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Frank  & Frances Julia Guilford
In the 1880s the railway opened and by 1888 the Astley Tannery was established on the edge of the Whau. This building is possibly Auckland�s oldest industrial site in continuous use - in 1874, likely the one operated by James Guilford & Sons. Src: Whau:

FRANCIS (FRANK) HENRY GUILFORD, son of James and Rebecca Guilford, was b: 1858 in Broulee, NSW, and he d: 8 Feb 1920 in Wellington, 60Y.

Frank lived with his parents and worked as a currier at the Kaiwarra Tannery operated by his father James (Snr) and elder brother James (jnr) first at Blenheim and then they expanded and in 1874 had a tannery at the Whau River is an estuarial arm of the southwestern Waitemata Harbour at Auckland.

Auckland Star,  21 May 1874: WHAU NEIGHBOURS. Two brothers, named Joseph and Frank Guilford, were charged with threatening to shoot and pointing a gun at Walter McCaul on the first of May at the Whan. Mr Laishley appeared for defendants, and pleaded not guilty. Mr McCaul deposed that he was a settler at the Whau, and, on the day in question, between seven and eight o'clock in the morning, as he was leaning against his fence, looking through his spy-glass to see if there were any sportsmen about, lie saw the two defendants one was on horseback, and the other was on foot with a gun in his hand. They were about forty yards distant from him, in an adjoining paddock. He heard Joseph say to his brother, "Shoot at his eye-glass," when Frank immediately lifted the gun and pointed it at witness. The elder brother said, "fire, fire" This called the attention of Mrs McCaul to the circumstance, when the lad turned in another direction, walked a few paces, and fired, apparently in the air, and then laid down the gun. To Mr Laishley - He could not speak as to the exact time. It might have been about eight o'clock. He could distinctly hear what the boys said". He believed he knew the reason why the boys had acted thus. They were instigated in their bad feelings against him by their parents. Mrs McCaul and Mary Ann McCaul corroborated the statement of the previous witness. Mr Laishley addressed the Court, and said that the case was of a very trumpery nature and the second of a series, the former of which was very properly dismissed. Mrs Guilford, mother of the defendants, deposed that on the day in question her son went to work before eight and the younger son Joseph went to school, and they were not together during the day. There was a gun in the bedroom, but it was not used on the day mentioned, and she could swear to her knowledge that her boys neither had the gun nor rode the pony - she was positive of that. The boys had no ill-feeling towards Mr McCaul. They had never been charged with an attempt to murder before. There were both of a very mild disposition, and would not hurt a worm. Her sons were not of a diabolical turn of mind. The Bench stated that the evidence before it was quite sufficient, and hoped Mr Laishley I would not tax the patience of the Bench any longer than necessary. Mr Laishley remarked that he had only three more witnesses to call. The Bench said they were unnecessary as its mind was made up upon the case. It must be dismissed each party paying their own costs.

Daily Southern Cross, 14 Oct 1874 - NOTICE TO MERCHANTS, SETTLERS, FARMERS, AND OTHERS    The undersigned Is prepared to Sort, Scour, Dry Pack, and Deliver Wool, fit for shipment, on reasonable terms Shippers of Wool in grease will find It from 5 to 10 per cent , and in some wools more than that amount to thelr Interest by having their wool shipped in good order and condition, instead of shipping it various sorts mixed together, and In grease
The Highest Market Ratesi given for Wool, Sheepskins, Locks, Pieces, and Chippings
PUBLIC NOTICE. On MONDAY next, October 19, 1874 will be Opened the shop In Abercrombic street, next the Wynyard Hotel, as a Grocery and General Store, by G Purchas, Iicensed Hawker.
IMPORTERS of English and Foreign Leathers, Grlndery. Boot Uppers, Saddlery and Saddlers' Ironimongary. Mill belting. &c TANNERY AND LEATHER DRESSERS

Returning at Wellington, rapid expansion brought bankruptcy in Dec 1878 to the business and in 1879 Frank mar: FRANCES JULIA LAMERTON HALL aged 22Y (b: 16 Sep 1857 Middlesex, England , daughter of Father: Thomas Wray Hall (b: 8 DEC 1818 in Golden Lane, London, England occ; Bookbinder; her mother: Frances nee Lammerton (b: 24 MAY 1820 in Exeter, Devon, England) 

