Ann Elizabeth Guilford & William Ludemann       
Ann Elizabeth Guilford
Son Gordon, parents William and Liz and son Henry Ludemann
Ann Elizabeth Guilford was b: 10 Aug 1867 in Pleasant Valley, Canterbury and in St Ann's Church Register of Baptisms, Pleasant Valley;  Day of Baptism 1st Sept 1867;  Parents: William and Ann Guildford. Profession - Publican; Sponsers Ann Guildford, Mary Benbow; James Guildford; Officiating clergyman;  Rev L L Brown 
Liz went to the Pleasant Valley school and in 1902 went with her family to Tarata where she met and on 16 May 1907 married William Ludemann at the Presbyterian Church, Tarata. Alice, Liz's sister was bridesmaid and Albert Ludemann, William's brother, best man.

William's father was Henry Ludemann who immigrated from Hanover to Tai Tapu on the Port Hills of Canterbury and found early employment pitsawing in the bush and later, the conversion of swamp into fertile farmland. An original family to settle here in 1855 was Johann Gerken from Hanover  and he was directly responsible for bringing out a number of his countrymen to join him at Tai Tapu which he named "Hanover Valley". Many early settlers also associated with this settlement and names still remembered in this settlement were Arnst, Ellmers, Mehlhopt, Recken, Schaffer, Schroeder, Ridder and Heinzmanns and here Henry Ludemann married Maria Thompson in 1868 (Henry's name was registered as "Lillyman"). William, their son, moved north and first farmed at Tauriko before leasing land at Tarata. In the initial subdivision, many of those original settlers found that the subdivision into 70 to 90 acre blocks were too small to be economical. The access in was difficult and found the ground after clearing, had low fertility and the new grass would become swamped with thistles after the bush burn.

On the Ludemann hill country farm, helped by Albert, they milked cows and supplied the local factory, kept bees and bred turkeys. William and Liz's two sons attended the local Tarata school and later other Guilford children that they took into their home. They later bought Albert Guilford's farm on Motukawa Road and here Gordon built them a home.

 William Ludemann d: 07 Jul 1947 and Ann Elizabeth Guilford d: 11 Aug 1947 in New Plymouth. They are buried at Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth. Their children: Family Chart

Noelle and gordon; Liz (seated) Henry              
              Noelle and Gordon; Mother Elizabeth Ludemann; Henry            
Gordon and henry Ludemann (1941c)
Gordon and Henry (1941c)

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