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Guilford/Guildford NZ Directories - 1993


The ridge line from Low to High Peak is New Zealandís highest and most exposed mile providing the most spectacular and famous traverse in the Southern Alps. In its day it was regarded as one of the most impressive achievements in world mountaineering.

NZ Time Line: Src: 

  • The Resource Management Act 1991 is enacted, rewriting planning law.
  • First budget of new Finance Minister, Ruth Richardson. Welfare payments further reduced.
  • The Alliance party is formed.
  • Consumers Price Index has lowest quarterly increase for 25 years.
  • Welfare payments cut.
  • Number of unemployed exceeds 200,000 for the first time.
  • New Zealand troops join multi-national force in the Gulf War.
  • An avalanche on Aoraki/Mount Cook reduces its height by 10.5 metres.
  • Government and Māori interests negotiate Sealord fisheries deal.
  • Public health system reforms.
  • State housing commercialised.
  • New Zealand gets seat on United Nations Security Council.
  • Student Loan system is started / Tertiary Fees raised
  • Centennial of women's suffrage celebrated.
  • Nov: General election won by National, without obtaining a majority.
  • Referendum favours MMP electoral system.
  • Opposition MP Peter Tapsell becomes Speaker of the House, thus giving the government a majority.