proposal to add an additional wing was made. It was duly carried out, and the wing contains thirty-two rooms, with accommodation for forty additional inmates, making the total accommodation equal to eighty-five. The entire establishment is connected by handsome corridors. The matron is assisted by three female and two male servants.

The Jubilee Home built 1888, was dismantled in 1999 and rebuilt in 2004 outside City boundaries and is now called Sanctuary House. Maria and Robert Armitage lived here prior to their deaths. They were buried at Avonside Church Cemetery

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