Frances was b: 16 Sep 1857 in London, Middlesex, England; Bapt: 09 May 1856, St Lukes, old street, Finsbury, London; she was 13 when she arrived in NZ;  she d: 23 Sep 1920 at  Wellington Hospital from Johnsonville (Cause Pneumonia and heart failure) aged 63Y, having lived in NZ 50 years. They are bur: St John's Anglican Churchyard Cem., Johnsonville, Wellington; Plot: Row: J. No: 32  Monumental Inscription: Francis Henry, loved husband of Frances GUILFORD d: 8th Feb. 1920; Frances, his wife Died 23rd September 1920

Evening Post, 22 Sept 1887: Maintenance cases were heard in the Magistrate's Court yesterday afternoon. Francis H Guilford was ordered to contribute 2s 6d per week towards the support of his sister, Sarah Ann Durant, an inmate of the Mount View Lunatic Asylum.

Evening Post, 7 Nov 1887: A plain and fancy dress ball was held in the Oddfellows' Hall, Johnsonville, on Friday evening, and proved a great success. About 40 couples were present, and some of the costumes were very striking. The best characters amongst the ladies wore as follows -Mrs. Guilford as Liberty... Among the gentlemen, Mr. Guilford as a Huntsman...The hall was nicely decorated. Mrs. London and Mr. M. Atkinson supplied the music, which gave every satisfaction. The refreshments were attended to by Messrs. Guilford, Springay, and S. Hobbs, and were of excellent quality.

1888 - Local Elections." I HEREBY give notice the number of votes polled by each candidate at the above annual election held on Monday, the  20th day of Feb, 1888, at the Town Board Offioe, Johnsonville, was as follows : Anderson, Anders 19; Bowler, Thomas 18; Chapman, Jabez 16; Atkinson, Matthew 15; Guilford, Francis Henry 15 ; Young, Joseph Lawrence 14; As there are only five vacancies to be, filled, I hereby declare Messrs. Anderson, Bowler, Chapman, Atkinson, and Guilford duly elected as Commissioners of the Johnsonville Licensing Distriot. And, further, I hereby appoint Friday, the 2nd day of March, 1888, at 10.45 in the forenoon as the time, and the Town Board office, Johnsonville, the place for the Committeo to hold their first meeting for the purpose of electing a Chairman. F. ORBELL, Returning Officer. Town Board Office, Johnsonville, 20th Feb. 1888.

Evening Post, 26 Nov 1890: FOR SALE, at a very low price, five roomed House and outbuildings; half acre ground; garden well laid out; asphalt paths; grand view; well sheltered with macracarpa trees; within one minutes walk of the Johnsonville Railway Station. Apply to F. H. GUILFORD,

1893 Wellington electoral roll; Francis Henry Guilford living at Sydney St, occ: carrier; No 5036; Electorate Wellington; Frances Guilford,  Married Woman

1896 - Evening Post, 20 July 1896: Another will case is occupying the attention of the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court to-day - one in which Frances Guilford and Agnes Bramley ask that they may be declared entitled to a two-fourths interest in certain property at the corner of Tinakori-road and St. Mary street, under the will of their Brother, the late Albert Hall. The executor, Dr. Newman and Mr. H. Claridge, contest the claim on the ground that the interest in the property passed to John Hall, brother and formerly a partner of the testator. Mr. Wilford appears for the claimants and Mr. Skerrett For the executors.

THE HALL WILL CASE. His Honour also delivered judgment in the case of Mrs. F. Guilford and her sister v. Dr. Newman and another, as executors of the will of Albert Hall. In this case tho plaintiffs claim was that a cottage and dairy, situated in Tinakori-road, passed under a specific devise contained in the will to the plaintiff and her sister. The defendants contended that the property passed by the devise to the testator's brother, John Hall, of all the testator's land at the corner of Tinakori-road and St. Marys street, and by the devise to his brother of the testator's interest in the assets of a co-partnership which had subsisted between himself and his brother. His Honour held that the plaintiffs were entitled according to their claim, but as to their rents only to a certain section of 62 feet frontage and the buildings thereon. The question of costs was reserved

Evening Post, 7 Nov 1898: The Magistrate dismissed an application by Sarah Ann Dorant that her brother, F. H. Guilford, should contribute towards her support.

