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Maria Armitage nee Barnard
MARIA BARNARD was christened 10 AUG 1817 Little Hadham, Hertford, England. Her father was THOMAS BARNARD and her mother  MARY ANN AXTEN

Maria married at London JOHN CAMERON in abt March 1839. He had been born abt 1818 in Birmingham. Their son William Cameron was born 1840.

1841 Census - Living at Pitt Street, Camberwell, Peckham, Lambeth - John CAMERON age 20, born 1821, occupation Coach Painter; wife Maria, age 20, born 1821; son William age 22m, born 1840.

In the 1851 census, Maria and John are living at 22 Lower Ann Street, Lambeth, both 33, both born 1818, he in Birmingham and she in Lambeth however no sign of son William b. 1840. John Cameron's death date is not known.

In 1858 Maria decided to immigrate and join her brother Thomas Charles Barnard at Christchurch, New Zealand. She travelled steerage class under her maiden name of  "Maria Barnard" aged 40 from Hertfordshire Domestic Servant, as a Government Assisted passenger.

The Maori  was a ship of 799 tons under command of Captain G C Petherbridge and departed Gravesend, London for this direct voyage to Lyttelton, New Zealand  on March 26 and arrived at Lyttelton 14 July 1858, a voyage of 110 days.
After starting she met with strong south-west gales, which continued for twenty one days, and this prevented her from passing the Madeira till her 26th day after departure. It arrived with about 130 emigrants on board. (This was the ships first voyage to Lyttelton and it took 110 days for this trip however it had previously made 4 voyages to New Zealand, her first being to Nelson in 1851 bringing over 50 passengers. The Maori went on to make a further 5 to New Zealand after this 1858 voyage to Lyttelton. The Maori was one of Willis, Gann and Co's ships, and several of her voyages to New Zealand where under this company's flag, however in the 1860's she was chartered by Shaw, Savill and Co to bring out immigrants.(Reference White Wings)

On May 15 the fore top mast and three top-gallant masts were carried away, which caused a further detention, and during the last ten days of the voyage she made very little headway from calms and light winds. The voyage was said to have been "fine and agreeable!"
Three births and seven deaths occurred - one having died of consumption and one having come on board in a state of debility from a previous illness. The following is a list of the deaths: - Second Cabin, James Wilson, single, Steerage James Barber, single: Henry Cousins, married - no children; Mrs Moss and infant; Lucy Rainbow, single; and Thomas Heslop, single.

When the immigrants per Maori landed they were temporarily housed at the immigration barracks, which had been improved and enlarged with additional rooms, and rendered more "commodious and comfortable than heretofore. The immigrants are, with few exceptions, a prime, healthy lot including several mechanics and nearly all of them have been already engaged."

Maria's second marriage took place the year following her arrival in 1859 at Christchurch to  ROBERT ARMITAGE in 1859 - where/exact date unknown. 

Robert Armitage was born in 1817. Prior to his marriage to Maria, nothing is known.

1862 Lyttelton Times, 17 Sept: NOTICE. WE the undersigned Butchers of Lyttelton, beg to inform our customers that we have raised the price of beef Id. per lb. P. FOX & CO., E. BENNETT,  R. ARMITAGE

1863 Lyttelton Times, 1 Apr:  WE, the Undersigned, Butchers of Lyttelton hereby give notice, that on and after THIS DAY (Wednesday) April l, the prices of MUTTON will be as follows: Legs and Loins 9d per lb; Shoulders 8d per lb;  Necks 7d per lb; E. BENNETT P. FOX & CO.,  R. ARMITAGE.

1864 - The Southern provinces almanac: Lyttelton - Butcher - R. Armitage, London street

An 1855 view looking down Canterbury Street from the north-east corner of the intersection at London Street - Armitage Brothers's Butchery; William Pratt's Drapery and General store; front fence of the house of Henry William Reid; Unknown shop; Samuel Gundry's hardware store; Mrs Coe's Drapery shop; Livery Stables of Thomas Bruce and Coe and first Mitre hotel on the corner of Norwich Quay

1881 Electorate Akaroa; No 24; Robert Armitage; Nature Qualification - Freehold; Place residence Governor's Bay; Occ Butcher; Property Qualification Rural Sec 1427 - 1428 Governors Bay

1885 - Star Advertisement - GARDENER, or Groom and Gardener-Engagement wanted by experienced man. Apply R. Armitage, Richmond, Christchurch

1893 - Electorate - City of Christchurch; Robert Armitage; Freehold, Cumberland Street, Richmond; Occupation Gardener; Property part Rural Sect 41, Richmond

Robert died aged 84, a gardener by occupation and a resident of the Jubilee Home, his service at Avonside by the Rev. William Augustus Pascoe, on 27 July 1901.

Press: 27 July 1901:THE Friends of the late Robert Armitage, late of Richmond, are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, leaving the Jubilee Home, Woolston, for the Avonside Churchyard, at 3.15 p.m. This Day. W. LANGFORD, Funeral Director and Embalmer.

DEATHS. ARMITAGE: Dec. 21, at the Jubilee Home, Maria, widow of the late Robert Armitage, late of Richmond; in her eighty-fifth year

Maria's funeral notice:
The friends of the late Maria Armitage, late of Richmond, are respectfully informed that her funeral will arrive at the Avonside churchyard at 4.40 this day. W. Langford, funeral director.

The church register transcripts of baptisms, marriages and burials Christchurch contain the following: Maria Armitage, 84, wife of Robert Armitage, deceased (resident at the Jubilee Home) was buried, at Avonside, by the Rev. William Augustus Pascoe on 23 December 1902. There is no surviving tombstone at the Linwood Cemetery. 

Avonside Church, Christchurch

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