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The Reverend Thomas Jackson, the first Bishop designate of Canterbury, was a first class passenger on the immigrant ship Castle Eden, and this diary and record of early Canterbury is the report submitted to the Archbishop of Canterbury on Doctor Jackson's return to England. When the Canterbury Association started its scheme of
colonisation it was intended that it should be an English Church settlement provided with a complete organisation for
church government such as in England i.e.. a Bishop, clergymen, schoolmasters etc. In May, Reverend Thomas Jackson M.A., was approved for Bishop.He was principal of St. John's Training College at Battersea a teacher training college for English Church schools - there were no state schools.
The Reverend Thomas Jackson born in 1812 was the son of a Wesleyan clergyman. He was educated at St Saviour's School, Southwark, and at St. Mary Hall, Oxford where he graduated B.A. in 1834 and was admitted to the Deacon's and Priest's orders. At age of 32, Mr Jackson was appointed principal of St. John's College, Battersea, a position he held for six years when he accepted the Lyttelton Bishopric.
The engagement commenced on June, 1850 and from that time till he sailed on the Castle Eden in September of the same year, he addressed many meetings on behalf of the Association's project and the colonists society. However a legal hitch had been discovered in the patent of the Bishop of New Zealand - there was no clause in the patent which provided for the resignation of a portion of a New  Zealand diocese. The Colonial Office decided that Dr Selwyn must resign the whole diocese and receive a fresh patent and that the Mr Jackson's Lyttelton diocese must be the whole of the South Island whereas Dr Selwyn wished to surrender only Canterbury settlement and Otago. The bishop designate decided to come to New Zealand himself and talk to Bishop Selwyn and after discussion Selwyn's will prevailed and Bishop Jackson returned to England.    Ref: Canterbury Museum CPES 276 148/49

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