Evening Post, 19 Oct 1903: JOHNSONVILLE TOWN DISTRICT. EXTRAORDINARY VACANCY. I HEREBY give notice that the following two persons have this day been duly Nominated for the office of Commisioner for the Johnsonville Town District, rendered vacant by the resignation of Commissioner George E. Manson, vis.: FRANCIS HENRY GUILFORD DAVID MARTIN. As there is only one vacancy to be filled I also hereby givn notico that a Poll will be takon as between the said candidates on SATURDAY, tho 24th duy of October, 1903, and that the Polling Booth will be the Rochabite Hall, Johnsonville. Polling hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  JOHN WATERS, Returning Officer. Johnsonvillo, 17th October, 1903.

Evening Post, 26 Oct 1903: JOHNSONVILLE DISTRICT TOWN BOARD: EXTRAORDINARY VACANCY. I HEREBY give notice that the number of votes received by each candidate for the Office of ConunMsioner for the Johnsonville Town District at an Election held at Johnsonvitle on Saturday, the 24tb day of October, 1903, was at follows: Guilford, Francis Henry 188; Martin, David 86; And I herebv declare Francis Henry Guilford to be duly elected to such office. Dated at Johnsonville this 24th day of October, 1903. JOHN WATERS, Returning Officer.

Evening Post, 3 Dec 1903: JOHNSONVILLE TOWN BOARD: The monthly meeting of the above Board was held on Tuesday evening. Present - Councillors Atkinson (Chairman), Eason, Guilford, Moore, and Rickett. Councillor Guilford was appointed to inspect and report on a suitable site to store the effects of the Board. Tho Chairman and Councillors Guilford and Moore were appointed a committee to report on a more efficient system of street-lighting.

Evening Post, 15 Sept 1906: JOHNSONVILLE TOWN BOARD. GENERAL ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. I HEREBY give public notice that the following persons havo been duly nominated for the office of Commissioner for tho Town Board District of Johnsonvillc, namely. Moore, Frank T. May, John A. Chapman, Albert W. Bowler, Thomas A. Wybourn, Augustus J.; Retter, Frederick C.; Guilford, Francis H. As there are only five vacancies to be filled. I hereby also give notice that a poll will be taken as between tho said candidates on WEDNESDAY, the 19th day ot September, 1906. The polling booth will bo the Reehabite Hall, Johnsonville. Polling hours from 10 a.m. to 6 pm. Dated this 12lh day of Sept, 1906 J. W. BRAITHWAITE, Returning officer

Evening Post, 20 Sept 1906: NOTICE OF RESULT OF ELECTION. JOHNSONVILLE DISTRICT TOWN BOARD. I HEREBY give public notice that at the Election of Commissioners for the Johnsonville District Town Board, held on the 19th day of September, 1906, the persons hereinafter named were Candidates, and received the number of votes set opposite their names respectively that is to say: Bowlor, Thomas A 128; Chapman, Albert 90; Guilford, Francis H 75; May, John A 115; Moore, Frank T. 110; Retter, Frederick C 63; Wybourn, Augustus J. 93; And I hereby declare the said BOWLER, THOMAS A; CHAPMAN, ALBERT W.;/ MAY, JOHN A.; MOORE, FRANK T.; WYBOURN, AUGUSTUS J. To be duly elected." Dated this 19th day of September, 1906 J. W. BRAITHWAITE, Returning Officer.

Evening Post, 29 Sept 1906:  TO THE RESIDENTS OF JOHNSONVILLE. I DESIRE to Thank those residents of tho Suburb whe so kindly rendered assistance at the fire on my promises this morning, thoir timely efforts materially aiding in subduing the outbreak, FRANK GUILFORD. 

1911 - Francis Henry; Main Rd, Johnsonville; Currier with wife Frances

8 Feb 1920; Death: GUILFORD Francis Henry; Place - Johnsonville; Occ: Hide Salter; 

His wife Frances nee Hall, died 23 Sept 1920.

5 Jun 1921: In order to effect a sale, the upset price on property at Johnsonville in the estate of the late Mrs. Frances Guilford, was reduced from L1050 to L850.

Evening Post, 29 Oct 1920: Advice has been received by the Wellington Hospital and Charitable Aid Board that under the will of the late Mrs. Frances Guilford, widow, formerly of Johnsonville, the balance of her estate (probably some L400 to L500) has been left to the Wellington Hospital. This was a subject of appreciative reference at the board's meeting yesterday afternoon.